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March 1st, 2012

One of the great things about getting Thrifty with it is- dun dun dun…The Hunt!

One of my favorite hunting grounds is your local thrift store. There are thousands of these fine establishments all across the US and a quick internet search should give you at least a few in your area to choose from. They range from privately owned, to church owned, to big charity ones like the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.

Some people don’t like to give their patronage to a church or religiously affiliated establishment if they wouldn’t feel comfortable giving that same organization a cash donation. Personally I at least give these places a browse through because I love the irony of using something that I paid them pittance for to make a beautiful magical object (but then I can be a witch that way).

The first thing I would do is check my Thrifting Journal and my current list of projects so that I know what I’ve currently got going.  Keeping track of what is already on your plate can help you judge how much room is left for new projects or if you need more supplies for current projects.

The second thing I would do is set myself a limit. And I don’t just mean a monetary one. Once you open up that inner eye to see all of what is available it is really hard not to want to scoop everything up and get started on pixie dusting it into witchy perfection right away. I have to constantly look not just at what money I have available but what time and space I have as well. It’s ok to indulge if you see a great deal on an item for a project you have in mind to do later, but make sure that you have the space to store the item without making it clutter and then make sure to put it on the list of projects in your Thrifting Journal so it doesn’t get put up and forgotten.

With those two things done let’s take a moment and practice opening that inner Thrifting eye and get it warmed up.

My Dad always told me that life is how you see it. As a witch I know that how I see the world is the most important tool I have to change it.

Focus, will, and intent are the foundations that any spell/ritual/working are built on, but you have to see what you are trying to effect and you have to have the imagination to really see and believe in the change you are trying to bring about. Without the focus to see the world as it is, and the imagination to believe it can be different then we cannot change it. But luckily we’re witches so we have focus and imagination in spades.

So now let’s turn that towards how we look at objects and their potential. I want you to do something that may seem a little weird. I want you to find the ugliest, most detested thing in your house (ex spouses, messy rooms, and naughty pets don’t count, lol). Come on, fess up. We all have that one thing that we have but can’t stand to look at, whether it’s there out of necessity or because we try really hard not to look at it, or think about it, or generally acknowledge that it exists, so it stays right where it is. Well I want you to dig that thing up, and take a good long look at it. Close your eyes and picture the piece in your mind then picture it fading away, just as you would in spell work or a focused working.

Now open your eyes again.

I don’t want you to not see it as that horrible dresser hiding in the guest bedroom with the ugly knobs and good gods why did someone paint it that color…..No I want you to look at it as a blank canvas. See what’s really there. Look at the shape, or function and then start imagining a version of it that you would like. Let your subconscious play around and picture what you could do with different pieces of the object. Would those drawers make great shadow boxes? Could the frame be used for a kids cubby box? Or is the shape great but with some new hardware and maybe paint of decoupage could the whole thing be reborn as a different dresser. What sparks your interest, what seems like fun.

I would suggest writing down, or drawing if you feel like it, what inspirations you get that excite you in your Thrifting Journal so you can keep track of them and it also helps to have a record of your ideas in case you want to use some of those ideas on other projects.

Now go out there and let that creativity flow!

Open up that inner eye and let your imagination run. Prowl through the aisles, dig through the bargain bins, and claim the prize that grabs your intuition. Don’t plan a route through the store, just wander letting whatever catches your attention pull you. Just keep in mind that these items have lived with people before and can carry some of their energy. Listen to your intuition. If something seems wrong or ‘off’ about an item you might want to leave it behind no matter how perfect it seems for your project. I also suggest doing a cleansing of any object purchased second hand whether it feels like it needs it or not. Just like you would strip off that hideous paint, it is always best to start with a blank psychic/spiritual slate.

Get out there and find that diamond in the rough*!

*Cave of wonders and hunky street rat with great hair not included

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