Crystal Connections

August 1st, 2017

Cleansing and Charging


Crystals absorb and hold the energy from their surroundings. Each time you or someone else comes in contact with your crystals they retain some of the energy from that interaction. After each use you should take time to clear away the energy that they’ve taken on as well as recharging to make sure that your minerals intent is restored. This ensures that your crystals are ready to use when needed.


There are a few different ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals and minerals. Below are some of the different techniques that I’ve used.


Smudging – I use white sage and palo santo wood. I will either hold the stones in the smoke or using my feather I will wave the smoke over them.



Full Moon – I normally set them on my window sill during the three day/night cycle of the full moon.


Sun – As with the moon, you can place them on your window sill or in front of a window. Just be aware that some minerals may fade if exposed to the sunlight for extended periods of time.



Water – I’ve only used this a handful of times but you can bathe them in lukewarm water. Make sure that your crystal isn’t water soluble like Selenite!


Earth – You can bury them in soil whether it be in your garden or a potted plant in your home, again I would make sure that the crystals you have aren’t water soluble.



Energy – I’ve also used visual cleansing, while holding the stones or crystals I will ground myself then visualize golden light entering my crown chakra and as it runs its course through my body, I visualize it washing over the crystal as well.


Crystals – Some minerals naturally cleanse so I have a lot of small pieces of hematite just for this purpose. There are also a few crystals that never need to be cleansed or recharged and hematite is one of them.


My preferred method of cleansing and recharging is the Energy method. I really like being touchy feely with my minerals and I feel that having a physical and visual connectedness with them strengthens our bond so to speak. That isn’t to say that it’s the best method, it’s just what works for me. Which method or technique speaks to you? Do you have one that you use or prefer over the others? Or do you do something completely different? If so, let me know I’d love to hear what works or doesn’t work for you.




Hematite is a common but sometimes overlooked stone because it lacks the bright flashy colors like its other crystal counterparts. In its understated, cool dark silvery tones, this crystalline structure contains some pretty great metaphysical properties. Even though it’s known as the “stone of the mind” for its clarifying and focusing abilities, for me its best properties are for grounding, balancing and protecting.



I will often carry a small tumbled piece around in my pocket or purse to roll between my fingers when I’m feeling out of sorts or confused. This stone has a way of bringing things into focus and keeping me on an even keel. I have found that Hematite helps me feel deeply connected and grounded to my most inner self. Because of these properties you may find when using this crystal that you are able to push through any previous obstacles and focus on moving forward in a way that is beneficial to both your physical and spiritual self.



Another great attribute that this stone has is its ability to absorb negative energy. Around my house I have varying clusters of crystals on display and mixed in with each display are a few pieces of tumbled Hematite to absorb or deflect any negative energy. I still cleanse and recharge my crystals but I feel like Hematite adds that extra protectiveness around them and my home.

How do you feel about this stone? Which of its many properties has helped you? Do you wear your Hematite or carry it with you? Remember there’s no wrong or right way to use your crystals, use them in a way that is most beneficial to you.



About the Author:



Shiron (Shi) Eddy hails from the Pacific Northwest and shares a home with her husband, a Great Dane and a cat. Her love for crystals and minerals came from her dad who was an avid rock hound in his younger years. Shi happily shares her knowledge of crystals with anyone who is drawn to them, but especially loves to help people connect with minerals that involves their metaphysical properties. When she’s not networking with other crystal and mineral lovers, Shi can be found making jewelry, painting, crocheting Goddess dolls, selling her wares at shows or spending time with family and friends. You can find her jewelry in her shop ShiJewels or follow her on Instagram.

Quartz Crystal



(Image courtesy: Shijewels


Sometimes known in ancient times as “frozen water from heaven”, clear quartz is one of the most versatile stones in the mineral realm. It’s often used for amplifying, balancing, clearing and cleansing but this crystal will also energize, activate and transmit. Quartz crystals are not always clear, some are opaque, some have hints of color because of an additional mineral, no matter the clarity it does not minimize or maximize this stones abilities.

Quartz crystals can be used for any healing or spiritual purpose and can be programmed for any specific task you wish to use it for. It will take your energy to a perfect vibrational state allowing you to accomplish the intended use that you have programmed it with. I frequently pair one of my other crystals with a quartz to amplify its healing energies. I’ve also added Quartz to my tarot decks because it helps establish a strong, clear connection to a higher guidance.

This multidimensional stone can also be used as a cleanser and it’s been said that it can hold an immeasurable amount of energy. I have quartz pieces scattered throughout my house as an additional cleanser to my smudging routine. Whether you use this crystal for cleansing, healing or amplifying another stones properties, all crystals having healing potential, your interaction with each crystal is unique. Take some time, meditate and discover the healing properties that this crystalline structure has for you.

Pocket Stones

Recently I visited a local crystal shop because I wanted some small crystals just for carrying in my pockets. I knew that I was going to purchase at least three pieces and that one would be a small piece of Black Tourmaline (also known as Schorl) for grounding and protection. I just wasn’t sure what the other two would be. As I walked around I found myself drawn to Dumortierite. This calming blue stone is known to raise spiritual awareness and can act as an amplifier for psychic abilities. For the third stone I chose a teal blue Fluorite for its abilities to ground, protect, clear chakras and it can also assist in organization and enhancing spiritual connections.



