Stones Corner

May, 2012


Aids nervous system and memory.  Use for help in remembering past lives.  Important balancer.  Opens heart and throat for clarity, overview, seeing additional truths/realities.  Good for your spleen bones, teeth, lungs, detoxification, anxiety, and insomnia.  Clears the way for new things, upliftment, aura cleansing, and 3rd eye.  It helps with eyesight, sinuses, and repels colds.  Enhancer of other Gems.


Due to the strong life-force that is preserved inside fossils, holding fossils and meditating can be very uplifting when this stored energy is tapped.  They also provide a natural link for those wishing to develop conscious bonding with the animal Kingdom.  Works on the 1st Chakra.  Grounding and Bonding.


Mica-like flaky.  Light-heartedness, friendliness, compassion, recovery, immunity.  Speeds deeper healing.