Simple Spells and Rituals

July 1st, 2013

Hi everyone happy 4th of July!  And that is the backdrop for this month’s article.  As every Witch knows, sufficient raising of energy and visualization are imperative for successful spellwork.  Although the 4th of July isn’t a wiccan holiday exclusively, this particular day raises everyone’s sense of independence and freedom, so I have always thought it was the perfect time for an “Independence Spell.”

All of us at one time or another have had things in our lives that do not serve our highest good, and just seem extremely difficult to get away from, that is the purpose of this spell.

The first item needed for this spell is an easily handled firework of some kind, a sparkler, Roman candle, or any type of item you can purchase easily, and legally, that results in some type of really visual display.

Secondly, take the item of your choice and place it on your altar.  Obviously you would not want to use any candles close by.

Cast circle Widdershins, it so happens that the moon is waning which is perfect, and use whatever your usual quarter calls are, invoke whichever deity or deities you usually call upon if any.

Your intent is to empower your chosen item with the energy to remove whatever your obstacle may be.  Once this has been done to your satisfaction, use the following words, putting your applicable issue and whatever type of firework your using in the blank spaces:

I’m declaring Independence Day

As the day I am set free

From_______ which has been vexing me

This ______ I now empower

And the hold that this has had on me

Will be gone in a spark filled shower

From this time forward

Everyday is Independence day for me

I’m taking back my freedom now

As I will so mote it be.

Open circle and release as you usually do, and then whether you choose to set off your firework, either at that time or later in the day, raise and hold the visualization that the display is destroying what you empowered it to destroy.  In my mind the actual visual of seeing the empowered item do it’s thing is a truly freeing experience.

Have fun removing whatever vexes you with an extra “bang”!