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October 1st, 2011

Morals and ethics or the lack thereof, in our magick and our lives…

Merry Meet and welcome to my Hearth again. Please grab a seat and a cuppa something yummy and lets talk. I have been mulling something over for a while and it has really been bothering me.. and a few people I know.

It is the Morals and Ethics of the Pagan community. Now I know than many who read this are not Wiccan. So they do not follow the Rede. But most of us have some code that we use to guide us in our lives. Wiccans have the Rede “ Harm None”, Christians have the Golden Rule“ Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.”. Each religion seems to have something.

Now in the Pagan scheme of things Goddess and God know that no one is perfect. They know that you will make mistakes and do things in error. And we as Pagans know that God/dess will not smite us down. But we will be reminded of it later when Karma smacks us one.because for every action there is an equal or greater reaction.

But what I would like to know is this…. “why do we treat other in a way we would never allow ourselves to be treated.”

What I mean is this. We work really hard to build something, a craft, a webpage, a group. We have people we think we can trust to help us run the pages, the ritual, and the group. Then after a while something happens to them, they suddenly decide that they have the right to eliminate people, make people uncomfortable, and delete people. They decide that they can control by fear. This is not what you wanted when you did this. But now you have people who are afraid to join in, talk or even come in. and the people who did it are either hiding or prancing around proud that they “got rid of” those they did not like.

It is very hard to spot these people. Often they are people who you think would not ever harm a flea. What you find out is they have one sided ethics, and very little morals.

I often wonder what these people are thinking. Why they do they feel they need to take a beautiful thing and damage it. Why they feel that they can hurt others but get furious if someone hurts them. How they cannot see that what they are doing is hurting people.

Now I know that 95% to 98% of us live by our Moral and Ethics, we try to be the best we can be, we do what we can to not hurt people, to help the needy, to make just a right decisions.  But not everyone does, and these people are the proverbial bad apple, they ruin it for us all. Not only because they hurt us, drive away our members and undermine what we are doing, but because people talk and the damage these people do get around and then it hurts because people do not trust what your are trying to do, they are fearful; and you get nowhere fast if people are afraid of you and your group.

Now we can avoid these folks as often as possible. Or we can cut them out of the group, ritual, website. But we can also start by teaching some kind of Morals and Ethics to our children, or students, our groups. We can start with a few questions to ask ourselves before we act.

  1. Is this really something I want to do or be involved in?
  2. Will someone be hurt by this, directly of indirectly ?
  3. Will this really help the group, ritual, etc..?
  4. Am I doing this to help the group, ritual etc.. or help myself.?
  5. Will the consequences be worth it to me, the group, etc..?

If you have any doubt then you should rethink the issue.

Some basic do’s and don’t that may help are these..

Only actions of positive intent should be considered.
Conduct a spell or rite or a group with happiness, love and kindness.
Hold respect for all living things and their belongings or dreams.
Accept the responsibility for your actions.

Never act out of anger, jealousy or greed.
Never intentionally harm or endanger another living being.
Never do anything to manipulate or change someone free will. Even if it is healing as they may not want healing. It’s best to get permission first. If that’s not possible, do not do it.

Being Pagan and part of a serious Pagan group comes with great responsibility; mainly within your self. Many have fought for years for us to be able to gather in public groups, and if that is undermined from within by greed, anger, jealousy, and a false sense of Godhood then we end up being our worst enemies. This kind of immoral behavior creates discord in a time and place that we need balance.

Now I do not mean for this to sound like a lecture, for it is NOT. What it is meant to be is a heads up from someone who has been seeing this happen in many of the Groups I know of and a few that I belong to and it makes me sad, as well as hurt. It does not make a difference if you have been tapped to lead a ritual in real-time, or made and admin on Facebook or Yahoo. Someone believed in you enough to entrust there group to you, you have a sacred trust to treat it as if it was priceless, because to that person it is. It may well be the thoughts and dreams and plans that this person had for the greater Pagan community to help, teach, support. And every time someone allows discord into it , well it hurt everything and everyone.

I only ask that you, me, we treat other better than we wish to be treated. For one act of kindness or harm causes ripples that you have no control over, and Karma backlashes.  What would you rather have.. a wave of good luck or a wave of disaster. I know what I want.

Now I have page after page of ethics and moral research, but I will not use them here. This is mainly because my moral and ethics will not fit everyone. I am rather strict with myself and try harder than some to avoid hurting anyone. But I do want to ask each of you to soul search, research and create a code of ethic and moral for yourselves. Based on how you think YOU should be treated.. because you should never treat someone worse than you would want to be treated.

Until next time

Blessed Home and Hearth

The Hearthkeeper

PS. If there is anything you would like to see here.. please email me at  thehearthkeeper@gmail.com

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