Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

March 1st, 2013

Still Not My Sister’s Keeper

Here in my column last month I wrote about the concept of ‘donor children’ that the movie My Sister’s Keeper focused on. It is the idea that a child is conceived from the donation of sperm from the male and ova from the female of an individual couple for the sole purpose of genetically engineering a perfect match and donor for (in the plot of this movie) the older child. I wrote about how this idea upset me. I asked a lot of questions and concluded that it just was something I couldn’t imagine taking a part in and honestly even though I sympathized with the emotional trauma that particular situation was for a parent, I didn’t understand how anyone could. That same night after I submitted the article to my editor, my husband and I discussed the ‘donor child’ idea that the movie was based on.

Individually my husband and I both believe in and practice The Law of Attraction, which if you are unfamiliar with, states that like attracts like therefore it is believed that if an individual focuses on those things that bring them happiness and joy they will attract and manifest those things into their life. By the same ‘law’ if you were to focus on things that bring you unhappiness and disappointment you will also attract and manifest those things into your life even if it is something you do not intent for yourself. Your point of focus is how you attract your experiences so you will only experience that which you attract. There are no exceptions. You are the Creator of your life experience. The Law of Attraction (as well as other Universal Laws) is always present within our Universe whether we believe in it or not. It existed prior to our individual manifestation on this physical plane (Earth) and will continue to exist even after we cease to be physical transitioning back to Spirit. It always was and always is which is why it is considered a Universal Law.

If I apply The Law of Attraction to the concept of ‘donor children’ then I can simply conclude that the child conceived for the sole purpose of being the perfect donor manifested that experience for herself. She is not a victim. This unique experience wasn’t something that was done to her; she was the Creator. Her parents along with she co-created this event from a basic non-physical level. In fact, it is my belief that all children co-create their birth or manifestation on this Earth. They are a closer vibrational alignment to Universal Source (deity) than any adult since they have not yet been conditioned to ignore or deny their own personal power. They have not given away their power to others as so many of us ‘wiser’ adults tend to do.

So, while I still maintain my uncomfortability surrounding the concept of conceiving a child just to save my first-born I understand that it is a choice made by all parties involved including the ‘donor child’ and since I am uncomfortable with the idea I realize, too, that I would not align myself with such a vibrational frequency. I will never find myself in such a situation. I do my best not to judge others for making choices that may not align with my own personal truth because I am aware that each of us have circumstances to experience which aid in the expansion of The Universe that we are and are part of on the spiritual level.  Blessed be!

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