Mojo Bag of the Month

July, 2018

Raising Your Vibration

Your mojo bag for this month is one that will help to raise your vibration! With the many shifts and changes that are coming, we need to raise our vibration to ride out the wave. If we fall below the surface, we will get caught in the undertow!

The first stone shown here is Polychrome Jasper! One of my all-time favorite stones as it is called the “happy energy“ stone and it is said to bring good fortune and a happy outlook on life. All jaspers are protective and nurturing, however, polychrome brings emotional balance, is a stress reliever and increases stamina and the ability to adjust to change. This beautiful stone aids quick thinking, promotes organizational abilities and seeing projects through to completion. It stimulates the imagination and helps to manifest ideas into action. Polychrome Jasper is useful for those starting new business pursuits and it also assists in a tuning to and communicating with animals! Also, it just feels really good to hold! *grins*

Mugglestone is the next stone to the right of the Polychrome in this photo. Mugglestone is a cross between Tiger’s Eye, Hematite and Red Jasper. Mugglestone incorporates the traits of all three of these stones. Together they provide strength, stamina, focused will, physical energy, grounding, balance and confidence. They strengthen first second and third chakras. It is important to keep your balance as you are raising your physical and energetic vibration. 

Rutilated Quartz is in this mix because it is a vibrational healer. This type of clear quartz contains fine strands of real gold. It promotes spiritual growth, draws of negative energy, cleanses and energizes the aura, aids astral travel and channeling, facilitates contact with the highest spiritual guidance and protects against psychic attacks. The alleviates dark moods and acts as an antidepressant as it relieves fears, phobias, and anxieties, releasing destructive thoughts and counters self-hatred. Excellent for all chakras!

In the photo, below the Rutilated Quartz, you will see Hematite. An extra boost of hematite helps to manifest light, making the spiritual physical, and the balancing of opposites. Also helps to move through adversity and helps us to see the silver lining behind every dark cloud. Enhances first chakra. 

And lastly, Tourminalated Quartz is clear or white quartz with rods of Black Tourmaline shooting through it! As we know, most black stones work well for grounding and protection. Quartz works as an amplifier! So, Tourminalated Quartz helps with purification, recovery and protection from negative influences. It clears out bad vibes and helps to remove blockages. Allows one to receive the full spectrum of light necessary for proper energetic and physical health.  It assists in purifying on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, so further growth can be undertaken. It “washes“ the aura, clearing energy patterns that have created stagnation. It helps to identify emotional patterns that need to be purified and cleansed. It is excellent for healing and clearing rooms, as well. It can also be used to aid in purifying the physical body after substance-abuse and those are attempting to improve their diet. The stone also resonates with our chakras.


About the Author:

Tala is a healer of multi-cultural decent and influence. Her heritage is a mixture of Celtic, African, Native American and European decent. However, her spiritual journey began when she and her mother were living throughout Mexico. While exploring one of our world’s ‘Sacred Power Spots’, Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, Tala was struck by a bus and was pronounced dead. She was revived when three indigenous Mayan Shamans appeared from the jungle and proceeded to pass her body between them and chant. They brought her to their hidden jungle village on the mountain to recover and heal for three days. When Tala emerged from the jungle on the fourth day, she told her mother’s companion that she had been “given the light of god by the Mayan people”. She was five years old when she experienced this N.D.E. (near death experience). This opened the door to her receiving messages and visitations from spirits to this day.

At age 23, Tala was the recipient of Shaktipat, in person directly from Shri Anandi Ma. This is a transmission of energy/ god force through (in her case) physical touch which awakens the Kundalini. It often sets the person on their true spiritual path. Many who receive Shaktipat become healers and teachers.

Over the years, combined with her continuing formal education, she has maintained a balance between the physical sciences and the metaphysical. She was one of the first 60 people in the U.S. to be sent to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX to be trained by NASA to educate local teachers about the International Space Station in its beginning stages. She became an R.C. Counselor, Peer Counselor, and an Ordained Minister for the Universal Life Church. She is a Certified Holographic Sound Healer and is a Reiki Practitioner. This year she has become an ordained Minister and Reverend of Our Lord & Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church and has completed her 2 year apprenticeship in the Pachakuti Mesa Cross-cultural Shamanism and is now a Paco-Shaman. She has made her living for the past years as a powerful energy worker/healer of individuals and groups and a master craftsman of ritual, ceremonial and energetic tools. Her dream is to travel the world and continue her formal and spiritual education with scholars, locals and indigenous peoples.

Tala is a Spiritual Practitioner of the Shamanic arts, she studies Ancient Spiritualities from all over the world and she is a Sacred Toolsmith making tools for Shamans, Pagans and Energy Workers. You can find her at ‘A New Page’ at 1060 Newfield St., Middletown, CT

You can find the shop’s Facebook page at: For updates and upcoming events, meditations, classes, talks, Fire & Drum Circles and Fairs!

Nelland Living

June, 2014


This invention of mine has made my life much easier and handier. (I love everything easy and handy, does that make me lazy…?)

A handbag that contains another handbag. For years I have searched for the perfect handbag. Tried all shapes, sizes and combinations, and never been fully satisfied. Until now. With my new Scandinavian styled, clean and sleek, faux leather mates:


Literally a bag-in-a-bag. The point is simple: when on the move, heading to town to run errands, first I only need to carry “one” handbag. The smaller inside the bigger one.




