Uranus Comes to Taurus

July 1st, 2018

Uranus Comes to Taurus: Radical Change Meets Immovable Object

MAY 2018 – April 2026

Buckle up! Uranus, the Changemaker, the Awakener, the Great Liberator, arrived in Taurus right after the New Moon on May 15th. It will be in the Bull’s sign (with short forays into Aries and Gemini) for 7 years, until it enters Gemini in April 2026.

It brings with it the legacy of its transit through Aries, which began in 2011. Think back to the Occupy movement, the Arab Spring, the removal of many barriers to same sex marriage, the sudden breakdown of the structures of silence around sexual abuse and harassment in the halls of corporate life, and public questioning of binary gender identity labels. Aries is the sign of the individual and self-identity, and is associated with the planet Mars, who can be an out of control warrior, or a force against injustice. And Uranus got our attention and began to move perceptions and ideas that seemed set in stone until its energy arrived on the scene.

Uranus’ transit into Taurus occurs 84 years after its last visit to this sign, from 1934 to 1942, and is the next spiral in humanity’s journey as filtered through the Taurean energy. The Sign of the Bull holds our values, our resources, and what comes from the Earth. It tends them so they can root and grow to full harvest. Taurus is Fixed Earth, stable, patient – changing over eons – an evolutionary being, not a revolutionary one. It keeps going in the face of formidable odds. In its shadow, it is intransigent, dug in, and unwilling to move, even when movement is necessary. Taurus also rules money, spending, finances; it is the symbol of Wall Street! Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet, speaks to abundance and fertility related to the gifts of Earth – all the beauty and bounty that occurs around us. She evokes the Goddess as Gaia. Uranus is the Tower card, the lightning bolt, immediate change for its own sake – creative chaos out of which something new coalesces. It loves revolution just because it shakes up the old order and forces us to confront what we don’t want to look at or are afraid to see. When Uranus visits Taurus, we expect seismic change in the Taurean areas of influence.

We can get an idea of what to expect from this Uranus transit by looking back at its last journey through Taurus. As a result of the 1929 stock market crash and the ensuing Great Depression, millions were jobless, homeless and starving. Social safety nets like Social Security were created and banking and investment regulations put into place to prevent a recurrence of conditions that led to the crash. Infrastructure jobs created by the government-established WPA resulted in new buildings, roads, power sources and parks. The WPA also employed visual artists and writers to create works for public consumption. The Dust Bowl, caused by drought and unsustainable land use practices, resulted in mass population movement and new approaches to farming and food security. Food rationing and Victory Gardens on the home front during World War II were other manifestations of Uranian energy in Taurus’ realm. Technology like telephones and radio began to be mass produced. Charga-plate, an early form of department store credit card, was developed and came into broad use.

One of the shadow sides of that transit involved the flourishing of economic and political conditions that led to World War II: economic penalties imposed after World War I, questions of boundaries, annexation of land, and people’s right to exist. Appeasement – the failure of people and nations to speak truth to power – also played a role. Uranus in Taurus during this time period was a singular clarion call for humanity to examine what it values and how to rightfully use and respect life and resources.

And we will hear that clarion call again during the current transit. We are seeing debate about the value of social safety nets like Social Security and Medicaid. Just last week there were news accounts of eminent funding issues with Medicare and Social Security and what changes will be necessary to preserve these programs. Medical care itself may undergo widespread change – think medical marijuana vs. heavy opioid prescribing and widespread use of the body’s own defenses and immunities to treat disease. Continued climate change may result in mass population movements and create greater lack of food security. Stronger storms, more “100-year events” and eruptions and tectonic shifts are on the Uranus in Taurus menu. We will see more issues surrounding natural resources and people’s rights, particularly around water, as we have seen recently in Flint, Michigan and Capetown, South Africa, where water is rationed and people are fined for exceeding quotas. We can expect radical changes in banking and currency – crypto or other digital currency! There will be changes in farming and land management technology; keep an eye on the Bayer-Monsanto mega merger, approved by the U.S. Department of Justice on May 29th. (And remember the 1970’s TV commercial “It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature!”) We will continue to see debate around gender identity. Rising pressure on social and cultural norms from women speaking out and running for office will shift ideas around privilege, ownership and hierarchy; remember that Aphrodite was born after Gaia was betrayed by Uranus! All of us will be asked to examine what we value on a personal, societal, and spiritual level and to speak truth to power.

