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March 1st, 2012


I’ve made a change of residence since I wrote last month, and because of that, I thought I might write a little about the experience, and how it relates to my study of our deities.

I moved to a house with total strangers as roommates, which was something I had never done before. They were total strangers because I had only talked to the landlady on the phone the day before I moved in, so I knew next to nothing about them. Then, about a week ago, another person moved in to the other room she is renting, who is also a total stranger to me. I have gotten to know the landlady and her boyfriend who stays here pretty well in the three weeks I have been here, but I only met my other roommate this past weekend. Anyway, to say this has been quite an experience for me is putting it mildly. Never have I lived with someone, or multiple people, as I do now, that weren’t at least friends with me prior to me moving in. I have had no idea what to expect from them, and while so far it seems we all get along really well, you never know what may happen, especially when you know next to nothing about the people you live with.

To many of you this situation might not seem like that big of a deal, and it’s really NOT. But for me, it’s just the fact that it’s a new experience that makes it something worth mentioning. I am always eager to experience new things, no matter what they are. Well, barring any forays into extreme sports that is. Not my cup of tea. But this experience is something that I can learn from, and I can learn from the new people in my life, which is what I’d like to talk about here.

My newest roommate and I had a talk over the weekend about what we believed in relation to religion, and he had some interesting thoughts I’d like to share. He believes in God, and heaven and hell, like many Christians do, but he had a unique viewpoint about them that I’m not even sure I can adequately describe here. He believes in the triple aspects of God, in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but to him they are two parts of spirit (Father, Son) and one part soul (Spirit). He believes in 3 levels of heaven, which, according to him, our souls reside at that level. The part of us that lives here on earth is but a minor part of us, like the spirit parts of God, and further, he believes that this lifetime is our one and only that we have on earth. I plan on talking more with him about his beliefs, but suffice it to say at this point that I find his beliefs to be the most unique I have ever heard from a person of the Christian pantheon. He believes in both angels and demons, and that they are both constructs of God, but that there are also other beings that live outside of our physical existence (that God created) as well, but they are all less than God, because he is the only one of his kind.

The reason I see this man’s beliefs to be so intriguing has to do with the fact that some of what he’s told me is very similar to what I believe, but he’s using different terms to describe it. While I don’t believe that “God” is the only deity, nor do I believe that he is the only one of his “kind”, I can’t dismiss his beliefs because he thinks there’s only one.  I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but the way he describes his beliefs about what and where they are makes me think we are more similar in belief than it may appear on the surface. He sees them being right here with us, but invisible, much as I believe that the spiritual world is on a different frequency than we are here in the physical one, and hence invisible. He described his ideas about how the earth and all of creation came to be created, by God, and even though I don’t subscribe to the idea of creation, the way he made it sound was very plausible, if not altogether likely. I plan to talk more with him about it, if he’s willing, and see if there is any common ground we can find.

My point in all this is that you never know who will come into your life, and most of the time, you may not know why, but I believe there is always a reason for it. This man may have come into MY life to give me a different perspective on what I believe, or, to add to my understanding of our deities. Or, he’s just here to show me what it’s like to live with a stranger. You never know. I’ve always said that I don’t believe in coincidences, and that I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. I may not know the reason right now, but I know there’s a reason.

So far, living with strangers has turned out to be a lot better than I expected.

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