Bad Witches Guide

June, 2017


The Bad Witches Guide to Life, Love and Magick
I am a bad witch. There are a long list of reasons why I am a bad witch. Having been out of the broom closet for some considerable number of years I would on occasion get asked “but you’re a good witch though?” My response to that depending on the person asking but I found I started to say “yes, a very, very good witch” rather darkly as it usually got the point across.

There is this sort of pressure to be “nice” to everyone, as though we had to be saintly ambassadors of our faith. Not that I’m not generally a polite person I just don’t subscribe that “nice” is any kind of “good” or healthy. It is not authentic, it’s fake and insincere and I loathe it. Unfortunately good witches tend to fall into two camps. The “yes” witch (it’s a trap); whom has to be the kindest, sweetest most co-operative person to their own detriment of their own health and sanity (of the two kinds I have been closest to this kind). The other is the more witchy-than-thou; who will loudly proclaim or in snide whispers that only a _____ can be a true witch. This will depend on the witch but the vitriol and nastiness that goes with it, under the guise of “nice” of course, is deeply awful. These kind of witches police and pigeon-hole the community.


Life! Don’t talk to me about life!” Douglas Adam Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I am a bad witch because I am not a patient person, nor a terribly forgiving one (though I try). I believe that life is wonderful, beautiful and amazing. It’s also full of injustice, hate and bile. From abusive partners, to drug-addicts who might want to break into your house, awful ex’s who make your life miserable or diseases robbing you of years of life.

Now life to me is three-fold, what you think, do and treat the world echoes out and you have to take responsibility for a certain amount of it. Yet being a bad witch I also think sometimes life happens to you as well as you happen to life. As such being passive about it all is a wonder in theory, “this too will pass” is wonderful if you have never had a kidney stone. You are responsible for you, and your kids. I don’t have the stomach to watch the powerful abuse the weak. It enrages me. I just can’t “love and light” at them. These things are usually time sensitive too. I am a bad witch because I think that a good offence can be the best defense. I happen to think that people who cause pain for their own pleasure are pretty awful and maybe if they got dumped into a barrel of sharp rocks and rolled down hill I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

That said I do understand that there is always more to a story (that doesn’t make someone less of a villain if they are one) and that good people can do terrible things. Cursing everyone who happens to eat meat because you think it is cruel shows a profound lack of understanding of context, and is the other end of the extreme of those who hunt for sport. There is no such thing as “harm none”. It doesn’t exist. Farmers in third world countries growing soy and other cash crops commonly consumed by vegans will kill pests with extreme prejudice and often live in poverty. Hunting “big game” damages the eco-systems and reduces an animal’s life to an “experience”. All you can do is the best you can and try not to be a dick about other people’s choices.

I think it is more productive to get passionately involved in making things better as often as you can.

You are going to have dodgy bosses (or co-workers), silly accidents, sudden illness and lying friends or family. Life is not a stream of perfect but you can be a good witch and suffer it well or take your power and do something about it.



“Keep it in Your Pants” Spell.

Sexual harassment is illegal; however temporary contracts, poor management, and no job security are. Sometimes being honest and making a complaint can get you fired. This isn’t right, but this is the world we live in.

A gendered pair of underwear. (Briefs, knickers, granny pants)

Wool or cushion stuffing

Yarrow flowers

White heather

Spring water

4 white candles (tea lights will do)

Photo or paper with all of their names.

Sew, staple or hot glue the underwear mostly closed.

You have no power of me, from sexual violence I am set free.”

This would be an appropriate gluing or sewing chant, but “leave me alone” is just as applicable.

Mix your herbs and stuffing together then add to the underwear. Add their photo or names and shut the underwear.

Place your underwear on a plate or dish with the unlit candles around it.

Let those who need to see what s/he is; see clear.

Those who are afraid feel no fear.

They lose the power they hold dear.

I am free to pursue my career.”

With each line light the candle. Then carefully pour the water over the underwear soaking it through. Now you can place in a zip-lock bag and put in the darkest deepest reassesses of your freezer (under the unmarked left-overs from three years ago); or under a rock in the garden. Somewhere cold and damp will do.

Leave for three months. If things haven’t changed you may need to do something else and if they have you can remove and deconstruct the underwear and re-cycle or destroy the underwear.




Lucy Drake has self published three books. The Key: Opening the doorway to Magickal Practice (which is in its second edition) and Litanies of Grief and Inspiration.


SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

May, 2017


(Nightmare Bag)

To Stop Nightmares

Merry meet.

Several people I encountered were experiencing nightmares and looking for relief. I began making charm bags (that I also call spell bags or mojo bags) and was told they worked, so I am sharing it with you.

Choose a piece of fabric or a purchased bag – of a natural material if possible – in deep purple, dark blue or black, but any one you’re drawn to will be good.

Based on my research, I came up with the list of ingredients below that have magical properties to alleviate nightmares. Read it over and select those you’d like to use. You can combine the dried botanicals and stones in almost any combination or ratio. Add a few drops of oil if you wish. If you feel stuck, try using a pendulum to make your selections.

