January 1st, 2012

I’ve been interested in all type’s of crafting for quite a while, but what I’ve alway’s found the most enjoyable is anything to do with herbs.  Most people assume making bath salts is simply a matter of using Epsom or Sea salts, herbs, essential oil, and perhaps some color.  Actually the best bath salt recipe is equal amounts of Epsom salts, Sea salt, and Baking Soda.  Use a blender to grind the salts down to a fine consistency like the baking soda.  By using these 3 ingredients you’re actually accomplishing multiple objectives.  First baking soda softens the water, second Epsom Salts in and of themselves contain minerals and have a certain amount of healing properties, and last but not least the sea salt opens your pores allowing whatever benefit the herbs you’ve added to permeate the skin.

Of all the recipes I’ve done, my favorite and one of the simplest, is to add lavender buds into the blender with the salts and grind them into it.  It intensifies the smell incredibly, but even then I’m not above adding a drop or two of lavender essential oil on top of it, and then it’s off the charts!!

Another really easy thing you can do is pick up a clear bottle with a cork stopper, I get mine at thrift stores, it’s rare not to find one.  Make enough salts to completely fill the bottle, then separate it into 2 zip-lock bags, make sure they are definitely zipped!  Prior to closing the bags add a colorant to each, maybe something that matches the bathroom colors, and two nicely corresponding fragrances.  This is where surety of closure is a must, shake the bags really hard, until the color, and oil, is mixed in well.  Grab a funnel, and just like sand art, stack stripes of alternating color.  Get it close enough to the top of the bottle that when you push the cork in firmly, all the stripes are held in place.

I’ve added blanched almonds and oats, that have also been ground in the blender, with a dash of almond scent or even almond extract.  Vanilla extract makes a really nice simple bath as well.  Obviously you can add dried herbs with the essential oils and use a tea-ball, knee-hi stocking, or any other thing that wouls allow the salts out while holding the herb’s in.  I’ve had a good time with this project in the past trying to come up with better and better recipes, although sometimes it seems like a great idea in my mind, but my nose, and anyone else’s in smelling range tells a far different story.  But like any good craft project the failures can sometimes be more fun than the success!!!!

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