Uranus’s move through Taurus is terrifying and exciting at the same time. To synchronize with the energy of this transit, I am focused on sustainability, sourcing more of the food I eat locally, and growing and preserving fruits and vegetables from my garden and the farmers’ market. Know the source of your food and support local farmers where you can. Respect water as a limited resource; there are rainwater collection barrels in my garden. I am working with a lodestone to stabilize my tangible resources and to attract exactly what I need, no more and no less. I practice deep gratitude for Gaia’s gifts – sunlight, sky, stars, trees and all of the life forms here on the planet. I have an emergency kit with food and water to be ready should a natural or man-made disaster strike. I regularly donate resources to organizations that work with local and international disasters. To align with Uranus’ energy of liberation and let the Taurean energy be one of flow rather than stagnation, I am releasing “stuff” that I no longer use or need so that it may find value and purpose somewhere else. That includes expectations and old understandings and beliefs about how ownership, privilege, culture and the social order work. And I am carefully tending what is useful and beautiful, including my physical wellbeing. I am inviting in resilience, opportunity, cooperation and the trickster energy of playing with whatever shows up. When the Bull and Uranus work together, they create an unstoppable force, focused on what we hold dear and the resources that sustain life. Taurus teaches that we must prepare the ground and do the long term tending work needed to create change that will take root and flourish. We are being called to learn how to be resourceful, to share what we have, and to value Earth and each other. This transit will be a wild ride; roll with it but hold tight to your deepest values!


About the Author:

Susan Rossi is a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism. She is a long-time explorer of The Mysteries – the connections between mind, body, spirit and how to live in right relationship to all of the energies streaming through the cosmos. She works with clients as an astrologer, coach, ceremonialist and guide to the wisdom that each of us has the capacity to access. Her focus is on guiding clients to unblock and rediscover their inner wisdom, exploration of the birth chart, ceremony, legacy writing, hypnotherapy, energetic healing practice and creation of sacred tools are integral pieces of her practice.

Susan trained in Soul Level Astrology with master astrologer Mark Borax. She delights in exploring with individuals the planetary pattern under which their soul choose to incarnate.

Flying to the Heart

Open Channel Astrology

New Moon in Libra – 11 degrees

Friday, October 5, 20138:33 pm EDT 

A New Moon is always a good thing… where the Dark Moon finally rids us of negativity, the New Moon begins to filter positive energy into the void. Libra presents a balance to the whole and to find perfection, where it is needed most. Emotions level out and there is a happy medium. Enjoy this energy!!



Eclipsed Full Moon in Aries – 25 degrees

Friday, October 18, 20137:37 pm EDT

The Moon builds up energy and finally comes to fruition with robust energy when it is Full. If you had begun anything special at the New Moon, you should see a significant end result upon this Full Moon. Emotionally, the Moon generally helps to create an inner power or Ki that will grow and manifest with enthusiasm and passion. This is a time to challenge yourself and overcome the oddest of struggles. When eclipsed, this energy can sometimes hide itself to reveal itself later at the most inopportune time.


In the eastern part of the US, we should see the eclipsed Moon or its remnants as it rises above the horizon.



Native Lore

Native Americans called the Full Moon by different names depending upon the season or month of the year. October is no different. The Hunters Moon allowed natives to hunt at night for food that would otherwise hide during the day. Many animals begin to bed down earlier to conserve body heat as it begins to get cooler. The Travel Moon is for migration. Some animals that take flight to migrate will often do so during the Full Moons at this time of year. The Dying Moon adds its energies to the final countdown of the Solar Year. Full Moons add illumination to the dark half of the Earth and this allows many aspects of nightly huntings and traveling for this time of year and season.



Sun enters Scorpio – Happy Birthday, Scorpio!!

