HedgeWitch Days!

October 1st, 2015


Hi my lovelies….well it’s finally here! The time between times, the entry to the darkest part of the year lays before us at the end of this calendar month. The shops are awash with all things Halloween, Ghosts and Ghoulies adorning every aisle of every supermarket and every shop window in the high street, happy sigh!!!

This is the time of the year where at last we can go a little bit crazy and shop till we drop, as for us it’s time to stock up on our everyday essentials lol! Not only are the shops full of Halloween goodies, the food aisles come alive with the seasonal food of comfort and celebration. Pumpkins and squashes, corn and root vegetables call to us to make warming stews and hearty soups as we ready ourselves for the winter, and celebrate our third and final harvest of the year.


On the path we walk, everything is gearing up to the 31st of this month, the night when the veils are at their thinnest, and the ultimate witching hour. It’s so much fun planning Samhain or Halloween, with the feasting and games, and the trick or treating that seems to grow more popular here in the UK with each passing year. I love to bedeck my altar with fallen leaves, candles of light and dark and heavy incenses….but there is something I love even more than all of that, I love the feast of the ancestors!

On this most witchy of nights when that threadlike veil between our world and theirs is at its most translucent, communication with the other side is easier and our own insight is more in focus. Cooking, laying the table, dressing the Altar, a ritual bath, dressing up, feasting and celebration followed by divination and communication with the other world make up my perfect Halloween. Laying a space at the table for all those that have gone before us is mandatory for Samhain in this home, as is the welcoming of all Fae and keepers of the other worlds via offerings of food, crystals and flowers….BUT

It occurs to me that we are not very good in this realm of ours at social etiquette when it comes to the other worlds! Think of it this way, it’s like planning a party or a wedding, setting everything up with perfect attention to every detail. Preparing a feast, decorating the venue and fine tuning every aspect of this amazing celebration…and then once ready, sending out invitations to attend NOW, right NOW! No warning, no thought if they our guests might have other plans, just a shout to get here and celebrate with me immediately, how rude we are! If the other world is anything like this one, a sudden request to attend such a event would be met with at best a polite declining of the invitation, but more likely a sharp slam and lock of the door,

How dare someone drag me away from my evening in my PJs and my favourite TV show without so much as a warning, where are their manners?”

Ummmm, time to rethink this immediate request thing!

Those of you that have read ’Hedgewitch Book of Days’ will know how I do like to try and bring our wheel of the year celebrations into our 12 month calendar year, to make our spiritual path more integrated into our everyday life and modern world. So, as the month of October holds Samhain at its end, it makes sense to me to celebrate this season throughout the month, every day, not just one big bang of a party at the end….although that is certainly something to look forward to.


All that being said, I think the focus of your Samhain ‘month’ can be your altar. It provides the perfect place for reflection, for spells and provides the base from which to send out your invitations to the otherworld. Any area can become your altar, I work from a couple at home. One is the top of the chest of drawers in the bedroom, the other is the hearth of the fireplace. Even though the fire in my house is electric it is still the heart of the home and for me is the focal point that works well for my magic. I also have a small altar set up in the kitchen which is mainly used when I am cooking and you wouldn’t really recognise it as one unless you were in the know. For my Samhain altar I will be using my hearth.

Altars should, I think, be living breathing things, constantly changing and evolving, moving fluidly with you and your magic. Its energy will increase with every word uttered by it, and every spell cast.

For Samhain, there is a wealth of things you can add to your altar to increase your focus and energy, you only have to look around you. Obviously it’s good to have the basics represented, the Goddess and the Horned God, the elements, the seasonal representations and most importantly at this time of celebration, the ancestors. Bring to your altar your photographs, mementos, books, letters, family tree and anything else that holds a family connection. It might be a piece of jewellery or a pot, anything with sentimental value that has a link to your past and those that have gone before. Remember too your beloved animal friends, photos, keepsakes or even just a drawing of an animal can help bring their energy to that spot. Included on your altar a candle for the ancestors, one big enough to be lit each day, even if only for a few moments.

Once you have set up your basic Samhain altar it is time both to build the energy, ready to work with on the 31st and to send out those all-important invitations to the otherworld.

Every day, spend some time at your Samhain altar. A few moments is all that’s needed if you’re pushed for time. Light your candles and incense and bring something new to place with your original altar set up. It could be a leaf, an acorn, a homemade cookie, a bead, anything you can think of really that represents this time of year and the energy build up you are trying to create.

