Musings From the Mossy Trail

April 1st, 2012

Freyr, Vanic Tribal God

In days of Nordic yore, two great races of gods, the Vanir (associated with fertility, wisdom and the ability to see the future) and the Aesir (associated with power and warriors) battled between themselves until it was apparent the neither could conquer the other. A truce was called in order to unify the pantheon and two Vanic gods, Njord and his son Freyr, were sent to live among the Aesir in exchange for Hoenir and Mimir, who were sent to live among the Vanir.

Freyr, Chief of the Vanir, is a great fertility god, a god of peace and a noble warrior.  He bestows growth, abundance, wealth and luck among all who seek him and was known to bring blessings to crops, livestock, and creative endeavors, as well as govern horses and boars. It is said that he sired a line of kings and is seen as a tribal god, and can be called upon as guarantor of prosperity for the entire community.

Immediately loved by all, when he cut his first tooth, the Aesir gifted him with Alfheim, land of the light-elves. He rides a golden boar named Gullinbursti, which was given him by the Dwarves and sails upon the ship Skidbladnir, which can be folded and carried in a pouch when not in use.

Freyr bestows sensual love and is reputed as gentle, kind, and never mistreats a woman. His most famous myth is the tale of his giantess bride and the sacrfifice he made to earn her love.

High above the lands of elves and men, dwarfs, and the world of the dead, Freyr climbed the steps of Hlidskjalf, the sacred watchtower. Though this act was forbidden, for not even Thor nor Loki were permitted upon the All Father’s throne, he only wished to see his sister Freya once again, as she wandered in sorrowful search of her missing husband.

He placed himself upon Odin’s seat and peered into the worlds below, beginning with Midgard, the world of men, through the other eight worlds and settled on  the Realm of the Giants, Jötunheim, with its dark snow and ice covered mountains, frost and bitter cold. He scanned the barren land slowly until his gaze landed upon a beautiful giant maiden, who stepped out of her dwelling, paused for only a moment, and returned to the comfort of the indoors.

He sat transfixed upon the throne, star struck with her beauty and unable to move for a very long time. That night he was not able to sleep, and woke in the morning with pangs of loneliness and longing for the woman who stole his heart and the distance which separated them. He went to his father, who warned that his affections had fallen upon Gerda, the daughter of the giant Gymer, and the only way for him to win her, would be to give up that which he held most valuable, his magic sword.

Without hesitation, Freyr released his sword from his side, though his father begged him to reconsider, for without his sword, he would be left defenseless in times of war. Heedleesly,  Freyr turned on his heel and made arrangements to woo her love, for no sacrifice was too great, not even his death, for the beautiful Gerda.

With some coaxing, gifts and a touch of magic, the giantess Gerda reluctantly agreed to meet with Freyr. But seeing him stand noble and virtuous, handsome and strong, her heart quickly warmed to his affections. Rings of gold were exchanged and it was agreed that the couple would share their lives within the halls of Asgard.

During this beautiful spring season, while the sun shines upon the fields, flowers bud over land and trees, and the rivers and creeks flow joyously, send a word of devotion to Freyr, he who nurtures the earth and sky, land spirits and all of humanity with gifts of happiness and pleasure. Blessings to all.

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