April 1st, 2012

Angelic Guide Summoning Spell

Items Needed:
Altar Candle
All Purpose White Candle
4” candles (white)
3 Violet candles
3 pink candles
Crystal ball or glass of water
Angel Guide Summoning Oil (make this yourself with olive oil, a drop of 
cinnamon and either Frankincense resin piece dropped in the oil, or a drop of
 Frankincense oil.  If you have any of the other herbs or essential oils listed directly below that you 
can add to the oil, that would be great; if not, do not worry; what you have is fine.)
Anise, cardamon, or coriander incense
Cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, or sandalwood bathing herbs
Breathe deeply and build a ball of protective light around you. While soaking in your ritual bath 
(min. of 20 min.), meditate on the whole ritual: the steps you will take and what you wish to say to 
your spirit guide when you make contact.
Cast your circle; call the quarters; then enter the circle and light the incense. With the oil, dress
the altar candle and the day candle while concentrating on the purpose of the ritual. Light the
 annointed candles and state your intent (choose your own words or say the following):
     “I am here to make contact with my Spirit Guide,
     And to acknowledge him or her…”
THEN: With a sharp instrument (perhaps an athame), inscribe the violet candle #1 with the word "Angel". 
Dress it with the oil.  Light it, direct your energies into it, and say:
     “I light the first candle for Angelic protection.
     May its light reach out across from East to West and North to South;
          from this world to the next.
     May it make contact with that World of Spirit
          into which we will eventually enter.”
THEN: Take your censer or incense wand and swing it around sensing 
the whole area around the altar, while rhythmically repeating the 
word "Join" and building up energy to focus.  Let your inner energy 
build, and build.  Don’t be self-conscious.
THEN:  Replace the censer and pick up violet candle #2. Inscribe it 
again with the word "Angel" and dress it with the oil. Put it back 
on the altar, light it, direct your energy into it, and say:
     “I light the second candle for Angelic guidance.
     May its light reach out across from East to West and North to South;
          from this world to the next.
     May it make contact with that World of Spirit
          Lighting the way between our worlds."
THEN: Again, take the censer or incense wand and cense the entire area 
around the altar while chanting the word "Join" Build up your energy to focus.
THEN: Take violet candle #3, inscribe with the word "Angel", dress with oil, 
charge with your energy, light it and say:
     “I light the third candle for Angelic healing.
     May its light reach out across from East to West and North to South;
          from this world to the next.
     May it make contact with that World of Spirit
     May the light from these three candles JOIN,
          Banishing the darkness and lighting the way
     That my Angelic Spirit Guide may come to me
          and speak with me here today.”

Aromatherapeutic Essential Oil –

A “New Moon Wellness herbals© Product”


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