Stones Corner

November, 2012










Fugalite and Fulgarite are it’s other names.  In addition to the man-made variety, the cycles of nature make glass by fusing silicates and other minerals.  It varies in color and shape since it is not crystalline.  Besides the specific color healing which can be accomplished by back -lighting the mineral and taking 10-20 treatment, the mood of a meditation can be advanced.  Chakras vary with color.












Goethite can be likened to blue/green tourmaline, the power and majesty of the ocean revealing to man a great sense of quietude and peace internally.   It is a water mineral.








Excellent all-purpose, high level gem amplifier and electrical conductor, especially on solar plexus and heart.  Strengthens meridians, nerve system, digestion.  Positively charged with warming sun energy.  Often warn by teachers/healers, especially after much self-healing (addiction, childhood…).  Attracts prosperity, stores, amplifies thoughts/emotions/energy. Lovingness, warmth, spirituality.  Amplifies gem effects.  White combines sun and moon’s energy, thus higher conductor and amplifier.  This metal is the master stabilizer, balancer and grounder.  It prevents personal and spiritual corrosion.