Wednesday, October 23, 20131:58 am EDT

As the Earth revolves around the Sun, the geocentric perspective places the Sun in Scorpio. Personal leadership and courage become sensitive, yet organized. Take a moment to challenge yourself to learn something new or try a new angle on an old habit. Make changes for the better – prepare to make resolutions. Scorpio is beginning the final countdown of darker days as the light continues to dwindle before the New Solar Year begins at the onset of Capricorn.




Venus enters Sagittarius

Monday, October 7, 20131:46 pm EDT

Love is optimistic and opportunistic… The Planet of Love will breeze thru life. It will seem there is a motive to move forward. Adventure will take precedence on the home front. Pleasure by any means is ideal for Venus, but there is a price to pay. Beware of fire and explosions, especially while traveling.



Mars enters Virgo

Tuesday, Oct 15, 20136:36 am EDT

The last time Mars entered Virgo in November 2011, it hung out for nearly 7 months and then it seemed to run thru the rest of the Planets. Mars has no significance for the Sign, but when it slips thru the gates, the energy of action becomes more precise. You might feel impulsive about impeccability, but take your time, if you want perfection. You may want to change your mind midstream and make minor adjustments to your plan.



Mercury goes Retrograde in Scorpio – 18 degrees

Monday, Oct 21, 201310:43 am EDT

Be prepared for communications to go awry. Back up your computers, verify your writings and think about what you’re going to say before you utter a word. As a Planet of communications, Mercury’s role can elicit free-flowing words of wisdom. However, make it retrograde and you might find that foot in your mouth more often than not. You might find computer glitches and down-time as commonplace during a Mercury Retrograde. At work, bring a book to read while you wait for the computer geeks to reboot the computer systems. As a minor Planet in health issues, it is best to watch your diet, drink plenty of water and wash your hands often. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when Mercury slides across the face of the Sun.


Mercury in Scorpio keeps our communications secretive and we tend to use innuendos a lot. There is more than one meaning for the way you say something and how it is interpreted. When retrograde, you might want to take the proverbial foot out of your mouth and replace it with the other as utterances will be self-understood of your exact intentions. Your Freudian slip is showing!!



Samhain – Sun in Scorpio – 8 degrees

Thursday, October 31, 2013 – sunset at 6:01 pm EDT

Names – Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowe’en, Allhallowmas/Hallowmas, All Saints’ Eve, Last/Blood Harvest, Ancestor Night, Festival/Feast of the Dead, Last Harvest Festival, Nos Galan Gaeaf (Welsh)

Date: Nov 1st (sometimes celebrated on the eve – Oct 31st)

Astro Correspondence: 15 degrees Scorpio
Color: oranges, purples, blacks

Food: ground tubers and vegetables, gourds and pumpkins, pork, wine, tree fruits, cakes, ale, mead, red foods, nuts, herbal teas, cider, chicken, scones/cakes/pies, mushrooms, fish.

Common Info: All Hallows Eve (Hallowe’en – note the apostrophe as the word is correctly spelled), Veil between the worlds is thinnest, Pelen Tans are made to thwart the Devil, Dead Times, Shapeshifting (Masks and Costumes), Story of Jack (pumpkins, gourds and turnips), witchy stuff (Conical Hats, Black Cats, Brooms, Cauldrons, et al), Pagan New Year, Transitional/Inner Work (Dark Shadow Work) is performed ending with a resolution at Yule, last Harvest Fest (vine vegetables and underground tubers mostly), Ancestral Calls/Celebration of/for deceased family, Fairies leave for Winter, Wassailing,


Samhain is the Celtic Feast of the Dead, when anything left to be harvested is pulled in, typically root or ground vegetables. The date is usually celebrated October 31st or November 1st or when the Sun is 15 degrees Scorpio (Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 8:14 pm EST) and celebrated as All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints Day. It is the time when the Veil between the Worlds is thinnest and we are able to communicate with our ancestors. Gwyn ap Nudd, Samhain and Ceridwen are associated mostly with this Sabbat. Foods sacred to the Sabbat tend to be the latest harvested items. Jack O’Lantern pumpkins were carved and lit by candles in the new land to help thwart the persecutors while the Witches met deep in the woods to communicate with the Dead. Although it is known as the Celtic New Year, it is not considered the first Sabbat of the Wheel of the Year – Yule hails as the first Sabbat due to its first day of the new Solar Year. There is a transition time between Samhain and Yule. Samhain is translated as “end of summer”. It represents death and transformation.

