MoonOwl Observations

March, 2012

The Goddess Nyx

Nyx is a goddess full of power and beauty, but has a dark side to her as well. Nyx is the embodiment of the night and is the mother of all things mysterious or inexplicable. Nyx influences sickness and war and is the bringer of night. She rides her chariot across the sky, trailing stars behind her- coating her path with darkness. Nyx is usually accompanied by two of her children, Hypnos (sleep) and Thanatos (death).

Nyx is also known as Nux, Nox or simply Night. This goddess of the night was born from chaos and is one of the first-born elemental gods. She later married her brother Erebus and he is the father of some of her children. Nyx is the mother of many. Some think that Hypnos and Thanatos are her only children, but she was the mother to many more.

Her children are believed to be:
Aether- the god of air
Apate- the goddess of deceit
Dolos- the god of trickery
Eleos- the goddess of mercy
Epiphron- the god of prudence
Eris- the goddess of strife
Eros- the god of procreation
Geras- the god of old age
Hemera- the goddess of daylight
Hybris- the goddess of insolence
Hypnos- the god of sleep
Kharon- the ferryman for the dead
Momos- the god of ridicule
Moros- the god of doom
Nemesis- the goddess of retribution
Oizys- the goddess of misery
Philotes- the goddess of friendship
Sophrusyne- the goddess of moderation
Thanatos- the god of non-violent death
The Hesperides- goddesses of the evening
The Moirai- the fates
The Oneiroi- spirits of dreams
The Erintes- the furies
The Keres- goddesses of violent death

Nyx was also known for her prophetic powers. She is generally associated with owls and bats. Her planet is obviously the moon and the best time to connect with her is on a Monday, especially around Yule.  Nyx represents nightmares, mystery, dreams, darkness and night.

Her name may seem familiar if you have read any of the House of Night books, as Nyx plays a key role as the goddess for vampires. Also, a recently discovered moon of pluto was named Nix in honor of the goddess. Some people may also recognize her name because of Nyx Cosmetics, who named the company after this powerful goddess.

Gems of the Goddess

November, 2011

Hearth Heiress: Hestia

She is said to be the warmth that spreads throughout our houses, leaving a calming state of mind.  She watches over ritual and cooking within the homes across the world.  She is the very flame that burns with an ethereal brightness in our fire pits.  Hestia, the Greek Goddess of the hearth, is not only a domestic women, but a protective motherly Goddess.  Even though Hestia promised to never marry and have children, she served as a mother figure for many Gods and Goddesses.  Hestia choose this because she felt it was true to her nature.  She wanted to choose her own path with no influenced of outsiders.  She did what felt right to her, which was being of service to her family and friends.  Think of her as a loving, down to earth, mother figure brewing you tea in the kitchen for your head cold.  Hestia did little things like that for people, but also things of greater meaning.
When Zeus heard that Hestia choose to remain a virgin, he was overly delighted, considering her decision repelled the option of war between her suitors.  So being as happy as he was, Zeus gave Hestia the keys to their family home on Mount Olympus.  There, Hestia was to watch over the home, and the other Gods and Goddesses roaming about the earth.  She was comfortable keeping to herself and her home, and felt right in protecting it and the people she loved.  Being such a loving individual, Hestia was never involved in any conflict with other Gods or Goddesses, and managed to stay out of trouble.  This resulted in her lacking a grand story like the rest of the Goddesses, but Hestia doesn’t need a story…she’s all that is, and continues to be a burning flame within the walls of houses across the universe.  She is the embodiment of peace and centeredness not only within our homes and the earth, but within ourselves.

Remember: Hestia does exactly what she wants, because it feels true to her and makes her happy.  That’s very common behavior among Goddesses, but Hestia really never let her ego get in the way.  When you feel your ego creeping up on you, yell for Hestia and she’ll gladly help you out.  She’s also great to evoke for house blessing or protection rituals.  If you want to keep burglars away, Hestia’s your girl.
You could also do some baking for your loved ones!  Plus with Samhain just around the corner this recipe is perfect.

