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September 1st, 2015

Using a Pendulum with Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards

When I was researching last month’s column on using a Pendulum, I found a blog called “New Age Blog” written by Travor Mayes. The page I was on was from 2009, but it had an entry about using your Pendulum in conjunction with Tarot Cards. He said to lay out nine cards and then: “Let the pendulum select which cards apply to you with a yes answer, the pendulum will also decide how many cards to turn over.”

This is of course rather confusing but I got out my Rider-Waite deck and after shuffling and cutting them the proper amount of times, I laid out nine cards. I didn’t have a particular question in my mind – I just wanted to see what would happen.

The pendulum barely moved or didn’t move at all as I held it over each card. Then – the fifth card – it started moving – very definitely – in an up and down movement. I turned the card over. It was the Queen of Cups, reversed. The pendulum was still until the last card and then it moved in the same definite way. I turned the card over and found The Magician. Given that I have been in my usual summertime depression, I saw the reversed Queen of Cups as my current weepy self and the Magician as the power within me to change my mood for the better.

So then I reshuffled the cards and laid out another nine cards. Since time, I asked why I was depressed.


As you can see, my cat Radar was helping me!

I tried the method other ways. I used three cards, five cards, seven cards. It works best with nine cards. I’m not sure why that is, except that the fewer cards you have laid out, the fewer cards the pendulum picks. With only three cards laid out, it is possible that the pendulum might not pick any one of the three. Honestly, that gave me pause. Maybe the pendulum knows more than I do and it’s just not a good time for a Tarot reading.

Another thing I tried was laying out the entire deck, all seventy-two cards. I had to lay them out on my living room floor and it took me quite a while to hold the pendulum over each card as I meditated about my question.


But again – it was just amazing how the pendulum started swinging when it wanted a particular card. There was absolutely no mistaking it. Out of seventy-two cards, the pendulum picked fifteen cards. I shuffled these cards and laid ten of them out as a Celtic Cross:


I also did a trumps-only spread using the Lovers Tarot and I had a fun time with the Secret Dakini Oracle, and this method works wonderfully with the Motherpeace Tarot too. In fact, I am going to try and develop more ways of using the pendulum with Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, even regular playing cards – I think this is a great way of blending divinatory mediums and I haven’t had this much fun with my cards in years!

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