September 1st, 2017







Cover art by Angie Yelton: 

Clay has been my passion for as long as I can remember. At FalconFire Ceramics Studio, I’m able to let shine the eclectic paganism that I embrace. Nothing is more grounding than molding beautiful art from Mother Earth. I don’t follow a specific pantheon, I honor different god/desses as they make themselves known. I’ve recently become interested in Khnum, the Egyptian god of pottery and creation.”




Welcome to our September/Mabon Issue which is sure to please! This month we are filled to the brim & bursting with Book Reviews, Interviews, New Columns, and Your Monthly Favorites.  A Peek at what’s inside…



In “Seeing the Signs“, this month, Polly MacDavid reviews the beautiful Spirit Cats Deck by Nicole Piar.




“Rituals, History, aromatherapy, crystals, candle magic, spiritual alchemy, potions, tinctures, herbs and recipes are just some of the topics covered in this hardcover book…” begins Lynn Woike’s Review of “The Good Witch’s Guide“.  Making us want to dive right into the wealth of information.  Have a read at what else Lynn has to say.




Star Casas honors us with an excerpt from her upcoming book “Old Style Conjure: Hoodoo, Rootwork, & Folk Magick.”  The piece is entitled “The Foundation of Conjure” and is a must read for anyone interested in the subject. 





Worth the Witch” is a new column that will focus each month on reviewing a new Pagan Owned Business that offers subscription based or mystery packages to Witches. This month, find out our thoughts on WitchBox




Saoirse has been honored with an interview with Aidan Kelly; Elder, writer, teacher, member of Covenant of the Goddess, and The New Reformed Orthodox order of The Golden Dawn. Their talk includes the naming of Mabon and his Eleusinian ritual for the Mabon Sabbat, all in her column “Celebrating the Old Ways in New Times.”






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