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April 1st, 2012

The Winds of Change…

There are pivotal times where change seems more evident than at other times. There is no doubt that this time of year the winds are blowing strongly. Some may believe this is conducsive with 2012 however, upon reflection it is evident that it is that time of year.

Many fear change, believing that these winds will bring bad fortune however, if already plagued with unhappiness, financial worry and limitations around moving forward, can change be such a negative?

When talking about change from an energetic perspective it is similar to the change of the day to day. The only difference is that it affects all of those with a lifeforce. That includes plants, animals, insects, planets and the list goes on. In the shortened version – the collective.

Consider the affects of change on the butterfly affect. For some it is minor and almost no more than a ripple in the water; for others it is as though the storms are raging through every part of their being.

There was once a saying that experiencing change was almost as good as taking a holiday. Whilst logically the two are removed, consider what change can provide an opportunity to reflect, relax and rekindle relationships that may have suffered because of the day to day.

The winds of change are here. The weather is blatantly expressing that we can choose to ignore it, go with it or even fight it, but it is definitely here.

The shifts of now are intense and for some that means extreme leaps in their energetic transformation. For others it means that those friends that once were aligned are now no longer connected to you.

This is neither good nor bad; it simply is. The choice is always yours. Do you step up and engage in the energetic shift to allow yourself to evolve into the next level and enjoy the increased awareness? Or do you try to hold on to yesterday hoping that it will always be that way, knowing full well before even completing that thought process that things have already started changing.

If there was ever a time to align to your spiritual aspect, connecting to your higher-self and listening to what the universe has to share with you, then now is that time.

Soon the rain will come and wash away the debris of this change. For some there will be specks of dirt and for others there will be a mountain. When the rain comes feel the tears of yesterday wash away and feel renewed as eventually the plants respond, as will you.

For now change is here and when engaging in this energetic whirlwind; this incredible pull through the air, through our veins, within every living soul, it is mesmerizing and intoxicating. When the change passes, moving into the next stage of shifts and evolution what is left is the electrical magnetism to connect to all in the most simple and fundamental way, by being you.

If you haven’t taken advantage of what this year has to offer then as these winds make their presence known allow yourself to ride along and bask in the glory of energetic transformation into you; the natural, pure you.

Answers to the Questions We Don’t Ask

The shifts of change and the winds of time are ever present in all we do. This is becoming so apparent it is now an expectation that each unfolding week will be faced with some challenge that will enable some beautiful change that we will get to experience, be it by the end of the week or by the following.

What this kind of change can cause is the separation in synergy. This means that those of us that are on the path to enlightenment, alignment and moving forward with pure intent will find ourselves more at peace and taking leaps and bounds in our journey.

However, there are many in this human world that are not playing from a place of purity or authenticity. Rather they are capitalizing in ego – human ego, not ethereal ego. The difference is that ethereal ego works with you and enables you to work as one complete being. Human ego is where intent is driven self gain, which is rarey for the greater good or for the good of others.

These changes that will become more and more frequent as we leave 2011 and enter 2012 will create an avenue for this to be more apparent and eventually blatantly obvious.

However, because of these changes we find ourselves with more questions than answers. On some level we refuse to believe that we are more than capable and competent to provide those answers to ourselves. So much so that we go looking in every possible place, irrelevant if the source is accurate of not. It is as though if we find something that contradicts our own opinion and self knowledge then this must be correct.

When this self belief is combined with the shifts of awareness it means that many are finding answers in all the wrong places. Wrong is defined as incongruent to the universe, incongruent to them and ultimately detrimental.

Sound familiar?

I had an experience recently where a friend of mine, a little lost and sweet as she is, came across a new belief system that contradicted everything that she believed. It was to the point that this group of people believed that we are not energetic beings at all, rather completely driven through physical, amongst other things. She was so convinced that they were accurate that she said if I didn’t agree it was because I was conditioned to not believe this.

For those of you are that highly sensitive, spiritual and often channel, you will understand when I say, being conditioned into a generic belief is not a challenge I experience. The things that I have seen, experienced and do on a daily basis means that being open comes with the territory.

So, I decided to look into this particular group to see if I had somehow become limited in my belief system. It took me less than ten seconds to feel the negative intent on this site and I felt ill through every layer of my being. It is with this that there are some truths that can never be denied or reputed. Being an energetic being is one of them. This coupled with the fact that everything I do is based on energy. (the amount I spend on light bulbs is ridiculous!)