Wassailing comes from the term “Wass Hael,” meaning “be whole” or “be well”. It was a toast to good health using fresh fruit punches, cider ales, wines or meads.

The period between Samhain and Yule is known as the Dark Times (or the Dead Times). It is a time when you are supposed to delve into your personal issues to resolve them by Yule – making resolutions for the new Solar Year. Work those Dark Shadows during the Dark Times!!



Hallowe’en – Sun in Scorpio – 8 degrees

Thursday, October 31, 2013 – sunrise at 7:41 am EDT

From the earliest times of the Catholic Church, when they were transitioning the Celtic locals away from Paganism, they started renaming the Pagan Holidays or Feasts that would help the locals segue toward the Catholic Church. Hallowe’en is noted in the Gaelic as “Samhain” meaning “summer’s end”. It is a time when the ancestors were honored. It was a hallowed time of the year.

The new name used this term to its advantage and while the celebrations always began on the eve, this Pagan Holiday was renamed Hallows Eve also referred to as All Hallows Eve. Eventually, the name became shortened and the “v” was lost and an apostrophe replaced it, giving the indication something should be there, but it is silent. This is much like our contractions today.


And the word Hallowe’en was the name invented to represent the Holiday celebrated before November 1st. In modern times, the apostrophe has been dropped, but few that are not ignorant of the past, often (re-)place the apostrophe where it belongs – Hallowe’en.



No Planets will conjunct the Sun this month, except the Moon at New Moon.



There are no Notable Harmonic Concordances this month besides the residual Hexafus Configuration from August.



No Planets go Direct this month.

Saturn continues thru June Retrograde

The Planet of self-discipline and caution defies gravity in Scorpio, where influences are determined to be dogmatic and placid. The retroactive energy continues to throw Saturn for a loop. Saturn will go Direct on July 20th.



Pluto continues thru May Retrograde

Transformations continue to abate, while Pluto rides the outer perimeter in Capricorn. You would think that Pluto would be fine – making transitions and transformations with caution and thrifty actions. However, the Retrograde pulls back that energy. Where your changes take a step forward, you end up going back two steps. Making head way will definitely be difficult unless you really plan ahead and set standards in advance without deviation. Pluto will go Direct on September 22nd.



Mercury goes Retrograde in Cancer – 3 degrees

Saturday, June 7, 2014 – 12:16 pm EDT

Be prepared for communications to go awry. Back up your computers, verify your writings and think about what you’re going to say before you utter a word. As a Planet of communications, Mercury’s role can elicit free-flowing words of wisdom. However, make it retrograde and you might find that foot in your mouth more often than not. You might find computer glitches and down-time as commonplace during a Mercury Retrograde. At work, bring a book to read while you wait for the computer geeks to reboot the computer systems. As a minor Planet in health issues, it is best to watch your diet, drink plenty of water and wash your hands often. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when Mercury slides across the face of the Sun. Mercury will go Direct on July 1st.



Neptune goes Retrograde in Pisces – 7 degrees

Sunday, June 8, 2014 – 10:14 pm EDT

The “Pink Fog Machine” normally keeps us from seeing the truth clearly, because Neptune can askew our vision. When retrograde, Neptune can see things more clearly, like the fog has been lifted, for a short time. It helps you to understand the higher concepts of beauty, love and spirituality.



Full Moon in Sagittarius – 22 degrees

Friday, June 13, 2014 – 12:11 am EDT

When it’s time to relax, the Full Moon will keep you alert. Emotionally, it is time to progress to the next level. Think creatively and be adventurous when you have to deal with issues. Sometimes you will have the notion to speak your mind when you are agitated, but don’t fret… whatever you say is going to be the right thing. Everybody else was thinking the same thing, but didn’t have the nerve to say it.



Native Lore

The Strawberry Moon yields some of the tastiest fruits this time of year, especially on the Full Moon. Gather them fresh as the dew washes them in the morning. Roses come into full fruition on the Rose Full Moon in June. Take time to smell the roses!! This is also the time of year when I like making Rose Petal Mead. The days are hot and so are the early parts of the evening. A Full Moon in June can offer a Hot Full Moon. It’s a good time to work Moon energy skyclad, if possible.