Pumpkin Cranberry Cookies

1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg
1 cup solid pack pumpkin puree
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup fresh cranberries
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon orange zest
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease cookie sheets.
In a large mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in vanilla, egg and pumpkin. Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon; stir into mixture until well blended. Cut the cranberries in half and stir into mixture along with the orange zest and walnuts. Drop by teaspoons onto cookie sheets.
Bake for 10 to 12 minutes.

Fire, bowls, keys, purple coneflower, angelica, iris, lavender, gold, silver, amethyst, architecture

Gems of the Goddess

October, 2011


With hair like the golden wheat fields of earth, Norse Goddess Sif is known for her vibrant locks and motherly attitude towards everything.  She tends to the beings and goods of the earth, making her a harvest Goddess.  Some believe that her hair symbolized golden, growing fields.  Others believe that she was also was seen as a swan, and could be seen flying in between worlds. With all this beauty and enticement, naturally this women would have many love relationships.  Her main and most talked about marriage was with the thunder God, known as Thor.  Together they had a daughter and two sons, who possessed magnificent qualities.  One night whiled Sif was sleeping, Thors trusted companion Loki (God of fire and mischief) decided to go into Sif’s room, and cut off all her hair just for fun.  When Sif woke up the next morning, she immediately wen to Thor to tell him the horrible news.  Thor was outraged, and demanded Loki bring Sif replacement hair better than her original.  So Loki went strait to the Dwarfs and asked for them to spin him a heap of hair made from the purest gold.  Once the task was completed, Loki took the golden hair to Sif, and it immediately attached to her head, flowing beautifully past her shoulders.  Not much is said about Sif, but one thing she can teach us all is that good things can come from startling situations.


If you are going through a difficult time in your life right now, remember Sif and her story.  Sif wouldn’t let any situation in her life disable her, or cause her to become un-peaceful.  She would simply wait it out, knowing that everything will be taken care of in the end.  There is always darkness before the sun.  Believing in this will all your heart, bake a home made bread with many grains, in honor of Sif and her representation of harvest.  Make sure to throw some bread back into the earth as an offering!  


Gold, rowan trees, wheat, vegetables and other crops, Iolite, Dandelions

Perthro’s Pronouncements

September, 2011

Gods and Goddesses

When I was asked to write this column, I had all ideas that I would write about the divine feminine, and what it means to be a man and embrace the divine feminine in myself. As it turned out, this is not going to be the case.

In my explorations of the divine, and divine qualities, I found that I had a hard time with the entire idea of the “divine” having gender divisions at all. Sure, we have “male” and “female” deities, and I do believe they actually exist, but, I’m not sure they exist as beings with the male and female genders. While we are here living on earth, however, we are not privy to acquire that information, so I’m not going to beat that subject to death, but rather, I’m going to explore the topic of divinity in ALL its aspects, and focus on how those aspects affect ME personally.

What does it mean to be a “god” or “goddess”? The first word that probably comes to mind is POWER. Gods are powerful, they can do amazing things, like conjure things out of seemingly nowhere, they can move mountains, they have infinite knowledge, and can be all places at all times.

But there’s a lot more to being a god or goddess. We think of them as “out there”, not being HERE, on earth, living the lives we live. They are out in space somewhere, moving about as they see fit, creating, destroying, pretty much doing as they please. So how in the world can we possibly relate to THAT?

I think first it takes seeing the gods and goddesses as the entities they are, made of energy, not “above” us, but as beings that are in a different form of existence. Then they are not “gods” at all, but rather something a lot like us, but with a different perspective, and a different way of life.

The way a lot of people see it, it’s like our relationship with our own children, or how you may have seen your own parents. Children see adults in the same light we see the gods, we are amazing, we can do things they can’t, and we always seem to have all the answers. But is that REALLY how the gods see us, as children? Possibly, but I’m not so sure. Here’s another way to look at it.