Excited to have my pocket stones I headed to the cash register when I was pulled to a tray of Kunzites. These crystals are a lovely soft pink/lavender in color. They are known for their aid in emotional healing and ability to open your heart to Divine Love. I then got the feeling that I needed to be on the search for heart healing stones to help me after the loss of my dad. I have plenty of Rose Quartz so the crystals that I would be purchasing were going to be pieces that I didn’t already have. I started to make my way around the tables, holding my left hand over the multitude of trays containing various crystals and minerals to see if anything pulled at me. I was surprised when Tangerine Quartz was the next to get my attention because it’s not known as a heart healer. It’s commonly known for aiding in passion and sexuality as well as having the ability to assist in creativity. I guess, now that I think about it, dad was always big on me being creative, so maybe it wasn’t such a surprise after all. As I continued on my search for the final stone, a pink Agate found its way to me. Pink Agates aid in healing the heart of old pains and can give you a sense of calmness and security. I now have three stones to carry in each of my front pockets and I can say that I feel a sense of peace for the first time since my dad has left this earthly plane.



I like to carry my stones loose in my pocket so they are easily accessible, but by carrying them like this there is a chance that they will chip with the friction. If this worries you feel free to put them in little pouches like organza bags, or some other tiny pouch. Most metaphysical shops sell them, but if your crafty why not make one? I like the thought of making one because it would be your energy surrounding your crystals. If you’re not crafty don’t worry, just buy a pre-made one and infuse your own energy into it.

I view pocket stones much like worry stones, for me just touching them brings calmness and makes me feel connected and grounded. Rolling then through my fingers takes me almost to a meditative state. You can purchase stones or crystals for their metaphysical properties or choose them for their beauty or even better yet, choose the ones that choose you!


In my opinion this stone is truly fascinating. I have on many occasions gotten lost in the patterns that occur naturally in this mineral. Septarian consists of a combination of Calcite, Aragonite and Limestone along with other minerals depending on the particular stones origins. It’s also known as a Dragon Stone because it’s thought to contain all four elements, but doesn’t it look like a dragon’s egg? Especially when it’s in the form of an egg! It brings to mind what I imagine a dragon’s egg would possibly look like, or at the very least a prehistoric egg of some sort. It really is a striking stone.

It’s said that this stone is millions of years old, made from molten lava melting the perfect combination of minerals to create this earthly gem. With that being said, I was surprised to find that Septarian’s weren’t listed in many of my crystal books. Not that I believe what’s written is always correct, or that its the only way to define a crystals purpose, but it is nice to have a starting point or additional information when you purchase or receive a new crystal. I’m hoping the authors will someday write a revised edition to their books to include this lovely gem.

This stone is said to be used by Shamans for grounding during their journey work. My personal experience with this crystalline structure is when once held, I felt immediately grounded and in sync with the rhythm of the Earth’s energies. On occasion when I have to go to a party or social gathering and I’m feeling a little self conscious or unsure, I will add a Septarian to the stones that I already carry for security and protection. Another reason to carry this crystal is to help boost your self confidence. Whether you’re at a social gathering where many of the attendees are unknown to you, or you’re at school or work and have to speak in front of your peers, this stone will be an asset to help you gain the confidence and conviction to do just that. Septarian’s are really just an all around fantastic stone to have and I hope to add many more to my collection very soon.


About the Author:

Shiron (Shi) Eddy hails from the Pacific Northwest and shares a home with her husband, a Great Dane and a cat. Her love for crystals and minerals came from her dad who was an avid rock hound in his younger years. Shi happily shares her knowledge of crystals with anyone who is drawn to them, but especially loves to help people connect with minerals that involves their metaphysical properties. When she’s not networking with other crystal and mineral lovers, Shi can be found making jewelry, painting, crocheting Goddess dolls, selling her wares at shows or spending time with family and friends. You can find her jewelry in her shop ShiJewels or follow her on Instagram.

Oh crystals, how I love you so. Where and how do I even begin to describe my connection with them. You know that feeling you get with an animal, when you squeeze them and nuzzle your nose into them, and your whole body just resonates with love? Well that’s me with crystals and minerals, I just have to be a little more careful because rocks aren’t so furry and squishy! Seriously though, when I walk into a crystal shop or mineral and gem show I am like a kid in a candy store. When I find crystals or stones that call to me, I immediately want to hug them. I’m not sure why, other than to say that I feel so much love emanating from them that my first instinct is to hold them close. Being surrounded by crystals is my true happy place, they are what grounds me, as they should since they are from the earth; true gifts from Gaia and I honor them as such.



Crystals and minerals aren’t just beautiful gifts from the earth, no, they’re multifaceted (pun intended). Not only do they bring people joy, these beauties have been used as healing tools for centuries. It wasn’t until I became a Solitary Eclectic Witch that I learned of their metaphysical properties, which only transcended my love for them.

My dad, who was a rock hound in his younger years, is the reason for my connection with these earthy treasures. I can remember combing river beds and asking my dad what to look for. He would just say, “Sis, pick up whatever rock looks pretty to you.” That has always stuck with me, and I’m happy to say that I’ve done exactly that. I love all types of crystals and minerals, from the rough to the highly polished. I will say that other than spending time with my family, nothing makes me smile more than finding a beautiful mineral shining up to me from either a river/creek bed, a sandy beach, a rock and gem show or in my dad’s rock garden.



I have memories of my dad cutting and polishing some of his finds. He also made some beautiful pieces of jewelry for my mom. Even when he wasn’t able to rock hound anymore or to even leave the bed in his later years, he still found ways to buy stones, gems and crystals for me to put to use in my own jewelry creations or to just place in my sacred spaces. I didn’t get into jewelry making until I was in my thirties, but when I did he was my greatest supporter. He’d buy some faceted gems and honored me by asking if I would make my mom something special.



My dad journeyed to Summerland a year ago and there are so many things I miss about our daily interactions. I feel the loss especially when I find a stone or I’ve thought of a jewelry design that I think he’d really love. I often still talk to him as if he were standing next to me and sometimes I think I can hear him laugh, or feel him nod in approval. I will forever be grateful to him for introducing me to these earthy gifts but most of all I’m thankful to have shared that love with him.


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