Then every day at your altar send out your invitation for Samhain to the other realms, these are the words I use;

The energy builds as the veil grows thin,

The festival of Samhain will soon begin.

Ancestors and spirits I call on you

To join me with a heart that’s true.

I ask for your presence on Samhain night

When the veil draws away and opens my sight.

May my words fly to you, and may you see

That I ask this with love…So mote it be!


Spend a few moments concentrating on your ancestors and their energy before giving thanks and extinguishing the candles. Do this each day on the run up to Samhain and your ancestors should be waiting to commune with you as the veil reaches its thinnest…after all it gives them plenty of time to prepare!

On Samhain night remember to use the energy you have built up around your altar to aid you in your call to the otherworld, any residual energy can be released with love and thanks to be used for good in this world and the next.

Have a magical Samhain guys and fun and safe Halloween!!

Northern Star Rite

As we approach the Yule season, we are reminded that although we have been in the dark half of the season, we will always return to the light. The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the return of the sun. Our days will continue to grow longer, and our nights will become shorter. It is a time of quiet reflection, but also joyous celebrations of winter.

This rite is in honor of the North Star that brightens the winter night and offers its power of guidance to all that accept it. The North Star can be found in many traditional stories of the winter holiday season, so this rite may be a comforting childhood reminder of the power of the brightest star in the night sky.

Gather with friends to perform this ritual on an evening before the Winter Solstice. This rite is written as if it would be too cold to perform outside, like it is here in Maine in December! However, you can certainly do all of this ritual outdoors as weather permits.

Please use caution when burning candles and incense. Never leave candles or incense unattended or in the reach of small children or curious pets. Also, please use caution when handling ritual blades and burning candles. Inform participants ahead of time about the use of incense, and check on possible food allergy issues.

Black altar cloth
Small bowl of water
Small bowl of salt
Incense burner with trivet
Charcoal tablet
Loose pinon pine resin
Athame or ritual blade
Chalice of milk
Plate of star-shaped cookies
One white taper candle in holder
Two red and white striped candles in holders
Several tea lights in holders
Thin ribbon and scissors
Gentle, instrumental music
Basket of wooden cut-outs of stars with holes pre-drilled for a hanging ribbon
Altar set-up

Spread out the black altar cloth on the altar. Place the white taper candle in its holder on the center of the altar. Place the bowl of salt (representing earth) to the left of the white candle and the bowl of water (representing water) on the right of the white candle.

Add the incense burner to the left side of the altar and place an unlit charcoal tablet on it (representing fire). Make sure to place the incense burner on a trivet to prevent heat damage to your altar. Have the pinon pine resin (representing air) handy nearby.

Also add the ritual blade to the left side of the altar. Place the chalice of water to the right side of the altar, along with the feather. Have the plate of cookies somewhere on the altar if there is room.

Place one of the red and white striped candles on either side of the altar. These candles represent the God (left) and the Goddess (right).

Place the tea lights in their holders and place them safely around the room. Use enough so you can turn off all the electric lights and still see and safely maneuver around the ritual space.  The tea lights represent the twinkling, starry sky. Light the tea lights right before you are ready to begin.


Lead the group in a grounding and centering breath exercise.

Sprinkle some of the salt into the bowl of water, and stir three times with your ritual blade or athame.

Light the charcoal tablet and place on the incense burner. Wait until the tablet is smoking, and then add a small amount of the loose incense on to it.

Have the first participant to volunteer approach you at the altar. Dip your finger into the water and draw the shape of a star on the forehead of the participant.  Then use the feather to move the incense smoke in their direction. Repeat with all participants (ending with yourself) while repeating:

Charcoal lit and incense burn

Salt and water stirred in turn

Earth, water, fire and air

Blessed in the name of the sacred pair

Once everyone has been cleansed and blessed, join together around the altar and take each other’s hand. Cast the circle by saying together:

Hand to hand, this circle is cast

Be us not in the now

Yet not in the past

From above and below

To dare and to know

Within and without

To whisper, to shout

As the Gods will it

So mote it be

Take a moment to enjoy the energy flowing between you all, and then release your hands.

You can call the four elemental quarters here if you like, but it is not necessary.

Light the Goddess candle (striped candle on the right side of the altar) and invoke the Goddess with spontaneous words.

Light the God candle (striped candle on the left side of the altar) and invoke the God with spontaneous words.
Drawing in the Star Power

Participants should find a comfortable spot to sit or lay down. Start playing the meditation music.  Add more incense to the charcoal, if desired.

