Finding the Pagan Way

February 1st, 2016



Finding the Pagan Way

This is your world!
Have you ever wondered if the possibilities in your life are much greater than you have been led to believe? Have you had moments when your mind seemed to expand and the world seemed a brighter friendlier place? What happened to bring you to that moment? Take a deep breath and exhale… then close your eyes for a minute and think back …
For some it could be a new job or a journey to a beautiful place. For others the moment of expansion may be caused by love, friendship or a spiritual experience. For a little while we are flooded with confidence, optimism and energy.
In your mind, step back and try to see yourself from the outside. Examine your posture and your expression as you imagined all the possibilities that were open to you at that moment.
Step back into your body and try to recall those feelings again. In your mind’s eye, look at your feet and hands. Remember where you were. Was it outside or indoors? Did you feel warm or cool? Imagine how your breathing would have felt at the time. Were you breathing slowly and deeply from the depth of your emotion, or were you breathing faster and shallower as you were drawn into the excitement of the moment. Perhaps, for you it was different? Focus on the middle of your torso and let any feelings come back to you.

Ignore whatever ideology you have grown used to. Think back over your life and ask yourself if you can remember anything which does not fit well into a materialistic philosophy. I would expect that those with a belief in some sort of spiritual aspect to life will remember more strange instances, but every reader will remember some. For the believers, some of those will have simple explanations that they chose to ignore. For the unbelievers, there will be times when their explanations of strange events will stretch logic to its limits, in an effort to sustain their habitual world view.
I am inviting you to to flirt with uncertainty. Yes! Spread your wings a little and accept that your view of the world is as subject to your imagination, as the wildest fantasy of any science fiction author, or poet.
This is your world! You created it based on the expectations given to you by parents, siblings and a host of other characters. You too, are a character created by your need to survive. Well done! You have made it this far, – despite the struggles and the hardship that life has thrown at you. . I want you to realise that you can heal yourself as you open up to the possibilities that are all around you.
First, though, I want to help you chip away at ‘certainty’. You can maintain whatever confidence you possess, – and increase it, as you chip away at the assumptions that have kept you on a predetermined path. To those readers who are perfectly happy with their lives, I will say “Enjoy the poetry . To everyone who, like myself, are seeking a better way to live,- there is a saying; “If you do more of the same, then you will always get more of the same”



Like a suit of armour,
Polished gold that gleams and sparkles in the light.
That Blessed Shield that keeps our ego safe.
No niggling doubts disturb us in the night.
No second thoughts to make our conscience chafe.

The Joy of never being wrong,
Those great eternal truths that beam down from above.
Our principles that keep us different from the milling throng.
When we love Certainty,
Its charms can keep us safe from any other love.

We feel misunderstood by those who do not truly know.
Their dreadful ignorance and anarchy surrounds us every day.
If only we could set them on the path they need to go.
If only they could understand the things we try to say,
Then we could let them bask in our enlightened glow.

But then,
How can I teach the sparrow how to fly?
They seemed to know just what to do,
Before I ever had a chance to teach them how.

I often watch in envy as they dance and weave beneath the evening sky.
The crimson setting sun, that lights their antics, lights the furrows on my brow.
Streaking red and gold across the purple hills and dark green fields,
It’s rainbow glory blinds my eyes and lets me see,
This world was doing fine before there ever was a Me.

Patrick W Kavanagh

Copyright 2013.1

by Bill Oliver Boy so Blue Graphic s and photography

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