A wise woman told me, “I have found magical blends to have more to do with one’s own personal relationship with the plants than with any recipe, formula or dogma. And what one has on hand at a time of need is there with reason, purpose and value.”

I hope you’ll take that advice to heart as did I. I didn’t have frankicense oil, but I did have frankincense resin, so that’s what I used. I was moved to put in rose petals and lavender flowers, and in one, a few grains of pink salt.

With your ingredients in the center of the piece of cloth, or in the bag, you can tie them up with a few words such as,

“This bag holds the power to restore peace, it brings a good night’s sleep as nightmares cease. As I will so mote it be.”

Put the bag near your head, on a hook above your pillow, next to your bed or even under the mattress.

Sweet dreams.

Merry part. And merry meet again.

List of gemstones:








Quartz (clear or smoky)


List of herbs:

Anise seed

Jasmine flowers

Morning glory seeds





List of essential oils:






Celebrating the Old Ways in New Times

May, 2017

Celebrating the Old Ways in New Times: Beltaine 2017


Bright Blessings!

I write this on April 21. It’s in the sixties here in Central Ohio, and my radishes and peas are coming up nicely. Big plans are in place to add manure to soil for our tomatoes, summer zucchini, cucumbers, and bell peppers.

Aside from that, people who have literally been hibernating save for the mandatory work, and errands, are slowly reappearing into creation. Outdoor gatherings and festival season is nearly here, and invitations are being sent left and right.

Every year here, this time of year is the same.

And every year, it is about Samhain time the hibernation begins.

Past articles I’ve written discussed the blessing of people and herds that were done at Beltaine time. The lingering “winter negativity” is blessed away, and there is much rejoicing about bursting forth into the Summer grounds. Gardens and fields, if they haven’t already been blessed, are, and while some focus on swimsuit bodies, Pagans tend to focus on camping, out-of-town Sabbats, and fire pits in the back yard whilst grooving with nature.

I find it interesting modern people follow the same patterns the ancestors did, and even non-Pagans do this. While we live in a climate controlled, and insulated world, the seasons still control how our bodies feel, directly influencing all that we do. Even if we don’t follow an Earth based tradition, we are still children of the Earth.

For us in Ohio, just before Beltaine, a Witchcraft Museum is set to open thanks to the man who brought Wicca to the United States, Raymond Buckland. I could write all about this, but you are better off seeing the Wild Hunt article about it. Here is the link!


Beltaine is a fitting time for this opening, and while it’s not specifically a
“Beltainy” topic, I wanted to make sure to include information about it to spread the word.

As to Beltaine, I’ve written about what is done in days past and how modern Pagans revive that through my own experiences. Here is last year’s Beltaine article, for example.


The bonfires, ritual blessings, and fertility rites are done in as many different ways as there are people celebrating. Generally, it is the Irish and Scottish festivities we look to for inspiration in modern times.

This year, I’d like to explore what is done in Wales.

Calen Mai

Like their other Celtic cousins in Ireland and Scotland, the Beltaine festivities mark the beginning of the Summer season, and the return of the animals to Summer grazing grounds. They also did the purification and blessing fires. They call May Day Calen Mai or Calen Haf.

The festivities kick off the night before, on May Eve, with the lighting of the bonfires.

Outdoor gatherings, are of course the order! A “fight” between Winter and Summer is staged, with actors performing the parts. Of course, Summer wins, and a May King and Queen can then be crowned. Human representations of the forces of Nature seem to be the rule no matter where May Day festivities are.

It is divination, especially, to see who you are destined to marry, that was part of the May Day festivities. It was believed that extra thinness of the veil between ours and the Otherworld would make messages from the spirits all the more distinctive.

Hawthorn is gathered to decorate the outside of the home to represent new life and growth- but the hawthorn blossoms are not taken inside, as that would be bad luck. Both hawthorn and birch were seen as auspicious for May Day, and in some cases, the Maypole itself was specifically made of birch.

Besides Maypole Dancing, folk dancing , including Morris Dancing goes on. I had not realized the rich history Morris Dancing has in the UK. It was first mentioned in writings at least six hundred years ago, and while some say their groups are modern revivals, other groups claim lineage for generations. The costumes and pageantry hearken back to pre-Christian Pagan times when masked dancers drove away the bad, and brought in all good blessings. I will mention the city UI live in has our own troupe of Morris dancers. They are called The Olentangy Motley Morris and Rapper Dance Team. Men, women, and children partake of this. While some Morris groups are men only, others include women and kids as well.

A video of modern day Morris dancers is here.





Some girls go out in the morning, and wash their faces with the dew. This is supposed to make them especially beautiful the whole year long.

Aside from these things, like any festival, there is music, food, fellowship, and good times. After a long, cold Winter, it is always nice to get out, and enjoy the weather and the good folk you are near!

Beltaine Working

This year, I suggest keeping it even more simple than I usually do, and having a day of a form of divination following a short offering for the spirits.