To be a god, or goddess, we need only to look into ourselves. We need to see our own divine nature as beings living in the same universe as our gods, yet existing in the physical world. This means seeing ourselves as more than just a creature living on the earth, separate from the divine, but rather see ourselves as part of the same energy that makes up everything in the universe, including our gods.

So to be a god or goddess it means that we need to embrace that part of ourselves that says we ARE divine, just like our gods. If you see yourself as one who is as divine as a god or goddess, then you begin to see everything differently. Suddenly there is no “out there”, the separation is gone. The energy of everything is connected, here on earth, as well as everywhere else in the universe, and our gods and goddesses are made of that same energy. So we too are divine. In religious terms, this is called Pantheism, and for me, really describes best how I see myself.

If I myself am as divine as my gods and goddesses, then how should I act? What should I do? I still don’t have all of their power, I can’t do all the things THEY can do, so how can I see myself in the same light? Let me explain.

It’s not about being powerful, or being amazing, it’s about caring for those around you. Being a god I am the protector, the provider. I love my fellow man, I love the earth, and I take care of everything in it as part of myself. As a goddess, I take those same qualities, and I bring new life into the world in my ideas and thoughts that I share with others, I nurture them into being, I give of myself without thought of return. Being a god or goddess doesn’t mean I lord over my “subjects”, demanding worship or praise, but rather, I respect them as part of myself,  for they are gods and goddesses too, as are all beings and in fact all of creation. We are all part of the same energy of this vast universe, and that energy is best described by using the word “love”. Divine love has no bounds, no restrictions, because it is all around us, and in us, it IS us. To realize that, and to live it, makes one feel the true nature of a god/dess.

Gods and goddesses alike are made of the same energy that we are, the whole universe is full of that energy, that “love”, so to find that in yourself, you don’t have far to look. Love is literally what makes the world go around, it’s what makes everything happen, it is what makes us who we are. Therefore, we ARE as divine as our gods and goddesses, and whether we are male or female, we can feel that same love, we can see that love, and see the divine in everything.

Rebel Rede

August, 2011

Goddess Hostility


The Threat of Female Spirituality

For those of you who may or may not know I grew up in a religiously abusive and patriarchal household. This is one of the main reasons why as an adult I was so drawn to Wicca, Paganism, and Goddess spirituality. I hated growing up in an environment where I was told I could not be a spiritual leader because I was born a woman. An environment where I was told that my deity, angels, demons, devil, prophets, pastors, disciples of Jesus etc. all were male and male only. I did not enjoy being told I was a second class citizen and that my only purpose in life was to submit to God and to my future husband (and of course have lots of babies). I felt so much anger growing up because I grew so tired of always being told my “female-ness” was a sin. It is hard for many women to relate to their religion or spiritual practice when everything in those systems is male dominated.

As history has shown us, my personal experiences growing up are not uncommon. Women and female spirituality have been under attack for thousands of years. Growing up in a strict fundamentalist Christian home I was not new to the idea that women should be kept down. In the Christian community I grew up in, God was never to be thought of as a female and women were never to lead spiritual activities over men. What has surprised me recently though is receiving this same female-based hostility from my fellow Pagans. It saddens me to see the gender wars of the patriarchal religions seeping into our Pagan religions and spiritual practices.

I completely understand the need for us to be careful of reverse sexism. The goal of the Goddess movement should not be for women to take over and to dominate men. People should be equal, no matter their gender. Just because people are equal though, does not mean they are the same. Men and women are different-equal, but different. Part of the purpose of the Goddess Spirituality movement is to celebrate these differences and to empower men and women to be proud of their differences. Women have been taught for so long that certain parts of us or the things we do are bad, ugly, wrong, or a sin. Teaching women to embrace their female qualities is an important part of fighting back against patriarchal culture. There is nothing wrong with women finding empowerment and purpose through a female based spiritual practice. It doesn’t mean they are men and God haters, it just means they are more comfortable connecting to a spiritual practice that is reflective of their gender.