Lead the participants through a meditation. Have them imagine themselves standing in a snowy, flat landscape, where are compelled to gaze at the magnificent, clear night sky. The sky is full of beautiful, sparkling stars, yet one stars stands out from the rest. This is the North Star. Spend some time developing the scene for the participants. Don’t rush things. Let the description naturally come to your mind’s eye and then describe it out loud to the group. When you’ve reached a full description, ask them to open their eyes.

Pass around a basket of thin wooden cut-outs of stars and encourage everyone to take one.  Then, pass around some markers.

Now, ask them to imagine themselves back at the landscape again. This time, they should imagine reaching out their hands and drawing the energy gently down from the North Star and into themselves.  Explain to them that the North Star’s energy is a guiding energy. Ask them to think about where they need guidance in their life.

Allow several minutes of time to pass, before asking them to open their eyes again and hold their stars. Ask them to write down on the wooden stars what they would like guidance on. When everyone is ready, have everyone gather around the altar, and light the middle white taper candle on the altar.  Ask everyone to hold their star between the palms of their hands, while reciting together:

Brightest star of the dark, night sky,

And kin to the sun in the daylight hour,

We reach out to you from on high,
And wish to honor your power.

Finding that within and that without,
Which guides our hearts and minds,
We follow you without any doubt,
Beyond the realm of places and times.

We take your strength within ourselves,
Hold fast to your rays of light,

Where our spirit and hope truly dwells,
With the sincerity of new sight.

We look upon your shining glow,
In need of wisdom, a path we seek
Please help us go, we must know,

At this night hour of your peak.

So mote it be!

Invite participants to come up to the altar, one-by-one and share with the group about how they plan on using their star energy to guide them. You can seal their star tokens by dripping a few drops of wax from the white taper candle onto the tokens and leaving them on the altar to dry. Be careful not to get any candle wax on yourself or the participant.

Allow the tokens to dry before moving them again. Invite the participants to tie a red ribbon on the star for hanging in a Northern-facing window at home.

When everyone is ready, pick up the chalice of milk and hold it out in front of you, saying:

We drink to the Gods, fair and true.
We drink to our kin, those we know and knew.
We drink to the evening sky and the stars so bright.
We drink to the slumbering earth and the cold, dark night.

We drink to honor the moment and times past.

We drink to change the future and help our magick last.

Blessed be!

Pass the chalice around the room and enjoy! Pour the remainder on the ground outside later.

Pick up the plate of cookies and hold it out in front of you, saying:

We partake in the honor our constant companion, the North Star.

Pass the plate around the room and enjoy! Toss the remaining food on the ground outside later.

Give thanks to the God and Goddess in any way you see fit.

Dismiss the four elemental quarters, if you called them.

When you are ready, gather around the altar once more and take each other’s hands, saying:

Hand to hand, this circle is broken.

Let us return to the now,
As our magick has been spoken.
Let us find harmony in the work we’ve done,
With greater good and harming none.

So mote it be!

Kindred Heart Rite




Cutting board

Cinnamon stick incense
Pentacle paten
Small red drawstring pouch
Offering bowl
White or red taper candle
Three candles to represent the God, Goddess, and universal energy
Offering: Chalice with hot apple cider & plate with angel food cake

Ritual Prep

Set up your altar in advance.  If indoors, turn off any lights in the ritual room and extinguish any candles, so you will re-enter the room in darkness.

Take a cleansing ritual bath or shower by candlelight. Dress in ritual robes and jewelry. Bring the candle with you as you walk to the ritual space.

When you enter the ritual space, put the candle down in a safe place and go to your altar. Anoint your forehead with rosewater.  Light a couple of tea light candles around, if you need more light.

Light the cinnamon stick incense and walk with it around the sacred space deosil three times, purifying the area.

Sit down in a comfortable position and ground yourself in your traditional way.

When you are ready, stand up and cast a sacred circle.

Call forth the Elemental guardians at each of their quarters.

Stand at the center of the circle and invite the energies in the sacred space to join with your personal energies. Visualize all the energy swirling around you and gather it together. Bring it within yourself and center it at your internal place of power. You will feel energized and perhaps a little lightheaded. Sit down, if you need to, and allow yourself to absorb the energy safely.

Light the center candle on your altar to represent the universal energy of magick.

When you are ready, invoke the God and Goddess and welcome them to your circle.  Light the God and Goddess candles on your altar.


