Book Review: Palmistry Made Easy by Johnny Fincham

August 1st, 2017

Palmistry Made Easy by Johnny Fincham


This is a small book, it is only 80 pages in length, but the author Mr. Johnny Fincham does seem to pack a lot of information into those 80 pages. In the introduction, Mr. Fincham mentions Charlotte Wolff who was a physician and psychoanalyst in 1936 and John Manning who wrote several articles in Psychology publications in the early 2000’s. And he also says that Palmistry is a vibrant and powerful tool used now in criminology, psychology and anthropology and genetics. On page 1 he writes,”The palm is proving to be an incredible mirror into the workings of the human mind.”

One of the first things Mr. Fincham says to do when doing a palm reading is to use water soluble ink to take prints of both hands of your client. You’ll need these to do the full reading that he is talking about doing. He then goes through the book breaking down all the different parts of the hand from different sections to the texture of the skin and the flexibility of the fingers. And one thing that I notice missing in the section on the flexibility on the digits on the hand is any type of warning when bending the digits to check for flexibility. The author instructs you to bend the thumb back toward the wrist, not to have the client do it.

There are 10 chapters in this book, each taking a look at a specific area of the hand. Chapter 7 is where he starts talking about the lines of the hand. And how they each have their own meanings and what part of a client’s or your mental approach to life they connect to. He also breaks the pattern of lines down into race and gender. In Chapter 8 he talks about the teacher’s square, and how that relates to careers. But later in Chapter 9, Mr. Fincham writes that stars and other shapes hold little to no meaning in a palm reading. He does mention in Chapter 9 a line he calls Spirit Line and writes:” It shows psychic perception and intuitive potential. It’s a very rare marking.” pg 60.

I do have a bit of an issue when he is talking about the Line of Emotion on page 43. He writes:” Lines which curve upwards are expressive, demonstrative, and somewhat `Italian` emotively.” That is the exact wording that he used. I feel that the author was trying to make a statement that would fully show what he meant, but I feel that the wording could have been done a bit differently. I know that some people could be a bit insulted by that sentence.

I feel that this is a base book, that you would need this and maybe an older book that talks about the “Mount of Mars” or the “Mount of Saturn” to do a full palm reading. This is a good book to have as part of a toolkit in studying Palmistry, but this is only part of a toolkit.




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