finding your light

Meditation Moment

December, 2011

Yule Meditation – Finding Your Light

The sun is reborn on the night of the solstice.  Each day until the Spring Equinox the days will grow longer, and the nights shorter.  Though it’s the middle of winter, each extra moment of sunshine brings us closer to the joyful blooms of Spring.

Guided meditation can be a powerful tool for healing, problem-solving, developing your intuition, and exploring your world.  Today’s meditation will help you unite your intuition, mind, and heart as you uncover your own personal seed of light – your hope for the coming year that will bloom for you come Spring.

Make yourself comfortable.  Consider asking someone to read the meditation aloud to you, or recording it in your own voice so you can listen to it while laying down with your eyes closed and your focus inward.

You are safe within a sphere of white light,

comfortable, peaceful, secure, relaxed.

A soothing rain of pure white light cleanses you.

You feel the glowing water, cool against your face,

washing away tension and negativity.

Your eyes relax and close.

Breathe deeply and let the light cleanse you.

Feel the soothing water pour over your neck

your shoulders, washing away the tension.

Breathe deeply and relax your chest,

relax your back,

relax your hips.

The cool light bathes your thighs,

relaxing your knees,

your calves,

your ankles,

your feet.

Your feet stand on cool stone at the entrance of a large cave.  Huge trees around you block most of the light from the moon and stars.  You can hear thunder, rustling branches and the whistle of the wind whipping around the mountain.  The cavern in front of you is silent, yet inviting.  It offers shelter, protection from the stormy night.

You step into the cave, safe and relaxed, allowing your fingers to guide you as they glide along the cool stone wall.  With every step, you rely more and more on your ears, nose, and skin to keep you from stumbling or walking into a wall, though your eyes strain for a hint of light, any light.

In the darkness, even though you know you are safe, that nothing can harm you hear, you can’t help but remember your fears and worries about the unknown, the things that are beyond your knowledge or control.  You acknowledge your fear, knowing that it is normal and natural, and you release it with love.  “I am no longer afraid,” you say.  “Because I know that beings of Divine love guide and protect me.  I ask my guides to illuminate my path, and show me the way to my spark of hope, and my infinite well of Divine trust.”

In the darkness you feel a blanket of warm energy embrace you, wrapping around you in a hug of encouragement and pure, unconditional love.  Your straining eyes pick up a hint of light, allowing you to see contrast of the bumps, boulders, and walls.

You walk faster, and each step brings more light, until you turn around a bend and see the flame of a single candle ahead.  You enter a room about the size of your bedroom, warmed by this tiny flame of hope and trust, dancing by itself in the middle of the cavern, suspended in mid air just before you.

You know the flame cannot hurt you, because it is a part of your spirit that you have traveled all this way to reclaim.  You cradle it between your hands, and as it dances in your palms, you remember how it feels to KNOW that everything is just as it should be, that you are fully capable of handling any problem or clearing any hurdle, and that you have the power to manifest for yourself any thing your heart desires.

The flame dances from your palms to your heart, seeping into your skin and filling you with love and joy.  You can see yourself a few months from now, overwhelmed with joy and gratitude as a long-cherished dream becomes your reality.  You KNOW that by recovering your hope and faith, you have planted a seed of manifestation, and that as long as you nourish the seed with positive energy and intention, come spring it will bloom, and come summer or fall you will be able to harvest its fruit.

Your hope and faith lights you from within.  Your entire body radiates peace and love as you leave the cavern and make your way back to the entrance of the forest.

The cool stone beneath your feet glitters with your light until it gives way to the earth and mulch of a primal forest.  The ground is soft and damp, refreshed from the storm that has already passed.  With each step, you come back to your body.  You wiggle your toes and stretch your ankles, your calves.

You stretch your thighs and move your hips.  You stretch your back, and become aware of the rise and fall of your chest with each breath.  You roll your head, stretching your neck and shoulders, blink your eyes, and allow the peace and love, the hope and faith, to fill your mind, heart, spirit, and body.

Welcome home.