Place the apple upon the cutting board. Using your boline, slice the apple horizontally, so that the inner core star formation is revealed.

Slice away the rest of the apple until all that you have left is a small square piece of apple with the star formation.

Place one whole apple seed into four of the five slots of the star, leaving one slot empty.

Light a white or red taper candle and carefully drip the wax into the five slots of the star until they are completely filled with wax.

Blow out the tape candle and put aside carefully. Allow the waxen apple piece to completely dry.

When dry, carefully pull away the flesh of the apple to reveal the wax star with the apple seeds embedded within it.

Place this waxen star on your altar on top of your pentacle paten.

Hold your athame above the waxen token and repeat:

Let the magick of the Gods tonight
With my power through blade unite,
And consecrate this star token,
Add power to my words spoken.

Fruit to seed and back once more,
Candle to wax, to wax we pour,
We’ve all been here once before.

We return to where we start,
Return to me, my kindred heart.

Token star guide me steadfast,
As I move to present from past.

His/her name I remember not,
But my senses have not forgot,
Our hallowed time in the past,
In my heart will ever last.

God and Goddess, please do hear,
Allow this star to guide me near,

To the one I hold most dear.

Aid me in my lifelong search,
Through holly and oak, ivy and birch,
In woods and mountains, where rivers do flow,
Bring him/her back, the one my heart does know.

So mote it be done, denied by none!

Place the token in a small red drawstring pouch and keep it with you. Once a month, go somewhere you have never been before. It doesn’t have to be very far away, just somewhere new. Keep your senses open. Take notice of the people and energies around you. If you find a place that you seem drawn to, try to visit it frequently. You just might run into someone you have been looking for!


Bless your chalice of hot cider in your own traditional way. Pour libations in honor of the God and Goddess onto the ground (if outside) or into a bowl (if inside).

Bless your plate of cake in your own traditional way.  Offer a piece in honor the God and Goddess by crumbling it onto the ground (if outside) or into a bowl (if inside).

Offer the remains of the apple to nature.

Thank the Elemental guardians and let them take their leave.  Thanks the God and Goddess and bid them farewell. Open the magick circle. This rite is complete.

The token is fragile, so don’t worry if it breaks, just keep the pieces together in the pouch. Once you find who you are looking for, return the token to the earth.

Spring Growth Rite

This rite is dedicated to the emergence of the spring season and new personal growth.


Chalice of milk
Small bowl of fresh maple syrup
Plate of cornbread
Extra plate
Offering bowl

Kitchen knife

Potted tulip
Bowl of fresh snow/rain
Bird’s nest and eggs (artificial)
God and Goddess candles
Universal energy candle
Elemental candles


Sit down in a comfortable position and ground yourself in your traditional way.

When you are ready, stand up and cast a sacred circle.

Call forth the Elemental guardian winds at each of their quarters using a feather. Light a candle for each Element.

When you are ready, invoke the God and Goddess and welcome them to your circle.  Light the God and Goddess candles on your altar.

Light the center candle on your altar to represent the universal energy of magick, and say:

This rite has begun.

Hold up the bowl of snow/rain, and say:

We are beyond winter’s edge,
And the heavy snow’s ledge.

Hold up the plate of cornbread, and repeat:

Having survived by the harvest’s past,

The bounty has come to its last.

Hold up a bird’s nest, and say:

Spring has now returned once more,

As the red robin nests at our door.

Hold up the potted tulip, and repeat:

Green shoots emerge from the rich earth,
Gaia’s first gift, the miracle of birth.

Sprinkle some of the snow/rain onto the potted tulip’s soil.

Hold up the bowl of maple syrup, and say:

The sap of the maple runs brown and thick,

Flowing sweetly into the pail so quick.

Pause for a moment and think about the different signs in your area that announce the arrival of spring.  What plants, animals, and natural signals do you see that herald spring? Write and add any of your own symbolic verses here to honor spring in your own geographical area. Then, continue:

With this new cycle and season so bright,
I honor this change: morning, noon, and night.

As my devotion to you, my Gods, will not fade,

With this rite, I ask for your aid.

I seek the birth of a new trait,

As the Gods will it, so is my fate.

Place the plate with the square piece of cornbread in front of you. Turn the plate so that the square cornbread looks like a diamond. Cut the square piece of cornbread diagonally like an “X”, so that the cut cornbread becomes four smaller diamond shapes. Each of these smaller pieces represents the four cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West, like the points on a compass.

