Oak-corns & Apple-thorns

June, 2013

Life: a Magical arte


Back in January I exhorted my readers to embrace transgression in 2013, the Year of the Snake. I pointed out how Witchcraft is a transgressive art form, how it should be in a witch’s nature to go where others fear to go and do what others fear to do. I even announced an upcoming book I’m co-editing that will celebrate the transgressive nature of witchcraft practice, and I encouraged folks to submit articles.


I got no feedback on the article and few submissions for the book. That flummoxed me, and it still does. Witches should be leading the way — not just the famous ones like T. Thorn Coyle, Selena Fox, Starhawk, or Alley Valkyrie.


All of us.


We should be the ones creating the best art, the best poems, the best music. We should breaking new ground spiritually, politically, socially, and personally. After all, if our practice is as good as we say it is, shouldn’t we be the best and the brightest? Shouldn’t we have the insight and understanding, the creativity and sheer guts, to lead the way?


I once again challenge you to transgress. Be the first one in your herd to break free from the everyday. If you’re a die-hard radical who’s been swimming upstream for years, that’s fantastic. Much respect. But I don’t want to hear from you.


I want to hear from everyday witches who’ve done, created or said something that their peers didn’t have the courage, creativity, or insight to do first. Make a ten foot statue of Aradia out of empty wine bottles, make a short film and load it up on YouTube, write that book or song or hymn. Take a day off from work and hike to a local peak in honor of Hecate. Hold a spontaneous public ritual or set up a random shrine to Baphomet on a busy street. Chain yourself to a sacred tree so that it won’t be bulldozed. Shave your head and donate the hair to charity. Run for public office, organize a march or demonstration, start a new coven or even an altogether new religion or spiritual path. Open up that organic food truck you always wanted to start but were always afraid to launch. You get the picture.


Whatever it is you’re burning to do, do it now. And when you’ve banished your fear and set your brain on fire with creativity; when you’ve started to dance around its elemental heat singing songs of change, tell me what you’ve done in the comments below. Share your stories and inspire me and others. You can even write about it and submit it for publication here.


Last year I stopped dreaming about becoming a writer and actually became one. I put my books on  Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, and now 800 people have been touched by them. I embraced my beliefs and came out of the broom closet. And I’ve never felt more happy and alive.


I can’t guarantee that things will go perfectly for you, or that there won’t be problems and failures and difficulties. But I can guarantee that you will have started to live your life as a work of magical arte.