7 Common Mistakes in Spiritualism New Ebook

April 1st, 2012

7 Common Mistakes in Spiritualism

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

The Inspiration of the EBook:

“The inspiration is through being connected to the collective and through fulfilling my purpose on this path that this book has come to light.”

2012 is providing an avenue to increase the energetic vibration individually and collectively. However, due to its popularity the start of 2012 has brought about many mistakes, fallacies and falsities that are leading many into the darkness of a lowered vibration, not an increased vibration. The truth must be revealed to ensure that the collective vibration increases not decreases and for this to occur certain secrets must be told.

As a Spiritual Expert it is my duty to share how it really is and this is one step into ensuring that the connection of pure intent is shared and maintained. I have been provided with this gift to help, heal and educate. This EBook will help many gain their vibrational increase to enable their alignment and ascension. It is only with pure intent that it will continue to evolve.

About the EBook – 7 Common Mistakes in Spiritualism:

This is a beautiful book with 50 Pages, seven unique sections delivering answers and explanations behind the common mistakes and fallacies in Spiritualism.

This is such a huge topic with multiple layers and this EBook will provide the stepping stone insight into the simple truth that exists.

Hally utilised her connection to Source and her Spirit Guides to gain specific information and answers to information many have never been privy to.

Some of this includes:

  1. Spiritualism is Religious and Evil – the truth is revealed
  2. Spiritualism and Health Aren’t Related – what you need to know
  3. You must be a Hippy to be Spiritual – some secrets disclosed

For anyone that wants to know the secrets behind what Spiritualism really is, understand about 2012 on a personal level and why being completely aligned is the most beautiful and natural state to achieve, then this book is for you!

About Hally:

In addition to being a columnist on Pagan Pages, Hally Rhiannon-Nammu is passionate, driven and empathic psychic, spiritual healer and shaman with a thirst for knowledge; finding answers to never-ending questions on her journey to fulfil her ethereal purpose.

“For me my energetic development does not stand still and I go through energetic shifts regularly, constantly raising my vibrational level and my ability to read and connect to the universe. I know what I need to know in the moments that it is needed – which means, I know almost everything there is to know when it comes to the pure world of Spiritualism.”

To Get Your Copy:  http://www.creativebalance.com.au/7-common-mistakes-in-spiritualism/

To Contact Hally: hally@creativebalance.com.au

www.creativebalancehealing.com / www.creativebalance.com.au

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