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April 1st, 2013


Induces thought/nervous system integration.  When a person is in a coma, it will aid the reintegration of brain circuitry and chemical functioning.  The neurons and electromagnetic charge of the brain are exceptionally susceptible to the healing quality of this mineral as its near-form stats is what is needed to overcome some brain dysfunctions caused by accidental blows, etc…It is not so good in addressing hemorrhage for example.  It is conducive to beginning the proper integration of the mind in dyslexia.  The stone combined with amethyst, smoky quartz and selenite will reduce hypertension and hyperactivity caused by chemical imbalance and fluctuations.  it is an extremely useful stone for children until the age of 12 when the delta waves begin functioning tin the brain.  the hemimorphite relives mental stress and anxiety for children in difficult situations.  Acts on the 6th and 7th Chakras.


Herkimer Diamond

A special clear quartz.  Shifts brain powerfully into alpha/deep stillness, opening the brow and crown for a strong clear channel, psychic readings, meditation, OBEs.  May take one too “high”/spacey to wear.  The “Dream Stone” in meditation or pillow it wonderfully enhances visualization, astral travel into the light and dream recall.  Amplifies and stores thoughts, energy; use as bridge to stimulate energy flow up through the chakras.  Cleanse often.  This crystal cleans static from the aura and higher energy bodies plus toxins from the physical body.  Used for clear energy transmission, therefore, good in communicating with higher forces.  Commonly used over the third eye at night for dream work or during meditation to enhance connection.  Works on 6th and 7th Chakras.  High quality clear quartz, found in Herkimer County in NY.

Fairy Cross Stone


There are two kinds of Fairy Cross Stones, Andalusite and Staurolite.  Andalusite has markings that resemble a cross; these stones are naturally long tubes with the cross on one or both ends.  Andalusite is oftentimes tumbled.  Staurolite resembles crosses themselves and is often found on a larger matrix.  Both stones have the same meaning and are often called Fairy Cross Stones.


The name Fairy Cross Stone gives hint to the stone’s power.  These stones are thought to attract fairies and therefore they represent the four elements and their power.  They help you balance these elements.  Fairy Cross Stones also help you see past illusion.  Using the power of the fairies they attract, these stones can be a gateway to mystery, helping you understand events and dissolve illusion.  By connecting different planes it can facilitate communication between these levels of existence.  It is even believed that these stones first formed as a result of the tears the fairies cried at the crucifixion of Jesus.

Fairy Cross Stones are also protective and healing.  They can dispel negative thoughts and feelings.  It is a very creative stone that can help transmute conflict into harmony.  With their problem solving properties, you are able to see the problem more rationally and se the various sides allowing us to remain strong.

If you have a tendency to over work or over commit yourself, Fairy Cross Stones combat these negative personality traits.  This property also makes the stone helpful if you are trying to quit smoking.  They aid in healing the affects of these bad habits and alleviate depression and stress, even helping us understand death.

As a good luck talisman they were used to war off ill wishes and curses, which helped overcome the feeling of going mad.  They represent devotion, change, and power.  Fairy Cross Stones tend to be a little more expensive, but their usefulness in ritual makes them an excellent addition to your collection.



Spiritual upliftment.  Psychicness, imagery, mind quieting.  Reduces anger, impatience and nightmares.  Headache, eyes, scalp/hair, pituitary, pineal, blood sugar balance.  Aids sobriety and breaking of bad habits.  Helps with poisons.  Place in pet bowl to reduce fleas.  Remedy for drunkenness.  Aids in pleasant dreams.  For protection, spiritual attunement, gives visions and opens spiritual and psychic centers, reduces mental tension, induces pleasant healing dreams, prevents over indulgence and encourages transformation and breaking bad habits.  Improves memory.



Fairly newly discovered.  Psychic connections to oneness with universe, angelic realm, spiritual guidance.  Astral travel, heightened sensory awareness.  Seeing paths to surmount challenges.  Aligns physical and etheric fields for healing self and others.  Regenerates and rejuvenates ill or depleted areas.


The moonstone like qualities create a translucent blue shine on one end of the gem.  When inserted between four fingers and four toes, it is an excellent meridian cleanser and balancer.  The use places the eight small stones in position and relaxes to allow the work to progress.  The hands can be moved into scared positions to enhance color variation in the healing.  Tingling and itching indicates the meridian is releasing.  Five to ten minute application son both hands and feet are excellent.  This procedure is especially use for practitioners using their hands in healing work, as it allows the individual to resume balance quickly after taxing sessions. 


Solid deep blue, blue-purple.  Activates brow and throat centers.  More assertive communication and alert, quite, deep access to subconscious and other times/places/lives.  Psychicness, creativity, decisiveness, deeper insight, seeing truth, reduces depression, anger, abnormal cell growth.  Hi copper content stimulates thyroid, sinus, skin cleansing, spleen, nervous system, and mental.  Stimulates psychic powers and inspirations and improves visuals in meditation.  Activates spleen and thyroid while strengthening the etheric body, dissolving darkness.  Works on the 6th Chakra.


Often confused with Tiger’s Eye, but rarer.  For acquiring more prosperity.  Confidence, self pride, healing.  Amplifies other gems.


Gentle, soothing, friendly.  Excellent for heart; flushes and heals heart blocks (loss, fear, guilt, hurt…) for allowingness, flexibility, self forgiveness, peace of heart, patience.  Keeps one in light, love and healing daily.  On throat, expressing feelings, verbal and artistic creativity, thyroid.  Also, blood sugar, and emotional balance.  High conductivity from copper draws out pain, heat (fevers, inflamations, arthritis…).  Excellent therapeutic aid for healing loss, incest, and other traumas.  Cleanses auric field.  Dreams and Earth healing.  This stone releases stress and is balancing to the emotions and the mind.  It strengthens the lungs and thyroid and reduces anger and fear.  Acts on 5th Chakra.  Helps alleviate personal fears and guilt.  Gives clear seeing.  A flux used to fuse together, bonding aids in the treatment of cancer.


A golden stone of the sun which stimulates creativity and spiritual insight.  It is best worn at the throat chakra.  It also reduces depression and conditions of the body which are generally toxic.


Brown Tourmaline.  Strongly associated with healing and cleaning in the will chakra.  Excellent for the legs, as well.


Excels in healing emotional and physical aspects of heart/lungs and throat.  Flushes out/heals hurt, fear, stress, loss.  Antidepressant.  Sinuses.  Mouth.  Bone and tissue regeneration.  On Solar Plexus, aligns the subtle bodies, harmonizes heart, mind and body.  Self-expression, creativity.  Balances yin/yang.  Draws out pain, inflammation, fever.


Special form of clear/smokey quartz.  Changes confusion/illusions to clarity, seeing truth, overview.  Psychicness, openness to higher self/God/spirituality.  Stimulates crown chakra to rise above situations , emotions.  May initially intensify lower thoughts (ego, denial, self-judging…) to release these blocks to open heart/mind.  Healing brain cells from drug/alcohol use.  Use as a bridge stone to enhance energy flow between chakras.

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