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May 1st, 2014



Emotional Support.  Helps mind and emotions to be in sync.  Powerful high level stone.  Strengthens healers and teachers.  Opens the emotional heart ans spiritual heart.  Unconditional Love and Compassion.  Heals abuse, loss, and addictions.  Helps emotional balance, confidence, connection to higher self, and oneness.  Reduces depression, mood swings, stress, and radiation.  Brow and Crown Centers.  Deepens altered state, psychic readings, and healings.  Helps to center emotionally and spiritually.  This mineral is a regenerative agent for the cardiovascular system, opens the heart to love in a balanced way.  Peace provider to the Earth.



DCF 1.0

Placed on brow this opens 3rd eye.  Enhances psychic images, foresight, consciousness, meditation, and communication.  Brings out our natural ability to manifest things into reality via thoughts and visualizations.  Promotes tranquility.  Provides a higher level of awareness.


Aids memory and speech.  A green precious stone said to cure eye disease, protect against evil eye and epilepsy, sharpen memory, and promote eloquence.  In India the emerald was ground  up and taken internally to restore youth and cure intestinal upsets.  Physical and emotional healing.  This is the strongest physical healing gemstone.  Strengthens heart center for abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, fidelity, honesty.  Lifts depression, insomnia.  Knowingness of the heart, peaceful dreams.  Breathing, heart, lympnodes, blood, thymus, pancreas, blood sugar rebalancer, labor/delivery, eyesight.  Excellent general healer.  Ancient blood detoxificator and antiposion.  Improves all heart functions including love and kindness to others.  Calms mind and relieves eyestrain.  Works on the 4th Chakra.  Earth goddess.  Totally rejects evil.  Good for mediation, healing, success, gives power to foretell the future, and provides a link with the spirit world.  Said to give protection from serpents, vipers, and evil/negative influences.


The mineral supports the teaching of Christ to be in the world but not of the world.  Allows self-light to be pure unto its conviction without being engulfed or dimmed or swallowed by other light or darkness.  It is an excellent companion stone to iolite.

Stone of the Month



This stone isn’t actually a stone; it is a natural resin from an extinct form of pine that was submerged under the sea.  The unique texture and formation of Amber has led to a lot of legends as to its formation everything ranging from the fossilized tears of Indian birds to the congealed rays of the sun setting and dew of sunbeams.  In Ancient Rome Amber was given to Gladiators for courage and in China it was thought that it could protect against fire and water.  Amber has one of the most versatile backgrounds of any stone it has been used for just about every magical purpose and even combined with other stones to strengthen their effectiveness.

Amber can hold an electrical charge.  If you rub it with silk or wool it can produce little shocks.  Since it has this ability to hold an electrical charge, it makes it very effective at holding a magical charge. If you hold Amber in one hand and rub it clockwise with the other you can focus on the energy you are wishing to store into the stone and then draw on it later when you need it.  This has led to Amber being called the Witch’s Stone and is often used to strengthen spells and is usually in necklaces of Wiccan Priests and Priestesses.

It was thought to improve memory.  Meditating with Amber can stimulate your memory.  Since only the wealthy could afford Amber at times, it has led to its association with prosperity.  There are strong earthy connections with Amber so it is an excellent healing stone, grounder, and cleanser.  Because it is considered a fossil there are also connections with longevity, life cycles, and time.  Amber reminds us to respect tradition.

The protection qualities of Amber are amazing.  It is especially effective in safeguarding children.  You can have them wear Amber beads or place pieces in their bedroom.  Amber promotes a positive mental state and enhances wisdom, balance, and patience while easing stress and enhancing decision making.  The Chinese visualized the souls of tigers transmuting into Amber upon their earthy deaths and Amber is considered to contain the very essence of life itself.

