Dhamma Corner

August, 2006


The Way to Escape:

Life is like being caught up inside an empty bottle…

Even buzzing much around like a housefly one gets

actually nowhere & quite often ends up stone dead,

lying heaped up among other corpses on the bottom…

The only Way out is Upwards, towards the Light and

through the always apparent yet as if hidden hole &

out into the open & free space !!!

‘Inside the Bottle’ signifies the repeated round of

rebirth & death, again & again in this Samsara –

‘Buzzing Around’ signifies the useless & futile urge

craving, & monotonic restless stress of life itself!

‘Upwards’ signifies progress along increased morality,

absorbed concentration & insight of understanding!

‘The Light’ signifies the Buddha-Dhamma to follow &

utilize like a guiding lighthouse & torch in the dark…

‘The Hole’ signifies the Noble 8-fold Way to initiate,

develop, expand, refine, purify, complete & perfect!

‘Open & Free Space’ signifies the Deathless Nibbana;

silent & still, safe & same, even & eternal

Peace & Bliss !!!

Come Along, friends!

I’ll show it to you!

Directly !!!

Friendship is the Greatest !


author bio:

Bhikkhu Samahita, Sri Lanka.

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