Flag Day – Uranus in Aries – 15 degrees

Saturday, June 14, 2014 – 12:01 am EDT

Fly the American Flag high today to represent your patriotism. Uranus rules adventure, independence and freedom, all things that America is based on. Uranus was also discovered shortly after the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. This Planet is gliding thru Aries, which allows us to express an outgoing attitude. Show your Patriotism today!



Father’s Day – Sun in Gemini – 24 degrees

Sunday, June 15, 2014 – 12:01 am EDT

Dads are in the spotlight. Remind him how much he inspired you. Tell him how he changed you and your life for the better. He deserves a pat on the back for a job well done!



Retrograde Mercury re-enters Gemini

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – 6:05 am EDT

The Planet of Communication re-enters the Sign of Communication… Hmmm… Interesting how conversations go from subject to subject. It’s a wonder how each segues into the next. And while you’re talking, be wary of what you say about others not part of the conversation. Gossip can bite you in the end. However, this time Mercury is retrograde and that puts a bigger whammy on the aspect.



Retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Gemini – 28 degrees

Thursday, June 19, 2014 – 6:37 pm EDT

Mercury and the Sun go head to head in a double applying aspect. The movement of Mercury travels across the face of the Sun. Although it is going FORWARD thru space, it seems to be going backwards from Earth’s perspective – hence its Retrograde activity. As Mercury glides across the Sun’s face, the Sun seems to be traveling forward the other way. Because of this forward movement on both parts, it seems that Mercury and the Sun will collide. This is a double applying aspect. A Retrograde Mercury acts faster on the Direct Sun, which seems to augment that action. Where Communications and Computers will go awry during a Mercury Retrograde, the Sun propels that action even faster. Sunspots will also pose an issue. Here’s another reminder to back up those files and make sure you are specific in what you are saying and writing.



Sun enters Cancer – Happy Birthday, Cancer!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014 – 6:39 am EDT

Cancer is the most emotional of all Signs. Folks born under this Sign tend to be motherly and compassionate by nature, but it can go to an extreme where the motherly effect becomes smothery. Cancer can create an air of crankiness if provoked. If you find yourself offended by something or somebody, you may find yourself sulking away in your crab shell. Change your moods and you mannerisms and be the joyful, playful person you yearn to be and you will see that happiness is far better than moodiness.



Litha at sunrise – Sun in Cancer – 0 degrees

Friday, June 21, 2013 – 5:44 am EDT at Sunrise

Litha/Midsummer (no -mas)

Names: Midsummer, Litha (a name occurring in Bede‘s “Reckoning of Time” [De Temporum Ratione, 7th century] Bede writes that “Litha means ‘gentle’ or ‘navigable’), Samradh, Summer Solstice, Alban Hefin, Aerra Litha, Gwyl Ganol yr Haf (Welsh)

Date: Jun 21st (longest day of Solar Year/waning half begins)

Astro Correspondence: Sun enters Cancer (first day of Summer)
Color: whites and yellows,

Food: earliest fresh fruits and vegetables, soups, breads, pasta, chicken, pork, wine, sangria, iced teas,

Common Info: “Midsummer’s Night Dream” is enacted by Shakespeare, Battle of Oak/Holly Kings (Holly wins), Sun at highest peak and begins its descent (wanes),


Alban Heffyn (Midsummer or Litha) is the Celtic Festival of the Oak. It is the last day for the Oak King to reign. It is usually on the 1st day of summer (June 21st) or when the Sun enters Cancer. It is the Summer Solstice. It is also known as St John’s Day. Ogmios, Arianrhod, Huon and Math are usually celebrated as the Gods. Celebrations consist of herb hunting (St Johnswort), pickling early vegetables, circle readings and Fairy Hunts. Oak leaves are typical symbols of the season and open-face Green Men hang from walls. Foods sacred to the Sabbat include any fresh fruit, especially strawberries. Now is the time to hunt for mistletoe so it is easily found at Yule.