As it is believed Beltaine is one of the times the veil is thin, and messages from the Otherworld are stronger, it’s a good time to listen.

My opinion on divination is not a popular one. I believe being able to do so is a gift, not a skill learned. No matter how many classes you take, how many divination tools you buy, and how much you practice, if you don’t have the gift of prophecy, your readings will not be accurate.

However, receiving messages from ancestors and spirits is something we can all do, regardless of our gifts. So, instead of Beltaine divination, I’ll suggest Beltaine communication with the ancestors to receive messages.

Some have actual ancestor altars, and some don’t.

If you have an ancestor altar, all you need to do is give gifts and ask for messages, and omens about your future from your personal ancestors right at your very own altar. Just like always.

If you don’t, you can set up an altar for this at any time. Simply put any pictures of deceased loved ones, and gifts of food, drink, or something they would like, be it a trinket, a lit candle or incense, or even playing music they liked. If you have belongings of theirs, make sure to include those. You are setting up an energy center to focus your communications with them. It will act as a place to draw them, and for you to go for that communication. It becomes a meeting place of sorts! While spirits don’t just communicate with you AT the altar, it’s an excellent way to establish initial communication, and a work center for yourself.

You can ask specific questions, and then wait for signs.

Communication with spirits is not always as cut and dried as it is with the living. Remember, they do not have bodies, and thus, communicate differently sometimes than they would have when they were alive. So, while you may ask a specific question, sometimes, your answer from them will be less easily interpreted. Of course, for some people, the messages are loud and clear! In the event they are not, it may take some interpreting, or waiting for the meaning to come to you.

A friend of mine always knows when he sees butterflies, that is a certain ancestor speaking to him. My lucky number happens to be 666. Whenever I see that, I know my spirits are telling me I am on the right track. For some, like my mother, a dream of the dead meant she knew she would soon hear from the living. In her case, it meant she would hear from a certain family member she seldom heard from. A message from an ancestor may be that you “see them in passing“ out of the corner of your eye, then you turn to do a double take, and they will have vanished. It means they are near.

There are times the messages don’t come immediately, and creep in days, weeks, or even months later, and at the most unexpected of times! For example, after my mother’s passing, an angelic spirit visited me, and was very warm, and wanted me to let her into my personal aura. I did not recognize her, and refused, of course. It took a few visits for me to realize this was my mother in her new form. She was not anything like the individual she has been while alive, and was popping in from her new world.

Set up your altar indoors or outdoors. One method of leaving offering is, of course, to leave it outside for the critters to accept. This can be especially effective if say, your departed loved one was a bird watcher. Leave birdseed. If your loved one used to go feed the ducks, go do that. If your loved one was in animal rescue, then either make a donation in their name, or go ahead and rescue an animal in their honor. If they are like me, and love to garden, plant something as a gift for them. It is a gift you will continue to tend and nurture, and can act as both offering, and “altar” of sorts where you establish contact with them.

Then, wait for their messages or answers.

It is always best, however, when establishing contact for the first time, to do so without asking questions or guidance. For a while, just talk to them. Over time, the communication will grow stronger, and you can begin asking.

However you decide to celebrate Beltaine, be it with or without divination, dancing, communication with ancestors, or gatherings, may you be blessed with new growth, and good beginnings.

Blessed Beltaine.

Blessed Be

SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

January, 2017


Calling Kali-Ma


(Kali The Awakener from the Daughters of the Moon deck)

Merry meet.

We are coming into some dark times, and one of the most powerful and the most frightening of the dark goddesses is Kali-Ma. While she represents the Dark Mother, this article is focused on Her as the warrior. In the Hindu tradition, Kali is the Goddess of death, destruction and resurrection. She is fierce. She wears a belt of skulls, there is blood dripping from her mouth as she stands upon the body of her husband, holding up his severed head and, in another hand, the machete she used.

Kali was created to destroy the demons taking over the world and she was so good at, she couldn’t stop. Call it mania if you must. As the gods saw her destruction unfold, they realized she needed to be stopped and sent her spouse, knowing well that it was a suicide mission. When she killed him, she stopped her rage and was filled with remorse. Her red tongue is extended, which in India, is recognized as a symbol of humility.

Kali Ma works well as a reminder of the immense power we hold, and the need to remember to limit our rage to be appropriate and not too destructive.

Looking at current events, Kali has come to America.

As the destroyer of worlds, the oracle of sacred change, she has brought down our world with a shocking smack; all the illusions we had about the land of the free and the home of the brave were banished on election night.

We are not who we thought we were. Now we must get ready to stand in her fires of transmutation. We need them,” wrote spiritual storyteller Vera de Chalambert in an article appearing in Rebelle Society.

There is a great yearning for change and de Chalambert stressed that rather than move out of the dark into the more comfortable light, we need to provide a space for difficult feelings to come and rest. To grow spiritually, we must enter the deepest, darkest depths of despair without hope, without light, without knowing. It is there that the darkness will heal.

