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July, 2015

House Cleansing and Blessing

From time to time I cleanse and bless my home. We are living in an old house (1918) and a lot of people have lived here before us. It has been a dairy shop and later several families lived in 3 apartments. During the rebuilding I put a blessing in one of the walls downstairs and did some other stuff to claim it as OUR home. I had noticed other energies from the beginning, but most of them didn’t bother me at all. With a friend I did an extensive cleansing and blessing ritual. Together we went to every room in the house to remove old energies and residue of past emotions, and to recharge with love and light. Every now and then, when I feel it’s necessary, I do it again. First I walk through all the rooms and spaces with a smudge stick, widdershins (anti-clockwise) from top to basement and everything in between, to cleanse the house. Then I do the same deosil (clockwise) to bless everything with the elements. Sometimes I do both rounds in one. I just follow my gut instinct to feel what is needed.

Occasionally people ask me to do a home cleansing and/or blessing for them. When one of my friends got a new home we did a ritual in which we combined it with making a witch bottle to protect her home. Most of the time I do the cleansing and blessing together with the inhabitant(s). Although I’m happy to come back for ‘maintenance’, I often teach them how to do it themselves.

For the smudging you have several options. White sage is very common for this, but I also like to use palo santo (holy wood). As both are not native to my country I often use mugwort too because that is. It works just as good. Sometimes I mix in other herbs . At some locations where you just can’t use anything smoking I sprinkle salt water or water with essential oils. You can also sweep the room with your witches broom and/or use sound / music.

Blessings with the elements can be done in many ways, as elaborate as you wish or feel is needed. Some examples of what I use for earth: rock salt, crystals, holey stones, wood. For air: incense, sound (voice, singing bowl, drum), feathers. For fire: candles, firestones, peppers, heart shaped objects, red rose. For water: water (duh…), shells, sea weed. I represent the fifth element, connecting the other elements. You can bless a room separately with each of the elements, or just put them together on a tray. I improvise whatever I say while blessing.

For good energy in the home I often use and advice the Golden Triangle: rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst. They each have a unique energetic effect on the human body and the energy in rooms and houses. As a set they will balance the environment, purify the energy and calm space, body and mind.

A few years ago a friend called and asked me to do a cleansing at her friend’s home. I always ask beforehand what they want and/or expect me to do and why they want it. That way I can adapt the things I do in a way that feels right to them too. It’s their home after all! I don’t want too many details though, so I can enter with an open mind. This was a family of 4 (mum, dad and 2 sons). They had a feeling there was something or someone in their home. Not frightening or scary, but they all had experienced some encounters. Our mutual friend had the same thing and after I cleansed her home it was over, so they asked me to help.

This time I made a mix of white sage and palo santo for the smudging. While preparing the incense I explained what stuff I had brought and why. We started in the attic and made our way down. In the room next to the bathroom I felt the energy of an elderly woman roaming about and suddenly I got dizzy. In the bathroom her energy was stronger. I saw a glimpse of her in the mirror. She said sorry for the things she did to get the attention of the people living there. She gave me images of her touching the arm of the eldest son and opening cabinet doors. When I told the family this, they looked at each other and said that was exactly what had been happening. They knew it was an old woman because the younger son had seen her in the mirror too. The old lady once again said sorry. Then I felt her energy moving away, heard a sigh and saw something in the corner of my eye. The mother and one of her sons saw it too and they gasped in surprise. Later on they told me the former inhabitant was an older woman and she was found dead in the bathroom.

When I walked into the shed in the garden I felt happy at once. The energy was active and positive. It belonged to an older man (the husband of the old lady??). The shed was clearly his place and he spent a lot of time there. The mother of the family said they still used some of his stuff, his gardening tools and such. He told me he was glad they did this, but they had to take good care of his things. Then I felt and saw his energy move away. So did the mother! Later on she remembered other strange things that had happened in the shed.

Afterwards we talked about everything that had happened. It had been very special to them, but to me too! I often experience things while cleansing a house, but rarely as distinct and concrete as this time. I was very thankful for this wonderful experience!

Do you cleanse your home regularly?

Feel free to share any thoughts or ideas!



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Rayne’s Ritual Way

January, 2012

House Cleansing Ritual


To cleanse your house or place of residency of unwanted/negative energy.







*This ritual works best if you by the herbs in wand form*


1 white candle

Your three herb bundles


Begin by starting in the main room of the house, cast your circle. Invoke the elements and invoke any deity you wish to assist you with your cleansing. Once you’ve called the elements, light the white candle envision divine white light pouring down all around you filling your body, and your house. Light the sage wand and allow it to smolder I recommend doing this over a plate or an abalone shell to catch the ashes. Once it’s smoldering move in a counterclockwise direction (widdershins) wafting the sage smoke throughout the room. Pay special attention to doors, and closets. *When I get to doors I usually trace the door frame with the smoke and move to the next room. Once the entire house has been cleansed with the smoke, go back to your starting place extinguish the sage, and pick up the Cedar wand. Light the wand, allow it to smolder and walk deosil (clockwise) Go through every room wafting the smoke of the cedar wand. Again paying special attention to places where energy might be built up. Bedrooms and places of gatherings would be key points of interest. After you’ve gone through the entire house, travel back into your starting room again. Light the Sweetgrass braid. In my opinion Sweetgrass will be harder to burn then the first two so you might have to bring the candle with you into each room. Once it’s wafting move deosil (clockwise) throughout the house. If it permits you can also walk around the perimeter of your house with all of the wands as well. I really recommend doing this but some of us out there won’t have this luxury. If you live in a place that doesn’t allow you to burn incense or wands (most college dorms) You can always substitute the smoke for a water and salt mixture and sprinkle it deosil. You could also ring a bell allowing the vibrations to cleanse the house. Honestly anything once aligned with your will and intention can used to cleanse space even clapping. Or opening a window and allowing the wind to blow throughout your house. And it’s always to make sure that your divine will is in accordance with your mundane actions. I do this by asking the God and Goddess and Spirit for their blessing whenever I’m doing a magical endeavor. For clarification purposes the reason you burn sage widdershins is because sage is a very poignant purification herb. Walking widdershins means against the sun, so when you couple the sage with this action you are allowing the herb to banish the negative energies within the house. Many times Witches will cast their magic circle widdershins when doing a banishing, or a magical act that involves the breaking of energy. When you burn the cedar and Sweetgrass these are herbs that draw positive energy to your house. So you walk deosil with the sun. This action allows the herbs to draw positive energy into your house, as this is the motion of synthesis.

I hope this helps with Spiritual Spring Cleaning! It’s always good to open your windows when doing this as the smoke can be very thick. Also a good word of advice deactivate your smoke detectors.

As always Blessed Be!