Buddhism – Friends

July 11th, 2006

Buddhism – Friends

The Four Foundations of Awareness:

Which Four?

Only if & when the Noble Friend remains regarding any Body -own or other-

simply as a heaped up group, just as a transient, compounded & complex

collection, only as a fragile, accumulated & alien assemblage, while being

alert, aware & clearly comprehending, then will he thereby effectively

remove all urge & frustration from this world…!!!

Only if & when a Noble Friend dwells observing any Feeling –from within or

from without – simply as an affective reaction, just as an assigned response,

only as a fleeting sensation, while being keen, fully conscious & continuously

attentive, then will he thereby consequently eliminate all desire & discontent

within this world…!!!

Only if & when a Noble Friend abides viewing any Thought –present or remote-

simply as a fancy mood, just as a made up mentality, only as a conscious moment,

while being ready, actively investigating & deliberately discriminating, then will

he thereby naturally eradicate all longing & sadness inherent in this world…!!!

Only if & when a Noble Friend lives interpreting any Phenomenon –internal or external –

simply as a passing mental state, just as a mentally created & conditioned construct,

only as an experienced appearance, merely as an imaginary reflected impression,

while being acutely awake, mindful & carefully understanding, then will he thereby

overcome all attraction & repulsion rooted in this world…!!!

Direct Hit:

Without any even single exception:

Whoever in the distant & ancient past has Awakened to full Enlightenment;

Whoever in the present, right now is Awakening to complete Enlightenment;

Whoever in the near & far future will Awaken to perfect Enlightenment;

All those have been freed, is being freed, will be freed through & by:

Initiating, Cultivating, Refining, Perfecting & thoroughly Establishing these

Four Foundations of Awareness… !!!! The sole Cause of really Being Present…!!!

Friendship is the Greatest !


author bio:

Bhikkhu Samahita, Sri Lanka.

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