[T]he wound is the gift,” she said. No spoonful of sugar to help this medicine go down.

Kali demands everything and takes it. She is the Wrathful Goddess. She is the psychic force of menstruation – the cycle of destruction that comes before fertility. She teaches us that pain, sorrow, death, decay and destruction are not overcome by denying their existence or by trying to explain them away. These are part of life and we must accept them.

Working with her, we can “get our Kali on.” We can learn to be like her. Fierce. The protective mother. We will sit in the womb of the night, awaiting our rebirth. Her gift is freedom.


This ritual was presented in “The Dark Goddess: Dancing with the Shadow” by Marcia Starck and Gynne Stern (The Crossing Press, 1993) and is reprinted here with permission.

While there are various ways to work with Kali, this ritual is being used to increase the warrior energy. It is good to do this ritual during the dark moon.

Women come dressed in saris or wearing other Indian clothes, accessories or ornamentation, including swords or other instruments appropriate to Kali-Ma. Red is a good color when working with warrior energy.

The altar should be decorated with skulls and bones, a brazier or incense burner with some joss sticks or other sweet incense, red and black candles, pictures of the Mother in both her benevolent and terrible aspects, and a small bowl with some menstrual blood.

Background music can be sitars or flutes. Women can also bring rattles and drums of any kind to use during the ritual.

The High Priestess or four different women invoke Kali through four Hindu goddesses.

In the East, call Ushas, Goddess of Dawn, to being this new cycle and help us see through illusions and seek the truth.

In the South, call Parvati to bring the fires of purification so we may be cleansed.

In the West, invoke Durga to teach us to look into the dark places in our being so that we may not be afraid.

In the North, call on Saraswati to bring us the wisdom of India, her music and dance, so we may be wise in traditions of the Goddess.

Lastly, call Kali-Ma, Dark Mother, Great Goddess, Createtress of All There Is, Slayer of Demons, Goddess of Destruction, Goddess of Just Revenge.

One at a time, each woman approaches the altar and takes an object such as a sword or skull that exemplifies her interpretation of the warrior energy. With this object, she speaks of her need for Kali’s energy, her work with bringing forth her aggressive side, and her desire to go forth into the world and slay whatever demons of injustice or oppression burden her. She then chants and dances her feelings while the women in the circle drum or play other instruments.

When everyone has had a turn, the High Priestess dances among the women, blessing them and putting a drop of menstrual blood on each of them to show that they have been purified through Kali’s energy. The women then sit in a circle and discuss ways of being in the world that will encourage their warrior side. In closing, chant and sing to Kali:

Kali Durga, Na Mo, Na Mo
Kali Durga, Na Mo, Na Mo
(repeat eight more times)

By this ritual, may you come to understand and use the energy of Kali-Ma. You may also choose to adapt it to suit your own personal practice.

Merry part, and merry meet again.

SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

December, 2016

Yule Spell


Merry meet.

At Yule, the darkest night before the rebirth of the sun, it is said the Holly King dies and the Oak King is born. A simple spell that echoes that is to gather three dried holly leaves, and using a mortar and pestle, crush them into a powder. On a piece of paper approximately four inches square, write in red ink a single word representing something you wish to give birth to. Add the holly powder and fold, roll or twist the paper up around it. Light it from the flame of a red candle, or by another symbolic means and as it burns in a cauldron or other safe place, see and feel the wish fulfilled, and give thanks.

If you are burning a Yule log, you could add the bundle to the fire, or you could write your intention on a piece of a holly branch and add that to the fire instead.

Merry part, and merry meet again.

WitchCrafting: Crafts for Witches

November, 2016

Plant Wands


Merry meet.

As the wheel turns to the third harvest, I was moved to harvest some of the energies from the world around me, inspired by the Botanical Spirt Wands made by Rosemari Roast of Walk in the Woods, located in Winsted, Connecticut.

Cleaning up my community garden plot at the end of the season, I gathered a selection of plants, living and dead, adding to it from outside my back door.



Making an assorted bouquet of about eight pieces, I wrapped the stems together with fibers. One I wound with twine. For the other, I tied a scrap of novelty yarn at the top and criss-crossed it front and back down the stalks to form a handle. Red ribbon was used to wrap a single tassel of broom corn.

They are being hung upside down until they are fully dried.

If this inspires you, you might consider making a plant wand for each season, or even for each sabbat.

Merry part.

And merry meet again.

SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

November, 2016

Knot Magick


Merry meet.

A simple yet powerful way to cast a spell is by putting knots in a cord. It could be for protection, healing, invoking energies or giving yourself confidence. Sailors once had witches put wind into knots, so if they found themselves in a calm, they could untie one of the knots to get wind to fill their sails.

Before beginning, fix your desire firmly in your mind as you feel what its like to have what it is you are asking for.

A round silk cord or other natural fiber is generally preferred, but anything from a shoelace to yarn to ribbon can be used. You might also pick a color to correspond with the spell.

Say, “By the knot of one, the spell’s begun,” as you tie a knot on the far left of the string.

