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September 1st, 2011

Les Flammes Dedans

Les Flammes Dedans translates into English as The Flames Within it is my experience that as I, and the world get colder I have an almost insatiable urge to sleep. Getting out of bed becomes harder and harder as we approach the winter solstice. As everything appears to be suspended in transition we as humans along with the other inhabitants of our blue-green planet are forced to work and watch the Earth slumber. I being of a slightly artistic background, and I do say artistic very lackadaisically, I hate being in a winter block where I feel as if I can’t bring fourth creation. I hope this ritual puts some pep back in your step, some light back into your life, some inspiration/creativity back into your perception.


Cerridwen is a Celtic Welsh Goddess of Rebirth and Transformation. She is the Mother and Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess. She had two children born as twins, a daughter Creirwy and a son Afagddu. Creirwy was a beautiful fair maiden and Afagddu was a very ugly dark boy. As with other Celtic myth they represented light and darkness. Since her son was so ugly Cerridwen began to brew a magic potion for a year and a day that would grant him the knowledge of the world past and present. Helping tend to Cerridwen’s magic potion was a boy named Gwion. He helped stir and keep watch over it. One day while Cerridwen was out collecting more herbs for the brew the potion bubbled up and splashed the three drops of wisdom onto his hand. Instinctually he thrust the scolded hand into his mouth absorbing the magic meant for Afagddu.  Furious at Gwion, Cerridwen began to chase him in rage shape shifting into different animals. Gwion became a rabbit and she became a dog. He became a fish and jumped into water, and she became an otter. He became a bird and she became a large hawk. Finally he became a grain of wheat and she became a hen and ate him. The grain impregnated Cerridwen for nine moons. In her anger Cerridwen plotted to kill the baby once she gave birth, but the reborn Gwion was too beautiful at birth to kill. Instead she sewed up the newborn in a seal skin bag and threw him into the ocean. The baby was rescued, and was called Taliesin, he became the legendary and greatest Welsh bard. The Welsh belief that for true inspiration to be brought to the word there must be death and rebirth is represented by the story. Cerridwen’s womb like her cauldron has potential to birth all manifestation and is the beginning and end of life.


To ignite the flames of creativity and inspiration within your Spirit.


White, Red, Yellow (Whatever color you link to creativity will work I always think of bright colors, but that’s just me.)


Rosemary (I love the smell of burning rosemary it just ignites the senses!) I also like to mix a little Fire1 with the Rosemary. Fire:  consists of Clove, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Musk oil, Orange Peel, Sandalwood, and Spearmint.


Candles (6-8 to outline the circle any color of your fancy works)

A raised flame resistant bowl/cauldron (to hold water, rubbing alcohol, or tea lights)

Optional: Tealights, Water, Rubbing Alcohol


*Rubbing alcohol burns cleanly without fumes if you choose to use the alcohol you will need a match or lighting apparatus to light the alcohol for the ritual. Also a moderate amount is wise, as you don’t want it to burn out. I personally love all three ways, if you want try all of them and see which you prefer.*

Set the bowl in the center of the circle I recommend something to sit on. Make your circle wide enough that you can walk cleanly around the bowl/cauldron without getting close to it if you are using fire. Light your candles, Start to smolder your incense. Cast your circle, and invoke the elements. Fill your cauldron/bowl with either the tealights, the rubbing alcohol, or the water. I prefer to kneel before the cauldron, but wherever you are comfortable or have room for is fine. Close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath. Say, “Blessed Mother, Cerridwen, Goddess of transformation and rebirth. Bringer of inspiration, giver of light, and creativity, I pray of you. I invoke you, I call of your energy of your magic. I ask that you join me in my magic circle. Blessed be.” Light the tealights, or the alcohol. If you’re using water close your eyes and imagine the cauldron before you as Cerridwen’s sacred vessel.

As the flames dance close your eyes say:

“Bubbling, Churning, Never fading.

Inspiration free and wild.

I call you fourth by magic bidding.

Light the way for Mother’s Child.”

As you stare at the flames imagine that you are standing before Cerridwen’s cauldron dip your hands into her sacred cauldron and raise your fingers, raise your energy with hers. Imagine her magic filling your body, filling your spirit. Her fire ignites yours. Imagine white hot energy flowing out of you into her and vice versa. The cauldron is the catalyst and vortex of all life. What the Blessed Mother gives to you, you give back in energy, in life, in breath. If you are using the water you can use this same visualization but you have a physical representation if you the mood fits, and you’re up to it. Dip your fingers in the water and let it rain on you. Touch your forehead, your heart, connect with the Goddess. Her cauldron is the beginning and ending of all life. Her chase with Gwion can be seen as an analogy of the journey   our own spirit must participate.

I always find that this ritual sparks me, and I get out of the rut that I’m in. I also feel very connected to the Goddess and the web we call living. I hope it ignites in you the same fire that it does me.

Blessed Be,


  1. Estelril Enterprises can be found at the Texas Renaissance Festival as well as his website http://www.estelril.com/Insense.html, for all of his incense blends.  Also at: Estelril@estelril.com.

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