Hekate’s Enchanted Cottage

September, 2015

Season of the Witch




The days grow cooler and the nights draw closer as an air of mystery blankets the land. As Autumn approaches the Season of the Witch begins. The scents and sights of decay delight the senses of the macabre minded, and the colorful splash of red, gold, and orange bring warmth to the shadowed landscape. This is the time I feel more alive and closer to the Lands Enchanted. I welcome the uncanny feel of bewitchment as I ready myself for the mischief and mayhem the Spirits of Shades and Shadows bring. The soulfulness of the Enchanted Realm of the Dead awaken my mind to the mysteries that dwell beyond the Veil—beyond the Gates of Hekate. Communication with our Beloved Dead become easier as the Gates are swung open and the veil becomes thinner.

For me, the Dark half of the year begins in the Fall, when the nights grow longer and a certain chill is in the air. The Dead start to stir, and the Dark Fae of the Shadow-Lands come into full power. This lasts until Spring, when the Shining Ones awaken, blanketing the land in light and the pastel colors of newly born flowers paint the Earth in splendid delight.

My home reflects the changing of the seasons, my altars taking on the visage of light or dark—Seelie or Un-Seelie. Being a Hedge and Cottage Witch means being in tune with Nature and Her Spirits, learning to understand the ever changing tides of time. I walk the crooked, gray path of Witchcraft, communing with those Unseen, both dark and light. I embrace that which is within, accepting my dark and light self.



(Oracle of Shadows from Etsy)


As I prepare myself for the encroaching darkness, I consult with my Beloved Dead and the Spirits of the Shadow-Lands who have made themselves known to me. I ask them for protection and insight, listening keenly for all they impart to me. I ward my home against malicious spirits and pay homage to those Spirits who have been charged to protect my home and my loved ones. I have found Red Brick Dust and my own home made Holy Water (sacred water consecrated on the Altar of Hekate) to work wonderfully in the warding and protecting of my home.

When the wards are set and my Spirits thanked I am able to sit back and enjoy my favorite seasons, Fall and Winter. I prepare my home for celebrations and merriment and make plans for our annual visit to the Pumpkin Patch—(Sadly, I need to find a new one to visit. Our favorite one closed last year.) With birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Yule all coming one right after the other, I have plenty to celebrate and look forward to time spent with loved ones. Parties, bon-fires, hayrides, baking and much more are what I love about this time of year and why I embrace the darkness that comes with it.

As the Season of the Witch begins, I wish you all a very Blessed and Merry Autumn, Mabon, and Harvest-Fest. May the love of family and friends bring warmth and happiness to your lives…