Say, “By the knot of two, my words come true,” as you tie a knot in the far right end of the string.

Say, “By the knot of three, it comes to me,” as you tie a knot in the middle of the string.

Say, “By knot of four, “I’ve opened the door,” as you tie a knot between the left end and the middle knot.

Say, “By knot of five, the spell’s alive,” as you tie a knot half way between the center knot and the one on the far right end of the string.

Say, “By knot of six, this spell I fix,” and tie a knot in between the two on the left end of the string.

Say, “By knot of seven, there is no question,” while tying a knot between the two knots on the right side of the string.

Say, “By knot of eight, it’s now my fate,” and tie a knot to the left of center and the knot to the left of that.

Lastly, say, “By knot of nine, this thing is mine,” and tie the last knot between the center knot and the one to the right of that.

End it with, “So mote it be,” or some similar seal.

To add more power in each knot, after saying the words and while imagining the feel of having the desired outcome, blow your will into the cord as you tighten it.

The knotted cord is then worn or carried with intent, not as a casual accessory. When the spell is over, I recommend burying or burning the cord.

Merry part. And merry meet again.

SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

October, 2016

Water is Life

Merry meet.

I am among the many pagans who want to support the warriors at Standing Rock. Two sisters in my coven – Debra Cohen and Janet Coffa – wrote a ritual that more than a dozen women chose to
participate in at a Mabon retreat. I’m sharing it below in the hopes that you will use it to enlist the support of others in this important effort.

The protectors, the warriors at Standing Rock represent each and every one of us who understand the need to protect our environment, our multicultural values and the very Earth that supports us.

The statement Water is Lifeis true for every human being and it must be fought for by everyone. The fight must take many forms, from physical presence in places that are immediately threatened to communication with our government and education of those unaware of the impact of inaction.

Standing Rock speaks about clean water, industry greed,
governmental weakness, and the power of money that buys bad
decisions. It also speaks with a vision of potential catastrophe when we fail to consider the future impact of current energy policy. We, our children and our grandchildren have a duty to stand in the face of
intimidation and say NO MORE, YOU SHALL NOT PASS and WE WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING for what is right, just and sacred.

[Invite participants to share their thoughts.]

As in everything, we all do what we can, as we can. It is our
responsibility to share our ideas and support each other in our efforts. These are some ideas about sending support to Standing Rock:

Send donations

Contact legislators

Attend a vigil in support of Standing Rock

Use social media to education and share information

[Participants took turns stating one thing they would do in the name of the warriors at Standing Rock. Each was then blessed with water of determination – in our case it was rain water collected during a
thunderstorm that carried the essence of the power needed in the struggle. Fingers were dipped in the water and touched to the feet, then each hand and then the throat with the following words.]

Bless these feet so they can walk the walk.

Bless these hands to do the heavy lifting.

Bless this to speak truth and defiance to power.


Merry part.

And merry meet again.

SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

August, 2016

A Ritual In Song

is the strongest form of magic.” –Marilyn Manson

Merry meet.

In my practice, I accept that everything has a vibration, be it an object such as a besom, or a sound such as a bell. Our own voices put out vibrations that are like no other. Your voice is your unique signature.

As was explained on the Wicca Spirituality website, When you sing magical chants and songs, you bind your intention to the vibrations of your voice, vibrations which you send out into the ever-vibrating world.

Its reflected in the word enchantment, as your magical intention is wrapped into a chant or a song and released to the Universe.

I like to chant and sing during ritual, and have been toying with the idea of doing a ritual completely with songs. It helps that I dont mind using electronics in sacred space, because an iPod is perfect for this.

Below, I share with you a playlist that takes you from grounding and centering to opening the circle all using songs. A link is provided for each. Please forgive any ads that appear. Alternatives are noted and lyrics are given after the playlist in the same order songs appear.

I hope this inspires you to share your suggestions and experiences.

Merry part.

And merry meet again.


Cleansing and consecrating the area

Make Sacred Spaceby Shawna Carol


Casting the circle (one or both of these, in whatever order you prefer)

Circle Within a Circleby Rowand Whitewolf


There Is No Timeby Kellianna


Invoking the elements & deities

Air:This New Dayby Kellianna


Fire:Spirit of Fire


Water:Born of Waterby Lindie Lila


Earth:The Earth Is My Mother (Ancient Chant)


another version


Center:Spiraling Into The Centerby Flight of the Hawk


Goddess: (pick one)

Freya, Shaktiby Emerald Roase


Witches Chantby Inkubus Sukkubus


I Am the Goddessby Lisa Thiel


To save, use one of these to call everything at once:

Circle Casting Songby Reclaiming


Direction Songby Kellianna


Earth, Air, Fire, Waterby Lila


Elementalby Hecates Wheel



I Hear You Callingby Chalice & Blade


or Charge of the Star Goddessby Shawna Carol.