We all want answers to questions that no one seems to know however, we do not need to look external for this. Everything we want, need and could possibly ever want know is within us. We merely need to allow ourselves to hear the answers to the questions we ask and actually allow ourselves to trust what we hear.

Generally, I can ask any question and receive an answer. This can be on any subject matter for any person. We all have this ability and it simply means trusting that you, in all that you are, will always provide what is right for you.

It is a given and now it is time to give this to you.

Energetic Shifts

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a real feel of increased sensitivity and at first I was convinced it was my female being rolling with the flow of natural evolution. However, as the week became two weeks and now hinting into three the increased sensitivities and the clarity to awareness are yet to be dulled.

So, I decided to ask around and see if this was just me. Was it?

It was then I realised that there are energetic shifts occurring. Some of us will feel it more than others and sometimes at different times. It can be because of the journey each of us are on and also what we need to continue with our growth. All the while we will end up where we need to, providing we are open to what the universe would like us to learn; which mostly tends to be about ourselves.

There has been a prediction earlier in the year that 2010 will be full of such shifts due to the earth and the planets going through their own necessary conversion. This is more than what has been in the recent years. Consequently, being one with the universe we will all feel it in our own ways. It makes Mercury Retrograde seem like a walk in the park at times because we become accustomed to what we should expect and when the energies flow in their natural course we are being brought into the darkness of the unknown, fortunately coming out of this with more light and abundance.

Ask yourself if perhaps you have been noticing this shift as well. For those that are aware of their gifts this will be more pronounced then those still coming into this part of your journey. Perhaps answers are landing upon your tongue so much faster than previously, or perhaps feeling a little more sensitive to crowds, to music and to other influencing energies that otherwise would have been ignored. Whatever it is that may be affecting you in your way it is clear that the universe has decided it is time for another shift to assist us in reaching a higher state of consciousness, or rather, unconsciousness as it was.

There is a belief that with 2012 approaching there will be many more of these energetic shifts occurring to prepare us for an even bigger shift late 2012. I am inclined to believe that it is not about a date but rather about our readiness for where we need to be. The planet is growing through its own shifts and transformation into what it needs to be to provide and grow and so too must we to align to the universe as one; yet individually unique to each of us. That is how the beauty of universal energy can work.

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of what we must do; what we must be that often we forget or put our spiritual selves on the back burner for later, or a time when it is going to be “right” however, our spiritual selves are part of us in essence and as we laugh, cry, love, pay bills and get the children to school, our spiritual selves is part of all of this every day, every moment and all we need to do is remember to include the part that helps us become more ourselves in entirety.

The more we embrace ourselves the more easily these shifts will be to adjust to and prosper from the increased awareness.

In terms of this amazing shift that is taking place sometimes it is not about the why and it is a place where logic seems more lost than the basis of our foundation. We must open our heart, our minds and our ethereal beings to all the magic, beauty and magnificence that are within us. It is the evolving, learning and growing aspect of who we are and desire to be sitting within the palm of our energetic hands.

The path of an energy worker is never dull and the abundance of light continues to astound me. Enjoy what shifts may occur with you; the increased energetic transformation and brilliance that may be embracing you in this very moment.

The Variable of Free Will


There is no doubt that change is coming. For some it is a simple, gentle reminder felt within the wind or the rain. For others it is the not so subtle metaphysical baseball bat to the head that something big is about to happen.


The purpose of change varies for many. For some it means the opportunity to grow, evolve and raise the vibration. For some it can mean letting go of old energies that are no longer serving them. Whatever the case change is imminent within life and it can be a choice of enabling this to do as it needs to or become aware of what takes place when it happens to make an appearance.


When working with energies and all that is related, energetic shifts, sometimes caused by planetary alignment and some not, have two core purposes. It can be on a personal level and one for the overall, often termed for the greater good. The extent of both is up to the individual because any change is and will be up to the one constant variable – free will.


Throughout history this is the only unpredictable variable that can and will impact the so called path of destiny. The path of destiny that many fear lacks freedom of choice was only ever meant as a guide. The fact is that most of the people already made a choice of why they came into this life, why they choose their parents, their family and what the purpose of this particular journey is.


Whilst it may take each person a lifetime to work this out this is what pre-determined destiny feels like. But the beauty of this is free will because it is this that enables anyone, and everyone, to change their chosen path from what may seemed all worked out.


If your path is not providing the answers and fulfilment that you want, consider that you have the power to put your free will into action and simply – change it.


As I sit in a local café, I allow the music playing from my iPod to flow through my being whilst considering what January’s article should be about. A myriad of ideas run through my mind and I finally decide on one.