Images of fish, frogs, and rabbits carved from Amber were carried by women for conception and men wore lions, dogs, or dragons for potency.  Amber has the ability to absorb negative energies and transmute them into positive forces.  In this sense it can absorb pain and draw out negative energy and allow you to heal.  This even flow of energy that is promoted with Amber also lends itself to be used to cleanse other stones.  Since Amber automatically transmutes any negative energy that it has gathered there is no need to cleanse it.  This property makes it my favorite choice for cleansing and charging my stones.  Just storing it with your stones can allow it to draw out any negativity and then transmute it so your stones are always ready for work.

Spring Cleaning

During this time of year, the winds are picking up, Marching us along to a more brisk beat as they blow us to and fro.  These winds symbolize more for us than new bothersome allergies and messed up hair.  They are the winds of change, making room for new things to grow into our lives.

New plants are beginning to push their way up through the soil, and new thoughts, people and opportunities are likewise trying to grow their way into our lives.  If we cling to old habits for comfort, we are not making room for new and better  opportunities to come into our realm.  Though an old shoe is  predictable and familiar, it is also not as comfortable as a new and more improved shoe can be.  Also the new shoe may allow us to walk faster down our life path.  As long as we keep such analogies in mind, all  the changes this time of year presents will happen much more smoothly.

A very suitable stone friend for helping in such times of change is Snowflake Obsidian.  This stone is the normal black of obsidian with white flecks in it, thus the name snowflake.  It is often called the stone of change, and helps us to emotionally and mentally adapt to changes.  In this, we see that the change is necessary and likely better for us though it may not seem so right away as we’re being dragged out of our comfort zone by the change that is presented.

Snowflake obsidian teaches us that in an old comfort zone we do not have room to grow.  Snowflakes and opportunities are  both fleeting, and must be tasted while they’re falling toward us, before they melt away.  The gentle grounding of this wonderful stone keeps us centered so that we may think clearly as each change comes with important choices.  If we’re too scattered and ungrounded, any choice can be unclear.  Snowflake obsidian, worn as  jewelry or carried in a pocket and held often, is a wonderful companion when riding the March winds of change.  May your emotional and physical spring cleaning bear much fruit of new opportunity.  As Always Happy Stoning!



Opal is a delicate stone, a beautiful stone with a fine vibration.  When you look at Opal you can understand how this stone can stand for beauty, lightness, love, and passion.  It is seductive.  It has been said that Octavius Caesar was willing to sell one third of his Roman Empire for a single Opal.  Opal can help you open yourself up to love.  It has been called a “Cupid Stone” and said to grant wishes.

If you are born in October Opal is said to bring good luck, but if your Opal splits that is seen as a bad omen.  Wives and girlfriends gave Crusaders Opals to bring them back safely and bring luck and battle glory.  Opal is much more then a stone for love and luck.  Enhancing cosmic consciousness allows Opal to open up psychic and mystic visions.  Opal promotes astral projection and opens up the mind.  It can be programmed for all energies.  This energy is healing, creative, and original, even helping you go unnoticed.

Working with Opal tends to magnify energy and boost feelings.  Helping access and express your true self.  Opal is so absorbent and reflective it picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them, and returns them to the source.  This energy may feel like scattered energy, make sure you are centered before you use it.  If you are overly sensitive to energy you shouldn’t wear Opal daily.  Opal brings things to the surface for transformation allowing us to take responsibility for feelings.  This beautiful stone teaches you that what you put out comes back.



Being attuned to the Earth, Aragonite is an excellent Earth healer and grounder.  It can help center and ground physical energies, especially in times of stress.  It combats oversensitivity and restores balance.  If you push yourself too hard Aragonite can help facilitate delegating and help focus.  Aragonite can help rid you of nightmares and center during stress.

Aragonite transmutes energy from old experiences and paves the way for new ones.  It can help reach higher levels of awareness.  If you have feelings trapped inside Aragonite can help ease those into the conscious, it can change powerlessness into self-confidence.

In tiny mounts this mineral is responsible for the iridescent and pearl like sheen inside the shells of abalone.  It is the major mineral in the body structure of some shellfish and coral.  The wonderful shape of Aragonite can put on an otherworldly appearance that can create pictures in your mind.

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