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March 1st, 2012

Ostara Ritual


The Spring Equinox is considered the start of spring; flowers begin to blossom and bloom. And color returns to the Earth. Ostara is one of the only two days in the year when day and night are equal. Because of this day of symmetry, balance is one of the many magical themes for this Sabbat. All about potential: the potential for balance above and below, and the potential for growth, renewal and the possibility of new starts.




Copal Resin






Lemon grass

Myrrh gum resin













Clear away the debris and stagnant energy left over from the cold dark months prepare mentally, physically, spiritually, for a fresh start in the spring. Clearing away the new.


Do whatever cleansing you would like (smudging with sage, sweeping with a besom, ringing of bells, infusion of herbal water) Light a bonfire. Set up the altar. Cleanse yourself and your space, and cast your circle, and call the quarters.

Quarter Call:

Raise your hands to the East Watchtower, say, “Creatures of Air, Spirits of the East I summon thee and ask that you guard the circle with the gentleness of a breath, and the fierce winds of a hurricane. Walk to the South, say, “Creatures of Fire, Spirits of the South I summon thee and ask that you protect the circle with the warmth of a candles flame and the scorch of the sun’s rays. Walk to the West, say, “Creatures of Water, Spirits of the West I summon thee and ask that you wash us a new like the ocean’s waves or the soft touch of a summer’s rain. Walk to the North, say, “Creatures of Earth, Spirits of the North I summon thee and ask that you ground us in the never moving spirit of the Great Oak, and the forever adapting land on which we live. Walk to the altar, say, “Blessed Spirit fill our circle with your presence, with your love, with your guidance, watch over us as we give our thanks to the Earth, and as we align ourselves to your energy. Be with us now, So mote it be.

*As you invoke each element light your candle.*

Goddess Invocation:

Great Demeter, Goddess of the fertile Earth, I ask that you join us today, and as we open ourselves to the possibilities that surround us. Blessed Mother fill us with your healing love, with the energy to grow and change.  Welcome, and Blessed Be. Goddess Persephone, Goddess of Transformation I ask you to join us today, Guide us along our path so that we may be born again, that we may let go of our fears and embrace our dreams; that we may rise like a phoenix from the ashes with a fresh start.

Light the Goddess candle.

Suggested Spellwork would include: Releasing magic, Here’s an example.

Gather your incense mix in your palms as you walk around your bonfire. Say:

“Pains of the past be now cleansed from our hearts, away we send.

By the glow of the fire and scorching flame, break the bonds, break our chains.

By the flow of the water and the oceans gaze, lead us through the darkest haze.

By the shift of the air and the heavenly gale on the winds of a dove our grief away sail.

By the strength of the earth and the core of the land we are always changing following the sands.

And by the Spirit, the cherished divine we are forever changing following the sands.”

Throw your incense into the fire.

Thanking the Quarters:

Walk to the North, say, “Spirits of the Earth we thank you for grounding us, stay if you will go if you must in perfect love and perfect trust So mote it be.” Walk to the West, say, “Spirits of the West we thank you for washing our Spirits new stay if you will go if you must in perfect love and perfect trust So mote it be.” Walk to the South, say, “Spirits of the South thank you for protecting us, stay if you will go if you must in perfect love and perfect trust So mote it be.” Walk to the East, say, “Spirits of the East thank you guarding our circle, stay if you will go if you must in perfect love and perfect trust So mote it be.” Walk to the altar, say, Blessed Spirit thank you for opening our hearts to your Divine love, to your guidance, as we change, and grow, may we always look within and see your eternal warmth and light. Stay with us forever.”

Circle Closing:

For this Sabbat imagine the circle’s energy swirling and instead of going back into the Earth imagine it going into your heart, anytime you need guidance you can search within for that divine energy that you cast.

Blessed Be.

It’s always important to remember:

**The confines of ritual are as diverse as the Witch performing within the circle. For this reason it’s important to have an open mind as well as Spirit when learning, planning, constructing, and completing the intentions of a ritual. Tools are the most flexible thing in Magic, and ritual tools are of course no exception. An index finger can serve as a wand, a door knob as an athame. The expanse of the mind is practically limitless when it comes to your tools. Never think that a journal can’t stand as a book of shadows, a drawing as a pentacle. The possibilities are infinite.**

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