Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

March 1st, 2011

It Is Just An Illusion

Reality is an illusion. Do you agree? All that you see and experience here on earth are simply projections of what you want, believe or expect them to be. It is all perception and perception is subjective. What I deem as reality may or may not be yours. Our realities or perceptions are based on what we experience through our interactions with people we come in contact with, our environment and situations that we’ve had as we expanded on this plane of existence this time around.

There is no one absolute truth (though many religions will try and convince you as such). Many claim that their reality is The Way or The Truth. But that is just not so. You can change anything in your reality that you do not like. You can keep the things you most desire. There is no one absolute reality. Yes, I know. What about the world? How can we all be living in our own reality and still be living in the world? Well, there is one “generally accepted reality”; a reality that we all agree to but even that is an illusion. But even that reality is what we, as a group mind, have created and it, too, is malleable. Imagine if we could coordinate and come together with one goal or thought in mind. Do you realize that if we were able to accomplish that – we could in fact change the “generally accepted reality”? The challenge we face however is that not everyone has the same desire or goal. This is the reason that we experience the contrast that our current physical plane of existence offers us. Is this a “bad” or “good” thing? Well, again that is subjective. It is all in your personal perspective and understanding of what “bad” or “good” things are.

Once you understand that there is nothing certain that there is no one absolute truth then you have become empowered. It is at this point that you truly understand that anything … ANYTHING is possible and that you and only YOU are The Creator of your own life experience. You have infinite possibilities. There are no limits or boundaries to what you can experience in this lifetime. Isn’t that truly amazing?! What is it that you most desire to do in this lifetime? What is it that you have been told you will never be able to do? And why is it you believe them? I don’t believe them. I know that I can do whatever it is I desire most to do in my lifetime. I am the only one who places restrictions on myself. And those limitations are by my own choosing.

Skeptical? Let me share an example with you of how I created my own reality. I have two children from a previous marriage, a son and a daughter who are four years apart. After my divorce the children and I lived with my parents, the three of us sharing one bedroom, until I had saved enough money to move into a place of our own. Six months later I had enough money for the security deposit and first month’s rent for a small apartment closer to my job. The tenement was on third floor and had only two bedrooms so the children had to share a room. Our family grew to four when I remarried. Almost four years later we knew we had outgrown the apartment and began our search for a new place. Honestly, I didn’t want to live in another apartment no matter how many rooms it had. I wanted to rent a house; a house with three bedrooms and a backyard, somewhere in the city but in a nicer and quieter neighborhood. I was told that what I was searching for was going to be expensive. I was crazy to think I would find a place with rent for the amount I wanted to pay which was less than some of the three bedroom apartments that were available. Those words from other people didn’t discourage me. I believed that we would find that house. We gave our thirty-day notice without even having a place lined up. But was I concerned? Nope! I knew we would have a place by the end of June. Well, on the weekend of July fourth of 2008 we moved into our house. It was even nicer than I had anticipated.

Regardless of what other people believe and what they think is impossible, I’m here to tell you that you can create your reality. You can have, be and do whatever it is you most desire. You ARE the creator of your life experience. So start deliberately creating!

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