Manifesting the Crystal Tower

March 1st, 2012

Every man and every woman is a Crystal Tower according to Consilium XVIII. You will find the that

The Crystal Tower is a reconstruction of find the Higher Self if you read the Consilium Babel in the

Consilium Bereshith; it allows us to reclaim the Tower of Babel and reconstruct it in unity. The

perspective of the Crystal Tower is that in the astral plane, there really is a Crystal Tower in the Astral

Plane. The foot of this tower is at the element of the earth in the primordial beginning, before the

creation. The fulfillment of realizing your astral world and manifesting the beautiful Crystal Tower is

one key to living a better life. When you choose to create yourself as that tower then you live by your

True Will at that very moment and chose the path of the awareness, conscious mind, and the Will. I

have a tendency to believe the Crystal Tower chooses you to create itself. I have previous experiences

where the tower chose me.

You can create this tower in the most simple fashions of life. One of the major steps to create the tower

is in the three step method mentioned in the paragraph above, also the preferred method. The three step

method of awareness, taking control of your conscious mind, and True Will are that equivalent to the

proper forces of the Great Triad described in the invocation written in Consilium XVIII. If you

meditate daily, reflect at the end of your day, work to fix your character flaws, and see yourself as the

Crystal Tower then your journey has begun.

There are many different kinds of studies that can be accomplished through hard work and practice in

the discipline of the mind taught by many oriental schools. I advise the Crystallite to take the training

of the mind first before working in any metaphysics that dives deep in the rabbit hole. One of the basic

studies that requires the an intense study of Self is the art of astral projection. It is one of the primal

methods to understanding the Self in all respect, only due to the fact it is a straight path to the Inner

Self. I advise the student to work on themselves before attempting astral Travel. The search of the Self

is the primary key to build yourself like the Crystal Tower. In the near future there will be recorded

exercises for all the Crystallites to search their Inner-Self through a meditation that will be free

download. There is also a huge paper underway to underline the basic foundation of the forces of

Phoebus Apollo, Aphrodite, and Pallas Athena to unleash the Crystal Tower in you. Be the King, the Queen, and the Magician.

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