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Lucy Drake is a talented psychic medium, witch, teacher and writer. She has been studying and teaching her Craft for over 20 years. She grew up in rural Wales and has always had a deep spiritual connection to nature, animals and magick. Her chaotic and unusual childhood was often brutal but it gave her great compassion and many skills beyond her years. Lucy has always done magick and tried to match her “knowing” with books. From a Welsh family with Irish roots Lucy has many creative talents, from painting, poetry, dance and music, none of which were especially note worthy in a very artistic house hold. She started to meditate at the age of 9, reading cards at 14, and healing at 16. At 18 she began working with local mediums in small circles and learned how to control her gifts. Lucy has done private readings, psychic fairs, house clearings, healings (of all kinds) weddings (handfastings), blessings and charms, as well as ritual Craft since 2000. She has run workshops of Inner Goddess work, healing with crystals and divination. She has run 2 covens and had many students and teachers. While her pagan Craft has very strong Gardnerian roots she has explored many other paths, especially Celtic Craft and working with Fae as she did as a child. She is currently working on her next book about Celtic Fae Witchcraft. Follow her on twitter @lucydrakeandco Find her on facebook as Lucy Drake. She has a blog here http://thecelticwitchin.blogspot.co.uk/ She also makes bespoke spell work items with her friends and family here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LucyDrakeandCo?ref=hdr_shop_menu Lucy has self published three book. The Key: Opening the doorway to Magickal Practice (which is in it's second edition) and Litanies of Grief and Inspiration.

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