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March 1st, 2017

Witch Balls

Merry meet.

A blog by Silver RavenWolf for making witch balls for conjuring inspired me to try something similar as a project at a recent pagan gathering.


The balls are made from herbs, essential oils and wax. They are meant to be thrown into a ceremonial fire, placed on an altar or in other spaces, added to mojo bags, or crumbled and scattered around an area. They are not to be eaten.


The herbs and oils chosen will determine if the balls are for protection, cleansing, love, healing, abundance, banishing or some other intention.


Although I made mine with wax, they can also be made using mud, clay, or a dough mixture of flour, salt, egg and water.

After determining your intent, collect ingredients with those properties. I used a mix of about a dozen herbs, spices, resins and dried flower petals for a total of about three cups.


Working in small batches, I melted wax and poured some into the herb mixture, stirring with a spoon because the wax is hot. Mix in just enough wax that the herbs will hold together. Working quickly before the wax hardens, use your hands to form small balls. Place them on waxed paper or tin foil and allow them to cool.


Melt more wax, adding essential oils if you wish, and one by one, dip each ball and place it back down. If you wish, you can smooth the balls before the wax hardens by rolling them between your palms as you would a meatball. Dip each ball at least twice. The more layers, the more sturdy the balls will be. In all, I used a bit more than a pound of beeswax.


Some people drizzled wax in a contrasting color over their balls. One woman added small gemstones to hers. Slivers of money, ashes of photos or documents that have been burned, grave dirt and charms can also be added, along with whatever else your imagination conjures or your intuition desires.

Once cool, the balls store easily in egg cartons.

Merry part.

And merry meet again.

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