I have always pushed for both single gender and co-ed Pagan events in my personal practice. I don’t want to completely exclude myself from men or male deities in my personal practice, but there are also times when I want to be with just women and the Goddess. All of the Goddess-Female Only groups I have ever worked with have always supported a fellow God-Male Only group and have made sure to have joint co-ed events whenever possible. So what is the issue with this set-up? I have no idea! Yet somehow year after year I get approached by Pagan men who aggressively and angrily tell me that I am being a supremacist by not allowing men into my women only rituals. They tell me that I can’t be a true priestess or have a complete ritual without the male counter-parts being involved. Obviously I do not agree with their sentiment and I find their aggressive behavior inappropriate, more importantly though, I find their behavior saddening. Why are so many men disconnected from the Goddess? What is the real reason behind their aggression towards female spirituality? Why are they so hostile to the Goddess and her priestesses? Where and when did this disconnect happen?

I think these are important questions and ones we should be addressing in the Pagan community. I have always loved the openness and non-structure of Pagan beliefs and practices. I hate when I see dogmatic rules creeping into our community. My personal beliefs and practices are just that, they are personal, they are my beliefs alone. It is my choice whether I want to work with Gods and Goddesses, Goddesses only, have co-ed rituals, or have female only rituals. Why is my personal choice so threatening to other Pagans and when will the hostility towards the Goddess and female spirituality end?

Gems of the Goddess

July, 2011

Ran, The Oceanic Queen

A force to be reckoned with, Norse Goddess Ran is the ruler of storms and the sea itself.  Living up to her name, which means “robbery”, people saw her as dangerous, due to the fact that she would lure shipmen into her fishing net, and take them down into the very depths of her hall.  Ran’s hall is known as “the hall of gold” and is also the underworld of the sea.   Her affection for gold caused sailors to carry gold out on their ventures at all times, so they would stay in her good graces.

Being beautiful and also a bit destructive, Ran attracted the attention of Aegir, God of the sea.  The two had nine daughters, who are known as the waves themselves.

Ran doesn’t have an elaborate story associated with her, but her presence in the oceans is enough for us to know, that she doesn’t need one to tell of her greatness.  She is protector of sea creatures, and the well being of the sea.  There is no need for a grand story to tell of the things she has accomplished.


If you are heading to a beach this summer this is perfect.  Go out in the ocean and find a seashell big enough to write a short message on.  Next think of something you would like to accomplish within the year and write it on the shell.  Toss the shell in the ocean as far as you can throw, and have full faith that Ran will be there to help.  Remember to listen to any inner nudging’s afterword, and trust your intuition.

If you are not going to a lovely beach this summer or any other time soon, collect rainwater next time it rains, and work Ran into a wishing spell.  Bless the water by saying:

“Ran of the sea

Ran of the storms

Please allow this wish to be born”

Write a wish or something you want to accomplish on a small piece of paper, then toss it into your collected rainwater.  Let it sit on your alter until paper is disintegrated, toss whatever remains back into the earth.

An easy way to connect with Ran, would be to simply have fun in the rain, or enjoy her vast seas.


Rain water, the ocean, sea weed, fish and other sea creatures, mermaids, blue, sea salt, sea shells, gold things

Gems of the Goddess

June, 2011


Some may think of her as a daemon, and even a fallen angel, but Lilith is far beyond what she is perceived as.  Legend says that Lilith was the first women created, not Eve.  Lilith and Adam were put on earth to reproduce, and when Adam started to take the dominant position during intercourse by being on top, Lilith just wouldn’t have it.  She asked him why he insisted this, and he replied by saying that she was a women.  Lilith became enraged, and argued that since they were created by the same creator, that they were both equals.  When Adam still refused Lilith left the Garden Of Eden, and God created Eve; the perfect submissive wife.  During the time when Adam and Eve created children, Lilith fled to the Red Sea where she met fallen angel Samael.  Together they created rather barbaric children known as “Lilin”, who were seen as demonic figures.  Lilith was also known to seduce men in their sleep to create more children, as God was killing most of them off in punishment for her not returning to the Garden Of Eden.

