Crystal Connections

April 1st, 2017




(Pictured here are a few of my older pieces. Image courtesy: Shijewels

Talismans and amulets are often pieces or objects that are believed to be protective, magical or bare a special importance to the wearer. They have been around throughout history and were often made from crystals by witches, shamans and alchemists.

Throughout the stages of my own spiritual path I have worn pieces that held significant meaning to me, some for the symbols that represent my love for the Goddess, my spirituality, and others for the metaphysical assistance that I needed from the stones. Each one has it’s own unique qualities and symbolizes a specific period of time in my journey.



(These are pieces that I wear everyday.Image courtesy: Shijewels

The Moonstone and Turquoise ring was made with a purpose, I make and sell jewelry so I felt it was vital to have something that helped me with self doubt, focus and creativity. Moonstones are known to intensify the feminine Goddess energy, strengthens intuition and enhances creativity. It’s said that this stone brings balance, harmony and hope to those that wear it. Though Turquoise is a protective stone, it also helps dispel any self-sabotaging tendencies as well as assisting in creative expression. I made this ring to wear on my middle finger, which is ruled by Saturn and is related to our purpose in life. It’s also believed that wearing a ring on this finger supports focus and staying true to your own path.

The necklace with the three charms is probably one of my oldest and certainly the most beloved talisman that I have. The spiral represents my journey, the moonstone represents my intuitiveness and connection to the feminine Divine and the Pentacle represents the heart of it all. Three small very simple charms that hold deeply personal and powerful meanings.

These are just a handful of amulets and talismans that I’ve owned over the years. I’ve purchased some, been gifted a few and have made the rest, each one playing a significant roll in my life. As my life changes so have they, and I look forward to what new pieces I’m called to or that are called to me.

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