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October 1st, 2012

The Variable of Free Will


There is no doubt that change is coming. For some it is a simple, gentle reminder felt within the wind or the rain. For others it is the not so subtle metaphysical baseball bat to the head that something big is about to happen.


The purpose of change varies for many. For some it means the opportunity to grow, evolve and raise the vibration. For some it can mean letting go of old energies that are no longer serving them. Whatever the case change is imminent within life and it can be a choice of enabling this to do as it needs to or become aware of what takes place when it happens to make an appearance.


When working with energies and all that is related, energetic shifts, sometimes caused by planetary alignment and some not, have two core purposes. It can be on a personal level and one for the overall, often termed for the greater good. The extent of both is up to the individual because any change is and will be up to the one constant variable – free will.


Throughout history this is the only unpredictable variable that can and will impact the so called path of destiny. The path of destiny that many fear lacks freedom of choice was only ever meant as a guide. The fact is that most of the people already made a choice of why they came into this life, why they choose their parents, their family and what the purpose of this particular journey is.


Whilst it may take each person a lifetime to work this out this is what pre-determined destiny feels like. But the beauty of this is free will because it is this that enables anyone, and everyone, to change their chosen path from what may seemed all worked out.


If your path is not providing the answers and fulfilment that you want, consider that you have the power to put your free will into action and simply – change it.

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