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April 1st, 2006

In this months Paganpages, I’m taking a bit of a different direction. Whether we are LHP or RHP, we have totem animals. I was curious as to whether the type of totems we have go along with our path. But, I’m not so sure that holds true. I have thought about what mine are and the different ones seem to encompass all traits of myself.

One I would consider a darker totem is the raven/crow. Now, that one has been mine since childhood. A lot of people do not have a fondness for this particular bird, but i have always loved them. Another one close to me, is a wolf. Seems to me that fits both dark and light sides. I have found two new totem animals. A huge white owl and a deer.

The owl would be more of our darker selves. It is said to be a bird of sorcery and a symbol of death. For me, it feels as if this totem was brought to me by my matron goddess, Hecate. Its a bird that travels with her.

Now I have deer totem also. And they teach us sensitivity and opening our hearts to love. Which I seem to greatly need these days. Also we should call on them for our psychic abilities.

There are so many more animals and so many more meanings. And I truly believe that we are all LHP and RHP and need to strive for that balance. We should also look to our totems to find both sides and many different traits that we have.

Another interesting aspect of all of this to me, is that some of our animal totems come and go through our life, depending on when we need them. Some, stay with us our entire life. We also have those that have magickal creatures as totems. Those on another plain of existence that help. Some have phoenix, dragons, chimera, etc…Imagine what those traits mean to us as pagans and witches.

If you know your totems well, search and see if there are more. Or when you go through something different and stressful in your life, mediate and see if new ones pop up and why. I have heard one of the best ways to find a totem is by the extreme interest in a specific animal that you may have. Such as my love of crows/ravens since childhood. IF you have no idea, do meditation. Ask your Goddess/god or spirit guides to help you.

I have enclosed some links that will be of interest for those who are interested.

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author bio:

Priestess Anjelin

I am an ordained minister and have taken the title of priestess rather than minister, as I feel rev. or minister is too christian. I consider myself LHP, a pagan dark witch. I have been practicing for approximately 7 years. Being LHP, I tend to gravitate towards the dark gods and goddesses. I consider Hecate my mother, Ariadne my sister and Lilith my best friend. I have yet to find the gods that I feel that close to, but do feel closest to Lucifer and Cernunnos. And for some reason, I have been chosen also as a lightworker. Now, try mixing that with the LHP. lol But, there it is. People come to me for help all the time and I feel like I need to help them. I am a 39 yr. old widow, mom of two and gramma of three. I read anything on paganism and witchcraft that I can get my hands on, to continue learning. I have a tendency to dress hippy, gothic, witchy and happily mix it all up.

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***~~Whatever path a witch follows, is her decsion and hers alone. It is her journey to walk. She should not take it lightly, nor should anyone else~~***

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