The purpose / work / magic of the ritual (some possibilities are below)

Dedication or rededication to your path

I Walk With The Goddessby Kellianna


Also, Magic of the Goddessby Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus


For a releasing or healing ritual

Stonehengeby Kellianna


To honor the moon

Lady of the Moonby Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus


Honoring Inanna at Mabon or Samhain

Inannaby Second Chants



Be Stillby Shawna Carol


Cakes and Ale

Cakes and Ale (Winter) by Marie Bruce


Opening the circle

May the Circle Be Openby Alice DeMicele



Make Sacred Space

by Shawna Carol

Make sacred space

and be reminded

of who you are

Make sacred space

Make sacred space

and be reminded

of who you are

You are

spirt in body

spirit in body

spirt in body

sacred space

Make sacred space

Circle Within a Circle

We are a circle
Within a circle
With no beginning
And never ending

There Is No Time

by Veronica Appalonia ©2006

Vocal arrangement: Kellianna

There is no time but now

There is no place but here

In the sacred we do stand

In a circle hand in hand

This New Day

by Kellianna

From the darkness day is dawning

In my darkest hour I seek the light

All my pain and all my sorrow

May it ease with this new day

May my tears remain uncounted

And I bid the Goddess be my guide

For where you lead you know I’ll follow

At the dawning of this new day

At this crossroad the way seems clouded

And I bid the Goddess be my guide

Grant me grace and grant me vision

At the dawning of this new day

May my strength and may my power

lift me up and light my way

I seek faith and I seek wisdom

At the dawning of this new day

Spirit of Fire / The Fire Chant

Spirits of fire come to us
we will kindle the fire
Spirits of fire come to us
we will kindle the fire
We will kindle the fire
dance the magic circle ’round
We will kindle the fire
we will kindle the fire

Born of Water

Born of water,

Cleansing, powerful

Healing, changing

I am.

Born of water,

Cleansing, powerful

Healing, changing

I am.

The Earth is Our Mother

The Earth is our mother, we must take care of her

The Earth is our mother, we must take care of her

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan

Her sacred ground we walk upon, with every step we take

Her sacred ground we walk upon, with every step we take

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan

The Earth is our mother, she will take care of us

The Earth is our mother, she will take care of us

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan

The Earth is our Mother (alternative version)

The Earth is our mother, we must take care of her

The Earth is our mother, we must take care of her

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

The sky is our father, we must take care of him

The sky is our father, we must take care of him

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

The rivers are our sisters, we must take care of them

The rivers are our sisters, we must take care of them

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

The trees are our brothers, we must take care of them

The trees are our brothers, we must take care of them

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

The earth is our mother, she will take care of us

The earth is our mother, she will take care of us

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Hey yana ho yana hey yana ho

Spiraling Into the Center

Spiraling into the center

The center of the shield

Spiraling into the center

The center of the shield

I am the weaver, I am the woven one

I am the dreamer, I am the dream

I am the weaver, I am the woven one

I am the dreamer, I am the dream

Freya, Shakti

Freya, Shakti, Hathor, Rhiannon,

Rhea, Maat, the Morrigan

Freya, Shakti, Hathor, Rhiannon,

Rhea, Maat, the Morrigan


High, raising up the Goddess

Oh, fill my soul

High, raising up the spirit

Oh, make me whole

She is a woman crowned with a crescent

She is the mother of all that lives

She is the Earth that is spinning in starlight

She is the Goddess of all that is


I know a woman stirring a cauldron

She is the source of the heart’s deep core

I love a maiden dancing in moonlight

She is the key to the ancient lore


Freya, Shakti, Hathor, Rhiannon…

Witches Chant

by Inkubus Sukkubus

Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hectate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna

Note: various God versions exist, including Apollo, Cernunnos, Vishnu, Pan, Horus, Herne, Odin, Green Manand Pan, Herne, Osiris, Priapus, Baal, Dionysis, Apollo, Lugh”

I Am the Goddess

I am the Goddess, Mother of Life,

I am the Goddess, Bearer of Life


I am, I am, the Goddess Divine

I am, I am the Goddess Divine

Isis, Venus, Ishtar, Kali,

Minerva, Shakti, Kwan Yin, Lakshmi,

I am, I am the Goddess Divine,

I am, I am the Goddess Divine

I am the Goddess, ever living,

I am the Goddess, ever loving


I am the Goddess, creatress of life,

I am the Goddess, who nourishes life


I am the Goddess, Mother of Life,

I am the Goddess, Bearer of Life

I am, I am, the Goddess Divine

I am, I am the Goddess Divine

Circle Casting Song

by Susan Falkenrath Wolf

Eastern morning, first breath of the soul
World view forming, sacred and whole
Wind of knowledge, simple and wise
Bringer of the lightning, that strikes in our minds
Come to us be here now.

Southern fire, white rays of the sun
Source of will, that always is done
Heat of passion, longing and need
You who pushed the Green One out of the seed
Come to us be here now.

Western river, devotee of the moon,
Gentle sculptor, of babes in the womb,
Spring of jubilation, courage and tears
Giver of the sweet love, that soothes all our fears
Come to us be here now.

