“Crafty” Gifts for Witches & Pagans: A Guide to Yule & Holiday Gifts

December 1st, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone is running themselves ragged trying to find the “perfect” gift for each person on their list. This list is to, hopefully, help you out finding that gift for the Witches and Pagans in your life.

1. Shortbread Molds for the baker in your life that honors the Goddess:



While you are at the website, check out their Goddess 3-D statues and the Goddess Timeline posters, which are stunning.


2. 2017 Datebooks

Most of us are familiar with Llewellyn’s annual treasury of datebooks – The Witches’ Datebook and Calendar, The Spell-A-Day Almanac, the Sabbats Almanac and The Witches’ Companion. There is also the MoonDiary

http://moondiary.com.au/northernhemisphere/ They also carry Moon

Charts, cards, bookmarks and DVDs.

If you love beautiful artwork, check out the “Women of Myth & Magic”

datebook and calendar (available on Amazon).


3. Tools for divination & Healing

While some may wish to choose their own divination tools, there are also

those that like to have many different ones from which to choose. There

are Tarot Decks, Rune Sets, Pendulums, Crystal Balls. You can also look

at crystals and herbs for healing and other intentions. While most of

these can be found on the larger websites, like Amazon, I would suggest

looking into smaller shops local to your home, or looking into Etsy, which

has many pagan-run shoppes. Some of my favorite Etsy shoppes are:

Circle Magica



Motherhouse of the Goddess



Brigid’s Grove



Spiral Sun herbals



I tend to buy my crystals in person, however, this is one of my favorites:


4. Yoga & Meditation

Meditative Mandala Stones



Please see my review this issue of Pagan Pages.  

Spirit Voyage – This is mostly Kundalini based, but they have wonderful books, music and clothes. http://www.spiritvoyage.com

Hugger Mugger – Clothes, mats, bolsters, clothes – 



5. Miscellany

Cafe Press – If you have not gone to this website, you absolutely must.

If you are looking for it, they have it. Cups, T-shirts, cards, bumperstickers,

Tote bags, plaques. This link should take you directly to the “Gifts for

Witches” section –


Some online catalogues

Pyramid Collection – Clothes, jewelry – https://www.pyramidcollection.com

Sacred Source – Beautiful collection of Pagan Statues, some jewelry, wall hangings –


(Pictured: Cerridwen)


Raven & Crone – Ritual Supplies, Crystals



The Magickal Cat – Ritual Supplies, , Candles – Very comprehensive inventory –



Llewellyn’s – While they carry Tarot, CDs and the like, they are most

known for their large array of books in almost all subjects Pagan.


https://www.llewellyn.com Check out their Holiday Guide!

Enchantments – The oldest occult store in New York City




Never underestimate the joy of candles. Witches and Pagans, I have found, never have enough candles, so feel free to go and stock up on candles in different colors for individual workings that are color specific. 


If you wish to go with a tried and true cliche’, there is always a cast iron cauldron. This would be a beautiful gift. There are plenty to be found online. Look at them carefully for quality; they come in a range of sizes and price.

There are many other things out there for you to choose from. Only you know the Witch or Pagan in your life well enough to find them that “perfect” gift. My hope is that this list will get you started on your Yule search!

Wishing you a blessed Yule and Holiday Season!


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