Book Review: Rituals of the Light Within a Compendium of Writings from the Magical Work of Elizabeth Anderton Fox

July 1st, 2017

Rituals of the Light Within a Compendium of Writings from the Magical Work of Elizabeth Anderton Fox


Publisher: Megalithic ; Stafford England

First Edition: 2017

This book contains 32 rituals, along with 2 messages from the Priestess of the West. The author, Ms. Fox, does mention two distinct groups: Servants of the Light School and Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica. Ms. Fox says that some of the rituals are still in use by both of these groups. She has written each ritual with the beauty that comes from someone who is well-connected to their spiritual beliefs and is well-educated in different Esoteric schools. Each ritual comes with complete directions you will need to conduct each ritual.

The rituals vary in length with the shortest being 4 pages in length and with 2 being 24 pages in length. All rituals have multiple spoken parts varying from 2 speakers to 32 spoken parts, with each part being spoken by a different person. There is a ritual that has 15 spoken parts and still has 13 nonspeaking roles. In a ritual called “The Holy Temple” there are 7 spoken parts, but because there is an Oracle, there are more than 7 participants.

Almost all the rituals do call for either recorded music and the person handling the music is not assigned a speaking role. And almost all the rituals have at least one Guardian. Sometimes the guardian speaks, sometimes all they do is seal the temple. Most ritual also has the participants enter the temple area from the west or the prepared ritual area from the west. I did find that to be a bit different than what is the usual practice that I or my friends use.

Ms. Fox’s book is the first that I have read where some participants in the rituals stand in certain shapes, such as the Pentacle or the Hexagram. Each ritual contains a diagram of what the ritual area should look like with the speaking parts in place. I found this interesting and while reading I could see each of the Officers in their place before I got the last page.

Each ritual is beautiful and simple. There are no hard to pronounce words, so reading the ritual in low light isn’t going to cause you stumble over words. The scripts as Ms. Fox calls them, would be easy enough for a large group of people to rehearse before the ritual date and then just say the lines without holding a script in your hands.

I could see some of the rituals being lovely if done out-of-doors. The Zodiac, The Sirius Star Ritual either one would be beautiful done under the light of a fire and the full moon. There are a few that would only work if done indoors.

I like the book and think that I would love to be with a large enough group to enact some of the rituals.

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