Northern mountain, body of the earth,
Finite treasure, of infinite worth,
Cave of transformation, childbirth and death,
Suckler of the wild ones, who curl upon your breast
Come to us be here now.

The Direction Song

by Terri Rivera

Vocal and Frame Drum: Kellianna

Facing East I send my prayers away, away

East sky enlighten me I pray, I pray

East a place for peace

Life, light anew you rise up

Spotted eagle I welcome you

And give thanks for visions of peace, of peace

Facing South I send my prayers away, away

South sky for innocence I pray, I pray

South the peak of life

Gifts of new horizons

Golden eagle I welcome you

And give thanks to work in peace, in peace

Facing West I send my prayers away, away

West sky to strengthen me I pray, I pray

West the place sun goes down

Sacred and of ancient

Now bald eagle I welcome you

And give thanks for journeys in peace, in peace

Facing North I send my prayers away, away

North sky for purity I pray, I pray

North the place of courage

Wisdom and of knowing

Oh white eagle I welcome you

And give thanks for healers in peace, in peace

Mother Earth I send you my prayers

Father Sky I send you my prayers

Oh Great Mystery I feel your breath in my mouth

Oh Great Mystery I welcome you

And give thanks for you in me in peace, in peace , in peace

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water

Return, return, return, return

The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water

Return, return, return, return

Heya, heya, heya, heya

Aio, aio, aio, aio


by Amy Otero 

I am the wind in the trees

I am the truth that you must breathe

And I am here to free you

I am the spark that lights the fire

I am the flame that takes you higher

And I am here to inspire you

I am the rain, I am the river

I am the flow that makes you quiver

And I am here to deliver you

I am the forest, I am the field

I am the Mother to whom you yield

And I am here to shield you

I am the Spirit, I am divine

I am with you and you are mine

And I am here to guide you

I Hear You Calling

by Chalice & Blade

Once in a month, when the moon is full some secret place shall ye gather. Adore the spirit of me who is Queen of all of the wise.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

Sing and dance; feast and make love all in my name

For mine is the spirit in ecstasy; Mine is joy on Earth

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

Mine is the secret that opens the door unto the land of youth.

Mine is the cup of wine, of life, Cauldron of Cerridwen.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

I give freedom and I give peace, reunion with those gone before.

I am the mother of all that lives. My love is poured on the Earth.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

I am the beauty of the green Earth, white moon among the stars.

I am the mystery of the waters. Desire in the hearts of man.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

I call to Soul, Arise, come to me. For I am the heart of nature.

And I give life to the universe. For I am She.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

From me all things do proceed. To me they must return.

May your divine, innermost infinite soul enrapture be embraced.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

Let my worship be in your heart and rejoice. All acts of love are mine.

Let there be beauty, strength and pleasure all are my rites.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

And you who think to seek for me, know that it avails ye not.

Unless you know the mystery, look deep within.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling.

For the hunt, I have been with thee since the beginning of time.

And I am that which ye shall attain, the end of desire.

And I hear you calling. And I hear you calling. (repeat 2x)

Charge of the Star Goddess

I who am the beauty of the green Earth,

and the white moon among the stars,

and the mystery of the waters,

I call upon your soul to arise and come unto Me.

For I am the soul of nature, which gives life to the universe.

From Me all things proceed, and unto Me they must return.

Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices,

For behold, all acts of love and pleasure

all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.

Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion,

Honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

And you who seek to know Me,

Know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not,

Unless you know the Mystery

A mystery, a mystery

Were that what you seek you find not within yourself,

You will never find it without.

For behold, I have been with you from the beginning,

I have been with you from the beginning,

And I am that which is attained at the end of desire,

attained at the end of desire,

attained at the end of desire.

I Walk With The Goddess

Lyrics by Kellianna and Leanda Walker

I walk with the Goddess

The Goddess she walks with me

She is the clouds up in the clear blue sky

She is the ground beneath my feet

She is the oceans and the falling rain

She is the spark that lights my way

Magic of the Goddess

Lyrics by Kathi Wahls and Brian Morse

I go walking through my life

with my heart wide open

and the Goddess shines Her love through me.


Through you, through me

the magic of the Goddess is rising

It goes through you, through me

The magic of the Goddess is rising

I go walking through my life

with my eyes wide open

and the Goddess works Her magic through me.


I go walking through my life

with my mind wide open

and the Goddess shows my destiny to me



Mother help me

Mother heal me

Please release me

From all things worldly

That do not serve me

Mother love me

Within these stones

I feel the power

I am reborn

As I break these chains that bind

And now I’m floating

light as a feather

As I break these chains that bind

I’m gonna break these chains that bind

I’m gonna break these chains that bind

I’m gonna break these chains that bind

Yes I will break these chains that bind

Oh Blessed Mother

you empower me

yes You have shown me

just how to set myself free

And now I’m soaring

up in the clear blue sky

As I break these chains that bind

Yes I have broken these chains that bind

Yes I have broken these chains that bind

Yes I have broken these chains that bind

Yes I did break these chains that bind

Lady Of The Moon

by Vicki Scotti

Lady of the Moon, Lady of the Moon

Shine Your light on me, Shine Your light on me

Lady of the Moon, Lady of the Moon

Shine Your love on me, Shine Your love on me

Lady of the Moon, Lady of the Moon

Come and dwell in me, Come and dwell in me

Lady of the Moon, Lady of the Moon

Set my spirit free, Set my spirit free

Lady of the Moon, Lady of the Moon

Hail, farewell, Blessed Be, Hail, farewell, Blessed Be

Hail, farewell, Blessed Be.

by Susan Sterling

We go down as She goes down

We follow Her underground.

