Review Dancing the Goddess Incarnate by Kristin Madden & Dorothy Morrison

February 1st, 2009

Dancing the Goddess Incarnate

Authors Kristin Madden, and Dorothy Morrison


ISBN  0738706361   $14.95

I have read several books with regard to the Maiden, Mother and the Crone and all gracious in their right.  But “Dancing the Goddess Incarnate” is one book I truly believe every Goddess out there should have in her collection.  While I am well versed on Goddesses I am far perfect on all Goddesses and I will admit there are times I am not so forth coming on being myself and I stay very reserved being an adult.  After the first chapter getting to know Tatiana, I am no longer shy, quiet, withdrawn and I DANCE!!!!!!

Dancing the Goddess Incarnate is all about waking you up again reminding you what life is really about and not to be afraid of it.  You’re not getting old and boring; there’s no need to be put on the shelf.   Read this book and do the homework, the spells and the dances and put the spring back in your life.  No matter how old you are you will laugh, giggle, remember your childhood, have fun and you will DANCE like there is no tomorrow.

There are 9 Goddesses in this book that take you on the journey of your life and I can say that I sincerely hope that Kristen and Dorothy put their heads together soon and write a second book so I can take a second ride soon.  I laughed, cried, remembered good times, acted like a child, and I danced like I use to when I was young as a child, teenager, young adult and yes-party drunk.  I have never felt so good about myself as when I did after reading this book.  Take the time to get know these Goddesses and dance with them.    I for one can say that I never thought I would be a Hecate fan but she grabbed me and hugged me and is now carrying me through my times and we are great friends dancing through my days.   I will be forever grateful to Cerridwen for her dance of Magic.  It has enhanced mine so much.  This is definitely another book on my 10 lists for the beginning of the year for 2009.  Make it one of your must-reads!   You will be amazed by the joy you receive from it.

The Book of Shamanic Healing

Author Kristin Madden


ISBN 073870214  264 pgs,    $14.85 RETAIL

This is the first book I have found that gives the shaman healer all he/she needs in their toolkit to be the best they need to be. Shamanism is an all-encompassing lifestyle of deep self-knowledge and powerful healing. In this book, a modern shaman gives the practitioner concrete advice and ideas on several aspects of shamanic healing. You will learn to prepare yourself for healing work, communicate with spirit guides, free your voice and seek your power song, safely explore your shadow side, partner with your drum to create healing, and heal yourself and others. The author also covers practical ethical matters such as taking payment and working with friends.  I personally while reading the book went through a personal drama and if I had not had this book in hand studying it, do not believe I would have weathered the storm as well as I did.  Learning the healing work and developing my shamanic abilities along with the ability to communicate better with my guides gave me the advantage of overcoming my grief and dark times and heal that much faster.  I have always been a believer that people, items and things happen in your life for a reason.  I had put off reading this particular book for some time and started reading it once I had relocated to FT Carson, CO and once I moved it was the perfect time.  Learning the lessons written here within the in-depth discussions of the theories, practices and ethics of the shamanic healing works gave me the strength needed to over come my adversities and continue on the path that is meant for me to follow here in Colorado.    Learn how free your voice and seek your power song, explore your shadow side; connect to the healing universe and live in balance.    Find the disciplined you!!

For those of you looking for a new book to start the New Year off with this is definitely one that should be on the top ten of your list.  I give it 5 stars.



Ok readers listen up, for those of you unaware there is a new guide in town and if you don’t have it you will want to get it!!!!  So for those of you who got money, gift cards I have the perfect item to use it on, a book called, “ THE SEASONS OF THE WITCH WEEKLY MAGIKAL CALENDAR 2009 “.

You will not often find this writer urging our readers to immediately go out and buy a book.  Do without that extra Starbucks or that little extra pleasure it is that you have been saving, this book is worth spending your money on.  It will be money well spent. I will right off the bat tell you that I am from the old school when it comes to my annual yearly witch calendar book.  I go to Barnes and Noble or the neighbor metaphysical shop and buy Llewellyn’s “Witch Datebook” for the year and like a creature of habit I did this year.  But, I was requested by several readers to please get a copy of the “Seasons of the Witch 2009” and tell them what I thought of it, so I did.

While I gave this book my undivided attention it so deserved, reading the Primer companion guide that you can get with the calendar annual the first time you acquire one (which I highly recommend) and going over each and every page of the book coordinating the information I was totally swept away.  This is not just a datebook my friends.  It is a carryall for your Book of Shadows, Grimore, it helps the beginner witch understand how to do magick knowing and understanding the moons, candles, esbats, extended spells, waxing and waning moons.  For us older witches no matter what path you are, it rekindles that spark you may have lost and don’t even know it.  I will be honest; I am a hereditary witch of 55 years, a High Priestess and a military spouse.  We have been dealing with hard times in the military with now our 4th deployment, death all around us and myself medical problems and I could not figure out why my magick was not working anymore.

Don’t think of this as a calendar book to just write down appointments think of it as your idea think pad, your experiment notebook, and your golden book of secrets.  It will help bring out the magick that you have not used in a while or if you are new to magick and paganism it is designed to assist you with your spells and help you learn even quicker.   The author Victoria took four (4) years to design this book and considered all that was needed to do magick the complete witch way.    There are hundreds of books out there with already written spells out there to give you that quick spell we all know it won’t work like you want it to.  We all know in order for your magick to work it has to have your energy, the right correspondence, the right moon, the right day etc.  This book will be your compass and steer you on course to the perfect spell.  You will become the magician you want to be.

After comparing both books it became very obvious to me through Seasons that I had forgotten the simplest of reasons and rules to follow the back to basics that you have known all your life, sort of like the nose on your face thing.  Here in “Seasons” they have outline on the monthly page the waxing days and waning days, the social events days, motivations days, warrior time and stretching time, as well as, eliminating obstacles to power wealth etc.  It points out when is the best time to develop your psychic abilities and many many more items.  The artwork is original and in full color and the charm work wonderful and the use of the tarot cards divine.    They have also included note pages so that when you design your spells you can note them right down in your Seasons book so you won’t have 2 or 3 books floating around.  This keeps everything right together right with you where it all should be.

Buy yourself one item this year, put your magical self first if possible and you will be patting yourself on the back, 6 months from now.  I promise.   SEASONS OF THE WITCH WEEKLY 2009 DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!



Seasons of the Witch Weekly- 6X9 214 pgs Full Color Hardback Cover.  Wire Bound with Ribbon Marker Month-at-a glance overview in two-pgs spread with waxing moon phases shaded yellow for easy planning.  Two-pages per week format features major and minor PowerCasting opportunities for spells, sabbats, esbats, noteworthy events, lunar astrology, moon void of course, Mercury Retrograde and “bank” holidays.  Complete with Blank lined pages at the end of every month.

Retail $19.95,  281-292-8250, Borders Book Store,

Also available in Wall Calendar, Daily book used in classic size organizer with either 3 or 7 hole drilled pages.

Brightest Blessings

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