Another legend says that she was the serpent who tempted Eve to eat the apple, along with the belief that she is the first witch, teaching all of her children small ways of magic.

There is a lot of death and destruction associated with Lilith’s name, but she is also known as the goddess of re-birth and birth itself.  She is seen as more of a darker goddess, because she is very bold and acts upon whatever urges she has, not matter what they are.  But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have helpful urges.  Modern day Lilith helps during childbirth as well as abortions.  She can help with any frightening aspect of ones life, if they are ready for an abrupt and to the point outcome.  She doesn’t hesitate in her decisions, and has a very palpable presence.

Overall, this goddess should not be feared or seen as a hateful being.  She is now able to be seen in a different light.  Many myths and stories are associated with Lilith, that can even become a bit controversial.  One thing for sure is that she is a goddess of extraordinary power and impact on history and the world today.  She certainly lingers in the places no one dares to go, ready to unlock the beauty hidden within, and help us face the tragedy in our lives.


Lilith would encourage you to do what makes you happy.  Try doing something for yourself, or get something done your way for a change.  Most of the people who are highly successful in endeavors, didn’t get there by being sweet all the time.  If you have inner nudging’s, act upon them.

Another way to connect with Lilith is to evoke her spirit into one of your dark moon rituals.  Again, Lilith is very to the point in whatever you ask her help with, so be ready, and don’t fear her.  Maybe she’s not all smiles all the time, but she is wisdom at its finest hour.  If you were to call on her, she is sure to be there.


Owls, dark moon, serpent, tree, wormwood, cinnamon, dark colored candles, lilies

Gems of the Goddess

May, 2011

Roman Huntress Diana

She is the protector of all things wild; trees, animals, flowers, and most of all women.  Her name itself means “Goddess”, a very blunt meaning, but one that fits her well in all the very literal things she did and still continues to do.  She brought the ancient Romans the gift of magic and eternal motherly love.  She taught them the importance of nature, and that the streams that run through the forest are the veins within her body.

She is also associated with the goddess emis and is said to have ties with Hecate as well.

In any form she came in the Romans loved their Goddess, so in her honor they built her a temple, that was greatly attended by slaves, and people of all natures, especially women.  Diana is greatly known as the guardian of women, as she protects their every move.  Being so close with women and nature, naturally she would be closely associated with the moon, and witchcraft.  So if needed, she could help you with anything regarding your craft.

She is a goddess of many things, and many mysteries.  Within these mysteries lies her connection with beasts and demons as well, and even Lucifer himself, since she is a lover of all things.  Unfortunately, this fact got blown out of proportion and she became greatly feared by later generations, although Diana isn’t the only goddess who this happened too.  The Goddess religion became known as devil worship overtime, and is still a touchy subject today.  Even though all this goddess-fearing behavior exists, Diana still resides in the crevasses of our hearts.  She is the wind in our hair, and the rain on our face.  She is the call of birds and nature itself.  She urges us all to climb a mountain or just be outside enjoying her gift to us.  She will forever  roam the forests with her bow and arrow in hand ready to take on what ever is thrown in her path, or anyone else’s.


Hopefully the weather is nice wherever you are because the obvious way to connect with Diana is to just go outside.  Plant flowers in her name, preform moon magic outside, or feed the animals.  Write a wish on a leaf and set it free in a stream.

To evoke her protection you can simply empower one of her symbols in her name and set it in the moonlight overnight.  She will gladly stand by your side when need be.  Most importantly she resides within your heart, all you need to do is ask.  She already loves you.


Bow and arrows, honeysuckle, hazel, jasmine, lemon verbena, aloe, moonstone, pearl, silver, turquoise, diamonds, blue skies, the moon, and anything involving the outdoors.