Hail to Inanna who dies to become whole

And deep calls to deep, deep calls to deep

And deep calls to deep, deep calls to deep
The veils drop by on our way

As we pass through the gates

With Inanna as our guide

We find truth in deepest night

And deep calls to deep, deep calls to deep,

And deep calls to deep, deep calls to deep

Be Still

Be still and listen

Know that I am

You are Goddess

Be still and listen

Know that I am

You are Goddess

Cakes and Ale (Winter)

With cakes and ale we end our spell

May the gifts of the Goddess nourish thee well

Merry meet marry part as we go our way

Til me meet again on a sacred day

So with cakes and ale we end our spell

May the gifts of the Goddess nourish thee well

Merry meet, marry part though the circle remains

Til me meet again in the Ladys name

May the Circle Be Open

May the circle be open, but unbroken

May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart

Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again

Note: alternative lines include

May the Lord and the Lady be ever in your heart

May the peace of the Goddess be always in your heart

May the love of the Lady be ever in your heart

Spiralled Edges

June, 2016

Spiralled Edge: Setting Time Aside for Ritual

Rituals are a part of our daily lives. They are the traditions that bind us together as a people and that bring a semblance of order to what may otherwise be a chaotic life. So why is it so difficult to make time to actually do rituals?

Every once in a while, I start getting an urge to make time for ritual in my daily life. There is the part of me inside that tells me, “You’re not being authentic in your spiritual and religious life if you don’t include ‘real’ rituals.” By real ritual, I mean clearing a space, doing a full ceremony with all the bells, smells, and candles.

I’ve looked for inspiration in books that try to present ideas for a daily Pagan ritual practice or inspirational reading. None have really been workable that I have come across. They seem to be set up for people who don’t have children or a busy life, or people who are already working within a group that can provide a level of group support.




Get up a half hour or an hour earlier these books say. Well, I already get up between 5:30 and 6 each day. No, I’m not sacrificing an hour of needed sleep when I know already that I don’t get enough sleep most nights.

Doing a daily spiritual practice is infinitely easier when you don’t have a daily secular life. This is why the medieval churches had hermits and anchorites, and other religions have their holy men and women who live apart from the world. They locked themselves away from the secular world so that they could devote their lives to spiritual practices.

When I accepted the mantle as Priestess of The Cailleach recently, I was beset by a panic that in order to be “authentic” as Her priestess I would have to do some sort of daily devotional work for her, and I needed to learn how to do it the right way from so. Slowly though, She is reining me in, and showing me that I don’t need to learn from others how to be Her priestess, because that is what I have been doing over the past 25 years. I just didn’t know it at the time.

My daily rituals of devotion are in the tiny acts that I do each day. My morning cup of tea, observing the changing seasons over the year, noticing the fox beside the pavement as I walk. The Cailleach is not a Deity who wants pretty smells, fancy incense or candles. She is a primal Goddess of craggy hills and overgrown dirt paths through wood-filled lands. Her rituals can’t be done sitting in comfort in an artificially heated or cooled room. Her rituals are the quiet minutes spent walking through a nature preserve, only stopping to sit in quiet contemplation on a fallen branch or dusty rock. Nothing left behind put perhaps a footprint in the dirt.

The secret I have been learning is not to try to carve out time for more and longer ritual, but to find the ritual in the simple every day acts I am already doing. Making my bed is my time to give thanks for a safe place to sleep through the night. Brushing my teeth a time to honour the water coming through the tap. Just because this is water piped in does not make it any less sacred.

Each of the elements in turn present themselves to me over the course of a day in one way or another. They do not need to be set up on an altar for me to honour their place and importance in my life. Likewise, the Gods are always present. They are especially fond of engaging me in conversation when I am driving, something I don’t encourage if I am trying to concentrate.

I would still like to find a way of incorporating a time of quiet contemplation into my life, but not on a daily basis. I don’t life on a mountain in a cave. I’m not dwelling in a single room cut off from the trappings of the secular world. I am a single mother of two teenagers, I interact with the world every day all day in one way or another, and sometimes sleep or spending time just talking to my kids with no distractions is more important than contemplating the fuzz in my belly button.

While my spiritual practices are in a constant state of revision and change, right now I am learning to understand and accept that however I am doing it, I’m doing it the right way for me.

Image of footprints in the sand in the public domain.


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