Finding the Pagan Way

November 1st, 2016

As winter approaches in our hemisphere, there is a tendency to take a little more time for reflection. The sense of wonder and anticipation which Springtime brings to us is long past. For many of us it will begin again after Yule,- when are thoughts are once more drawn to the year ahead.
Summer, with all its moots, rituals and events is still a warm memory.
Autumn, with its riot of colours and chaotic weather, is slowly slipping into Winter.
Opportunities for being out in nature are reduced for many people and modern civilisation tends to loom much larger in our lives.
With the coming of Christmas, – western commercialism is at it’s height. Spirituality can be so easily pushed into the background as the annual round of gift buying and over-indulgence gathers pace.
Now is a good time to look back at the year that is closing in preparation for the changes which we want to make in our lives in the coming new year.
What have we learned about ourselves and the communities we are in? Taking time to write down the best and the worst of the passing year will help us to decide which improvements we want to manifest in our lives as the wheel turns and the new year comes upon us.
Away from the big festivals and the busy Summer, – perhaps we can find time to arrange small groups in our own homes to work on our own spiritual development?
A small group for chanting, drumming or discussion over the quieter winter period may help to keep us focussed on more spiritual matters. It will also lessen the feeling of isolation which is a problem for many pagans in this increasingly secular world.

For those of us who can, – long walks among the trees is Autumn is an awesome experience.
It is as if the trees draw our energies deep into the earth with them as they draw their own deep into their roots in preparation for Winter’s sleep. It leaves a peaceful, dream-like feeling. Tucked up well and walking among the falling leaves has to be one of the most pleasant and enjoyable experiences of the Autumn. For me, It brings back a feeling of childhood and excitement. Sensing the Earth preparing for sleep, reminds me that She is alive and sentient and will awaken again in Spring, with all the possibilities of the coming year. Even a walk in the local park can bring the same sense of connection. All we need to do is to open up our hearts and minds to the energies around us.

There are many differences of beliefs in the Pagan community, but, it is this deep connection with the Earth which binds us all together in brotherhood and sisterhood. For a little while, some of us may have difficulty in getting out into the fields and forests, but a few fallen leaves and nuts in a basket or bowl will help to remind us of this connection over the worst of the winter.

Winter Fae

The winter has been long and cold, and springtime still seems very far away.
I sit here snuggled in the warmth and dream about my childhood, and the Fae.
How I miss glowing embers, underneath the flaming sods of turf that fed our fire.
When I used to sit in quiet contemplation as the faeries fed my heart’s desire.

Dancing gaily through the woodlands, mirrored in the phosphorescent world of smoke and flame.
Faerie troopers marched across the gleaming forests edged with crimson and with gold.
Carriages of purest white, and silver reins upon the coal black shires that proudly cantered by.
Horsemen dressed in silver armour, prancing as they raised their glistening lances to the sky.

Then the Faery Queen,- magnificent in sparkling gown, she turned and waved to me.
Her wings like delicate, translucent butterflies, that fluttered blue against the ruby trees.
I cannot think of any other joy as sweet as this, my fondest childhood memory,
Though fifty years have passed since then, it lingers still, as fresh and clear to me.

Every word I place upon the page brings childhood’s wonder closer to my mind.
All the joys and mysteries that, for a little while, I thought that I had left so far behind.
Join me now and let us gaze upon the embers hand in hand with our own inner eyes.
The perhaps we both can sleep, and dream of meadows filled with sprightly flowers,
And cloudless sunny skies.

Patrick W Kavanagh 28/01/2015



by: Boy So Blue Graphic s and photography

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