Gems of the Goddess

April, 2011

Rhiannon The Welsh Queen

Her name was sung by the honey voiced Stevie Nicks in the song Rhiannon, back in the 1970’s, gaining her the attention she very much deserves.  Rhiannon is defiantly a warrior goddess in her own right, as well as a soft whimsical soul.  Her name means “divine queen” of the fairies, and she was often seen riding her horses in the flower fields among her fairy kingdom.  She sang to the birds, and anyone else who would happen to walk by.  The goddess had many gifts, with which she shared with many people.

Her life wasn’t all roses and fairy dust.  Her family arranged for her to marry an older man, a man of her “own kind.”  But Rhiannon being the individual she is, defied their wishes and fell for Pwyll, a mortal prince.  She proceeded to woo him outside his castle one day, and he instantly fell for her alluring glow.  She was a stunning sight to see; long hair, fair skin, and an infectious loving personality, galloping towards him on a white horse.  She could entice anyone, and she was aware of this, but never took it for granted.  She is a dazzling person, and Pwyll could not believe she was his, a women from another land.

The two met up again a year later as Rhiannon took Pwyll and his men through the winding forest to her home where they would be wedded, and she would be apart of the mortal world.

They rode and rode, amazed at Rhiannon’s speed and gracefulness.  The trees behind them began to close and soon they entered a clearing.  Within the clearing was a beautiful structure made of crystal that spiraled up into the sky.  This was the place Rhiannon called home.  Birds flitted and danced about Rhiannon singing to her.  It was a fairy tale moment in time.

After the wedding a great festival was held, with much happiness and joy.  Both families were accepting groups welcoming each other with open arms.  The group danced around the fairy kingdom celebrating the newly wed couple.  Unfortunately, the older man Rhiannon was set up to marry showed up and started creating havoc.  This would not be tolerated by her, so Rhiannon set out for him quietly as she could.  Using a bit of magic of course, she turned him into a badger, tied him up in a bag, and threw him into a river to drown.  As gracious as she may be, Rhiannon was not to messed with. Little did she know he escaped from the bag, and would cause future drama in her life later on.

In the mean time Rhiannon and her husband lived on in the Pwyll’s palace.  Soon his family started to question the couple about having an heir to the thrown, and began to question Rhiannon’s ability to be within the royal family.  Rhiannon quickly took notice and produced a beautiful baby boy.  Being exhausted from child birth, Rhiannon was assigned 7 maids to help her with her new child.  They were to take shifts caring for the infant.  One night they all fell asleep on the job, and awoke to find the crib empty.  Immediately alarmed and afraid of getting in trouble, they decided to put the blame on Rhiannon, killing an animal and scattering its blood and bones around the sleeping beauty.

The next morning the maids rang the alarm and spoke a hideous lie saying that Rhiannon ate her own child.  The whole town was a wreck, and even Pwyll did not defend his wife.  Blinded by anger, he sentenced her to be a greeter outside the castle gate and carry the visitors up the hill for as long as she lives.

She agreed to her punishment, enduring it for many years.  Eventually her integrity and acceptance began to grow on the visitors, and people started to show kindness towards her once again.

In the fall, a man, his wife, and a young boy showed up at the gate.  Rhiannon told them she was there to carry them up the hill, but the family refused.  The boy leaned down and handed her a piece of an infants clothing.  Shocked and overwhelmed Rhiannon realized that the cloth had been woven by her.  She looked into the boys eyes and saw Pwyll’s gaze within them.  This boy was her son.    The family had taken him in when they found him abandoned years ago.  Once the news about Rhiannon reached them they knew that this boy must have something to do with her terrible fate.  So they set out to find her, and reunite Rhiannon with her son.

Soon the whole kingdom was made aware of what happened, and Rhiannon was accepted back into the royal family once more.

Her endless ability to forgive is a lesson we could all take note of.  Forgiveness is not only an important task to employ within yourself, but also with others.  It can unlock the door to everlasting peace, for you and all of the people that come and go in your life.  She also teaches us to endure life’s throw-backs with grace, and an open heart, learning what you can along the way.  Everything works out in the end, so in the mean time, take some time to sing and enjoy the flowers!  Be that inner maiden and approach things with a care-free attitude like Rhiannon did.