In the big one I place stuff I need to have with me, but don´t necessarily use each time. Things like extra shopping bags (self-made fabric ones), pen and paper, a tiny flashlight, tissues, etc.
In the small one goes the important things: keys, phone, wallet, lipbalm, glucose pastilles for my son´s diabetes, and one shopping bag.




I live in the country side, so I need my car to get to places. Usually I leave the bigger bag in the trunk of my car, and take only the small one with me to the store/post office/library etc.

As I gather the necessary bits and pieces, I throw them in to the bigger bag and am free from the fuss of having a gazillion little plastic bags swimming around the trunk! Cool.




This pair of handbags I designed especially to go with my off-day clothes. I call them my “Freedom Collection”, because when wearing them I consider myself “blending in” with the rest of the folk. That way I am free from the judging eye, and can walk around freely without raising any interest or suspicion (which often happens when I wear outfits from my more artistic collections, named and themed after each sabbat). Black & white striped tunic and Living The Dream- shirt are good examples of what I wear when running around with these handbags.




The bags are fully lined with cotton fabric




One with horizontal- and the other with vertical stripes. I used the same fabric, but turned it around to add detail.






Simple snap fasteners keep the treasures in.

A friend of mine already asked for instructions for these bags. I suggested she piled up all the stuff she always carries with her, divides them into two different stacks, and freely eyeballs the measures she needs for her bags. Mine are approx. the small: 3×9.5×6.7 inches (8x24x17cm) and the big: 4.3×13.8×10 inches (11x35x25cm).
Now I feel much more organized and in control. Great!

Oak-corns and Apple-thorns

September, 2010

Putting a Spell in the Bag

The word craft implies a skill that does or produces something practical and useful.  If you want to put the craft back into witchcraft, try looking for the places where material and spiritual crafts overlap.


There’s no better example than weaving and knot-tying.  Getting married is called “tying the knot,” and everyone’s heard of tying a bit of string around a finger to remember something important, or has used the phrase “weave a spell.”  When you tie a knot you store up a bit of your will, bind up some energy (possibly for use later), or even create a physical manifestation of a hope or a dream.  To untie a knot is to release that energy, to let that which was bound go free once more.

Try this very simple craft.  Once you get the project set up and the tying process becomes automatic, try either (a) unfolding your mind outward so that it’s free to wander and relax, or (b) fold your thoughts inward so that you focus completely on the task at hand, perhaps even spontaneously working a spell as you weave.  For example, if you are planning to use your bag to carry a water bottle on a difficult hike or survival trip, you can use the unfolding to imagine and predict the hazards that lay ahead; or you can fold inward and allow your intent to manifest and become tangible in the survival tool you are making.

When you’re done you’ll have a useful bag for carrying a bottle (plastic, steel, or homemade gourd).  The same technique can be scaled up with longer and heavier cordage to make a net that can hold a pot for a hanging basket.  You can even make a bag to hold potatoes and onions in the pantry, to hold seasonal decorations like small pumpkins and gourds for Halloween, or any number of things.  Instead of working with a hoop, you can even weave on a broomstick with rope to make a cargo net to cover the bed of your truck like I did.

If you feel adventurous, use sturdy colored yarn or strips of colored cloth twisted into cordage, or add a bead or two between knots for decoration.

Start by finding a spot where you can hang your project and sit comfortably.  You’re going to need 50 feet or so of cordage – jute twine works nicely – a knife or pair of scissors, and about an hour of free time.  Start by making a hoop about 10 inches across from a green stick.  Use a scrap of twine to hold the ends together.  Take two lengths of cord and tie the ends to opposite sides of the hoop.  Hang your hoop like a mobile at a comfortable height.


Now cut about twenty lengths of cord approximately 2 ½ feet long.  The easiest way to do this is by wrap cord around your thumb and elbow twenty times; slip the loops off and cut one end.

If you want your bag to be a bit deeper you’ll need to cut them one a time, or wrap around a larger object such as the back of a large chair, adjacent fence posts, etc.

Now start tying your lengths to the hoop using cow hitches.  It’s important to use a cow hitch so that you can snip apart the hoop and slide out the pieces without leaving any knots.  Space them around the hoop evenly.


Your hoop should now look like the one above.  Now you’re ready to begin weaving and tying.



Move around the hoop, tying adjacent strands together using overhand knots like the one above.  As you go forward, row after row, you will be creating a series of diamond shapes.  When you’ve reached the bottom your project should look like the picture above.  Cut the hoop using pruning shears or snips and slip out the scraps of twig.

Here’s how to tie off the loose ends.  Cut a length of cordage and lay it alongside your ends.  Form a loop, and begin wrapping one end very tightly around the entire assembly.


Insert the free end through the loop and pull the other end.  The loop and the free end will disappear beneath the wrapping and pull even tighter. Clip the ends even with the wrapping and you’re done (this tying method, by the way, can be used to wrap knife handles, to secure spear and arrowheads, to finish the ends of braided cords for necklaces, and so forth).


Now for the final step.  Thread a length of cord through the top row of open sections and tie it off.  Now when you place something in the bag and hold the loop, the bag will cinch shut and hold firm.


Above is a net bag my daughter made for holding a water bottle.  That’s a rubber snake in the background by the way, not a copperhead.  Keeps the chipmunks humanely out of my Calendula!

Please do give this little craft a try, incorporate the spiritual elements, and see if you don’t have a pleasant experience.

If you get stuck and need a hand, or just want to share your thoughts insights, feel free to email me at