Wicca 101

October 1st, 2010

Grounding and Centering

Grounding and Centering is a very basic concept, that isn’t just a Wiccan thing. It’s something you can find outside of witchcraft, and well established and and widley practiced…..they just might not call it the same thing.

Grounding and Centering in something practiced in Yoga, to help align your Chakras. It’s practiced in meditation, in the Catholic Church through saying “Hail Mary’s,” and so on and so forth.


There are many different ways to ground out your energy. Some people use a candle, others use breathing techniques. I use a beach.

Imagine standing on a sandy white beach, ankles in 3 or four inches of crystalline blue water. Close your eyes on the beach and feel the waves breaking gently against you. Imagine moving all the energy in your body down to your feet, and as the waves go out, they are taking it with them, even as the energy of the sun soaks into your body, replacing the old energy with clean, new energy.


Centering is basically finding the center of who you are. Some people refer to it as the quiet part of their mind, others use a Chakra as a representation, and I use a ball of light.

Stand or sit as you feel comfortable, close your eyes and start tuning out all the excess “Noise” (itches, sounds, etc) and take the energy in your body and focus it to the center of you, into a ball of light. Focus on that ball of light until you feel yourself start to balance out, and relax.

Grounding and Centering is a great way to take a few moments and rebalance you internally. Also, it’s something I strongy recommend prior to meditation (which it smoothly transitions into) or ritual/spellwork of any kind.

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