During the past month I was privy to an event that even though it was unexpected, was in fact extremely natural and brought to light the clarity of natural evolution through awareness.

Whilst clearly my path is of an energetic and spiritual nature I had not actually conducted an official reading prior to this month. It was something that just happened of its own natural accord. I would receive some information, ask permission to pass this on and inform the person of what had come through. Sometimes it was a flash of information and at other times the conversation was more in-depth, depending on what the universe deemed was necessary.

Because this gift is part of who I am and is incorporated in all that I do, ironically the thought of isolating the readings to something specific had not occurred to me. The catalyst was when in one of my moments of receiving some information the person asked whether I had a flyer she could pass on. That one I did not see coming and yet, it was not surprising. It was more the sensation of a light bulb moment where complete clarity was found and I felt a part of myself being reconnected; coming home if you will.

Since this realisation came to light I feel more connected to myself and my purpose allowing this to enter into my consciousness from the unconscious mind. Put more simply, an increased level of energetic awareness.

This got me to wonder that on our spiritual journey there is a constant evolution within us, often to a degree that we are consciously unaware, let alone to the extent. We notice occasional shifts and often overlook the significance to ourselves.

I have spoken about our gifts in previous articles and given the energetics shifts that are occurring during this time of year, consider taking advantage of where you are in your journey and taking this to the next level.

I am not suggesting doing what I did, as this is what was right for me; rather what is right for you, which only you will know. This may be case of acknowledging your level of awareness or perhaps reconnecting to your energetic support, be it your familiars, spirit guides or angels.

Reflect upon the year, the events and who you are today compared to twelve months ago. What has happened and what have you allowed within yourself that has increased your vibrational level and your connection to your higher-self? Consider where you would like to take that over the next twelve months or how you can really embrace the amazing sensation that comes from inner growth.

We are all energetic beings inspired through the connection with the universe. Increased awareness allows us to fulfil our individual purpose which contributes to the greater good. Whatever the purpose of your journey is, allow the light within your energetic being to guide you to the answers. Sometimes the most natural choices can be the most fulfilling.

Love the journey and be one with the journey.

The Ebbs and Flow of Change

Over the past month there is no doubt that the energy has been intense. Many believed that after December 21st things would settle down. Whether there was an anticipation of this becoming hum drum or quiet, then they were sorely mistaken.

Each full moon brings with it the truth of what is going on. It is the overwhelming sense that things of this nature are on the increase. There is that sense of two sides coming together however, it seems as though the puzzle pieces are taking their time to fall into place let alone provide any real clarity to the situation for many.

But this is not a bad thing. There is always a push and a pull, the ebb and flow of energy and life. However, this is becoming more pronounced due to certain areas requiring addressing that are becoming fundamental rather than a passing thought.

Ten; twenty years ago the thought of healing, health and helping others in a spiritual nature was there but it had a different approach. Anything that was ‘new age’ was treated as something inconsequential. Fortunately with the hype of last year the realisation that the ‘new age’ is simply the ‘old age’ in current times has helped bring with it the awareness that there is so much more going on than many can begin to fathom.

The next month will continue with its sense of to-ing and fro-ing but the extent will be up to each person individually. The dark energy, or as some like to refer to it as negative energy and then there is another version being the lower vibration of energy, is losing its grip. This is why there are more ghost hunter deaths, demon possessions, more paranormal disturbances but unfortunately many continue to seek the quick fix and go the cheap route rather than doing this properly. Hence the increase of issues as the dark energy is absorbing this as fast as it can. The eagerness is because light energy is pushing through. Whilst this isn’t anything unusual, the intensity of it has increased.

Many may now start to see their gifts becoming more pronounced. Unfortunately this also means there are more of those “experts” out there trying to make a buck on some person. But like anything fake and false, this cannot be sustained; much like dark energy.

These are praying on those that want the quick fix for a cheap cost and it is fascinating to watch this self sabotage at play. But like leading a horse to drink water the choice must be through free will and through free will alone.

There are a few that know what to do with possessions, dark energy, paranormal disturbances and there are only a few that are authentic experts. Look not for the hype but one that can back their claims with knowledge, experience and integrity. Everyone is a psychic but not everyone can do this under pressure and for the benefit of saving someone’s life when they don’t realise that this is how serious it can become very quickly.

It is a time of change, moreso than ever before. But… do not allow this to compromise on yourself, your integrity or your values because it will be you and your loved that will suffer. Sometimes it is worth taking a breath or doing some research. Sometimes it is worth realising that dark and light are governed by your free will in your world.

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