Think about what trait you would like to grow within you as spring begins to flourish. Choose the piece of cornbread that represents the corresponding direction/sacred element. For example, if you wanted to grow more love within yourself, you might choose the direction South, which would then be the piece of cornbread that aligns with the southern point on a compass. Take that piece of cornbread and place it on a separate plate. Drizzle the maple syrup on it:
I wish to be __[add your trait here]__….

Describe in detail what personal trait you would like to develop over the next few months and why.
My Gods, help me become the person I want to be!

I send this request on spring’s __[add the cardinal direction]__ wind to carry,
Along with my wish is this offering:  bread of corn and milk of dairy.

Hold forth the plate with the three pieces of cornbread that represent the remaining cardinal directions (that you didn’t choose) and offer them to the Gods. Place them respectfully into the offering bowl. Offer the chalice of milk to the Gods, and pour some into the offering bowl.

Partake of the remaining piece of cornbread (the one that put aside) and drink from the chalice of milk. Imagine the trait beginning to grow within you with each new spring day.

My thanks to the Gods, Ancient and True,

And Spring’s blesséd promise, long overdue.

Thank the Elemental guardian winds, and let them take their leave.  Thank the God and Goddess, and bid them farewell. Open the magick circle. This rite is complete.

Toss the offering bowl contents outdoors for nature’s creatures to enjoy. Place the potted tulip in a sunny spot inside your home until you can safely plant it outdoors.

Work to ‘Bee’ Done Rite

This purpose of this solitary ritual is to help you focus on projects that you need to get done.




1 white pillar candle & holder (universal energy candle)

2 white taper candles & holder (God and Goddess candles)

6 beeswax tea light candles

1 bee figure (statue, pendant, etc.)

1 9×12 inch wooden plaque & painting supplies

Picture of your favorite flower

6 strips of yellow construction paper & a pen

Clover stick incense

Yellow and/or black altar cloth

Small bowl of honey & spoon

Small plate of buttermilk biscuits, sliced in half

Chalice of mead

Offering bowl

Ziplock baggie


Paint a light yellow hexagon, surrounded by a deeper yellow background with a black border, on a 9×12 inch wooden plaque. Find a picture of your favorite flower or draw/paint one in the middle of the hexagon.  Allow the wooden plaque to dry fully before you perform this ritual.

Bake six buttermilk biscuits on the same day that you will perform this ritual.

Altar Set-up

Place the hexagonal wooden plaque in the center of the altar. Place the 6 (unlit) beeswax tea lights around the outside of it, one at each side.


Sit down in a comfortable position and ground yourself in your traditional way.

When you are ready, stand up and cast a sacred circle using your athame.

Call forth the Elemental guardian winds at each of their quarters by drawing a hexagonal-shaped portal in the air deosil using your wand.

When you are ready, invoke the God and Goddess and welcome them to your circle.  Light the God and Goddess candles on your altar.

Light the center candle on your altar to represent the universal energy of magick, and say:

This rite has begun.

Holding the flower picture in front of you (or touching it, if you painted it on the plaque), repeat:

I am the flower, flourishing and full of promise.

The honeycomb is my life, my world.

I have a greater purpose, so I have work to be done.

Whether mundane or magickal, these are my tasks.

Take out the six strips of yellow paper and a pen. Write down the six most important tasks that you need to complete as soon as possible, one task on each piece of paper.

Sort the tasks in order of their importance with the most urgent on the top and then read them out loud, one by one.  After you read each task, fold the paper and slip it under one of the unlit tea light candles, starting at the top of the plaque and moving in a clockwise motion.

Hold both your hands, palms down, over the plaque, and say:

Great Goddess in the form of bee,

Your presence I carry within me.

Constant hum of work to be done,

My tasks, I have finally begun.

Pick up the figure of the bee and hold it forth, and repeat:

Honey Bee take flight,

Let me have the sight,

The strength and the will,

To make the buzzing still.

Place the figure of the bee in the middle of the plaque, on top of the flower picture/painting. Turn the bee figure, so it is facing the top side of the plaque, the location of which you placed your most urgent and important task.

Light the stick of clover incense and wave it over each of the unlit tea light candles, repeating:

Honey Bee to green clover,

Let this task soon be over.

Dip your finger into the small bowl of honey and rub a small amount of the honey onto your lips, then say:

Honey brings the truth to light,

My honeyed speech is true and right.

I vow to finish my tasks at hand,

As I will it, so is it planned.