Practice the role of forgiveness in an area of your life.  May it be with yourself or with another person.  And remember if its with another person, your not saying that what they did was right, but your saying that your moving on, and are not dwelling on the matter anymore.  Baby steps are fine, either way some weight will be lifted off your shoulders.  Rhiannon is there to help!  Since its almost spring, go outside and connect with her for the help you need.  Give the fairies a donation, or do whatever you feel is right.  Make spring a fresh new start.


birds, horses, wind, the moon, gates, bayberry, sage, rosemary, gold, amethyst, dark green, brown, lavender, horseshoe, (the song Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac)

Journey of a Witch

March, 2011

Ostara-Goddess of Light

“In the light
Everybody needs the light.”
Led Zeppelin

The radiant dawn.

Who is the Goddess Ostara?
Does she hail from Germanic lands or elsewhere?
In some Pagan and Wiccan circles, March is associated with the Spring Equinox and the Goddess Ostara.

Controversies surround the validity of Ostara and her associations.

Bede the Venerable wrote about a Spring Goddess called Eostre who was honored with feasts during April.
There are some who that believe Bede the Venerable simply made her up in his writings.
Bede was an English monk who lived in the 8th century.
He was responsible for writings of historical, theological, and other works, and is regarded as a historian today.
Still, other historians think she was the reconstructed dawn goddess from various prehistoric cultures.

While I am certainly no historical scholar it is fascinating to read about human history.
Writings based upon older writings, based upon even older writings, based upon oral tradition seem to be the flow.
Meanings can get lost in language translations, the bias of the writer, and in time itself.
And let’s not forget that history is written from the perspective of the conqueror.
I do think people can get caught up in the past and forget what is going on in the present.
Regardless of the origins of Ostara, we have the seasons happening right now, whether that is a snowflake, raindrop, or sunshine.

Absence of validity is only important in those looking for validity in themselves.

The essence of Ostara is in the blooms and the gentle winds that surround you.
She remains within our memory and lives in the trees and grass.
In every heart today and in the past.

Though spring may not have been celebrated as it is today in modern pagan rites, it was a very important time for agricultural societies to plant crops after the last frost.
These people of old most likely did not perform elaborate rituals for the seasons, there was no time!  Living off the land they were already a part of the cycle of the seasons and a part of Nature that we are very much removed from in our modern cities.

Spring was relief from the bitter cold, a time when food became plentiful, and the dullness of days inside were sweetened by the taste of spring outside.

Spring is also the time when animals are busy making baby animals.
That baby bunny may look cute in the pet store but that baby bunny grows up.
It can be surprising as to how big a cute tiny bunny can get and how long they can live.
If you are looking for a bunny or any animal it is very important to research that animal, its care, housing, and life expectancy.
Be sure you are ready for a financial and life commitment.

Shine on.

Spring can teach us to honor our own light by reaching out to others whose light has dimmed.
Like the Dawn Goddess bringing light to the day, you can bring light for someone in need.
Whether that light shines on a person, creature, or Earth you will be sending Love and Light.
Plant a garden, even if just a sprig of Rosemary in your window sill. It will reward you with with seasonings and reminders that nature exists even in crowded cities.
Send a care package to a soldier (http://anysoldier.com/).
Read to an elderly person or take them a meal. Donate blankets to an animal shelter.
There are many things one can do to shine light on a dim day.

This is not only a good time for that spring cleaning but also a time for spiritual cleansing.
Let go of the harboring you cradled in winter. Release them into the wind to transform into droplets of dew or mist.

Everybody needs the light.

In the first warmth of the sun on the Spring Equinox greet Ostara or just the light you feel and release your pain to the warmth.
Light and Love can transform pain into joy. Share your day with loved ones with a meal held in honor of Ostara or Light and Love if you wish. Light gold or peach colored candles to bring in the day and let light bring its warmth. Meditate on the light and plant those seeds of patience, love and kindness within yourself to help you on your spiritual journey.

Radiate your light and shine on.

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