Take one of the biscuits and use the spoon to drop some honey between the two pieces and then combine the pieces together again. Hold it in front of you and dedicate the offering to the God and Goddess. Break the whole biscuit in half and drop both halves into the offering bowl.

Hold the chalice of mead aloft and dedicate the libations to the God and Goddess. Pour a generous amount into the offering bowl.

Partake of a piece or two of biscuit (adding honey, if you like) and drink from the chalice of mead.

Take the remaining biscuits and break them apart, placing the pieces into the zip lock baggie.

Thank the God and Goddess and bid them farewell. Thank the Elemental guardian winds, and close their portals behind them by drawing the hexagon in the air widdershins with your wand. Open the magick circle. This rite is complete.

After the Rite Instructions

Toss the offering bowl contents outdoors for nature’s creatures to enjoy.

The bee figure should be facing (pointing) to the task that you are currently working on. Light the tea light candle each evening for a few minutes to remind you that you have work to be done.

When you complete the first task (the most urgent one), turn the bee figure clockwise to the next task to be done. Each time you complete one of the tasks, take a handful of the crushed biscuits and toss it outside for the birds to enjoy.

Continue the pattern until all tasks are complete. Consider holding another rite when all tasks are complete to thank the Goddess (in her bee form) for her aid.

Note: Picture seems to show the hexagon as white, but it is, in fact, a light shade of yellow.

Parilia: the Ancient Roots of Earth Day

Parilia is a Roman holiday in honor of the god Pales (whose gender is uncertain).  As the guardian of the flocks and herds, April 21st was set aside as a day for shepherds to cleanse both himself and his flock.  Rural in nature and predating the founding of the city of Rome, in time it became more urban over time and instead of being officiated by a shepherd, the ceremony was led by a priest.    In more recent times, this holiday became Earth Day, where we set aside time to remember our responsibility to the environment.

When in the hands of the shepherd, acting as his own priest, the ceremony was very personal in nature.  He would decorate the pen with greenery and place a wreath on the gate.  At sunrise, the shepherd would kindle a purifying fire made of straw, olive tree braches, laurel and sulfur and the crackling of the fire would be interpreted by the shepherd as a good omen for the coming year.    Once burning, the shepherd would jump through the fire and drive his sheep through as well, purifying them one by one.  Then he would give an offering to Pales of millet cakes and milk before wetting his hands with dew and repeating prayers to the East.  These prayers would be to protect himself and his flock from what we would call “bad Karma” brought on by accidentally trespassing on sacred grounds or mistakenly removing water from a sacred well.  Finally, the shepherd would conclude his ritual by drinking burranica (a mixture of milk and boiled wine) before jumping through the fire three more times.  The urban version of this ritual was a combination of the above ritual with other Roman religious practices, but this time the shepherd was replaced by the temple priest.

This is an excellent excuse for you to add some Spring decorations to you home and you could place a flower wreath on your front door.  For this particular spell, the altar can face the East and you can add some greenery (real if you can obtain it or faux from a dollar store if there isn’t any Spring growth just yet) to it if you so desire.  If you have a Cauldron or a Thurible for a small and contained fire, then so be it, but if not, then use a candle instead.  For your offering, have a small bowl of milk and you can replace the millet cakes with cookies.  In the aspect of Earth Day, you may also wish to add to your offering, giving something to the furry or feathered creatures such as bird seed or corn or even donating pet food to your local shelter.  If performing this spell outdoors, take a few moments to “tidy up” the lawn, your personal environment.

At your altar, light the fire (or the candle) and say:

“I call to Pales, ancient guardian;

On this Earth Day for protection.

With Your sacred fire, I burn away the past.

Together we make magick with this spell I cast.”

Sit before your altar, close your eyes and firmly see in your mind what refuse from your life’s environment that you will dispose of.  Take mental note of what Spring Cleaning you need to do to make way for the positive changes coming your way.  The, because Nature abhors a vacuum, make a mental  “checklist” of new actions and habits you will employ form this day on to have a protected, prosperous life.  If you feel so inclined, take the time to meditate on this and ask your Totems or Guardian Angels for any wisdom they have to share with you.  When finished, open your eyes, place the offering of cookies and milk ion the altar and say:

“I start my life anew on this day of Spring.

In return I give to You these offerings.

For the good of all and with harm to none,

So say I, so shall this be done!”

Place the cookies and milk outside for the Faeries and animals of nature -overnight and dispose of the next morning.

Sources: Encyclopedia of the Gods by Michael Jordan

Pagan Book of Says by Nigel Pennick

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