The Fairy Realm is quite active at this time, so honor them with milk and honey. Leave simple, shiny gifts for them and they won’t steal your keys or your kids.



Venus enters Gemini

Monday, June 23, 2014 – 8:20 am EDT

Venus takes on a chatty conversation about love and lust. Venus becomes a little more hedonistic in her approach to this point. She finds it easy to be as versatile as she’s used to being. Venus energy becomes more energized and alluring. Affections and devotions will be as forthcoming as normal and especially as she crosses through her ruling Sign of Taurus.



New Moon in Cancer – 5 degrees

Friday, June 27, 2014 – 4:08 am EDT

Cancer is ruled by the Moon; it’s the only Sign that is. When the Moon is New in Cancer, it recharges its batteries while it’s “home”. Expect emotions to be all over the board. New Moons are conjunct the Sun and, between the two Planets, there is a very powerful draw on all living things on the Earth. As the Earth turns, the oceans are pulled even higher off the land. Can you imagine the effect it has on every living thing? It is very powerful. Motherly instincts are in high drive at this time. Find time to be creative, too!



No Planets go Direct in June 2014.



Notable Harmonic Concordances/Astro configurations/Planetary transits

Saturn still Retro in Sagittarius – 4 degrees

Wednesday, April 1, 201512:01 am EST

Goes Direct on Sunday, August 2, 20154:55 am EDT

The Planet of caution takes a break from its conservative ways. When it goes retrograde, the Planet actually lightens up on the reins a bit. It allows people to explore further than they normally would. Sagittarius allows it to open its mouth and to say things out of control. It’s time to make sure the brain is engaged before the mouth blurts away. Saturn goes Direct again in August.



April Fools Day – Sun in Aries – 11 degrees

Wednesday, April 1, 201512:01 am EDT

April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day is accepted worldwide on or about April 1st as part of the old Roman holiday celebrating the Goddess, Hilaria. It is a day of fun and joking around. Folks pull pranks and practical jokes upon each other. From the old days, a paper fish could be smacked upon your back and the utterance “April Fish!” would be chimed by all. Today, there are many practical jokes played upon the computer. Stick a piece of tape under the mouse and watch what happens to the next person trying to navigate the computer.


Wedge Configuration

Wednesday, April 1, 201512:01 am EDT

There are three Planets in alignment creating a weak Wedge formation. It has the ability to augment Psychic abilities where you can communicate with the Spiritual Realm. The point of the Wedge is Retrograde Jupiter, which could make proclamations that aren’t true. Senses are askew so talking to Spirits on the Otherside might seem valid, but they aren’t. Jupiter is Quincunx Pluto and Chiron. Jupiter as the faster Planet needs to re-align its energies with Pluto, a Planet of transformation and change. Chiron needs to adjust itself accordingly to Jupiter, though. Chiron is the martyr; it will sacrifice something to learn. Chiron is also sextile to Pluto, which gets the two Planets to support each other. Sacrificing something to learn is supported by change and transformation while Retro Jupiter expands on its generosity too much. Be careful to stay living within your means to gain knowledge and skill during this loose Wedge.



Full Moon in Libra – 14 degrees

Saturday, April 4, 20158:05 am EDT

When the emotional Moon is in fruition in the air Sign of Libra, you can expect to be intellectually adaptive, impractical and superficial. It’s like you know how to cut corners and bend the rules when your heartstrings are being played. You have the advantage though. Avoid going to extremes and playing the Devil’s advocate. Find balance in any relationship.



Native Lore

The Full Moons of April are called the Grass Moon, The Egg Moon and the Fish Moon. April is a month of spring, obviously. The Earth begins to fully awaken and the grass begins to grow stronger. Woodland animals creep and crawl out of their holes to begin munching on the fresh fronds of Spring. It is a month when birds begin to lay eggs in abundance. The Fish begin to swim upstream to maintain their species. For natives, food would become more abundant in April during the Egg and Fish Moon.



Easter Sunday/Resurrection Day

Sun in Aries – 15 degrees

Sunday, April 5, 20156:50 am EDT (sunrise)

This year, the holiday known as Easter falls on Sunday, April 4th, but why does it land on a different day every year? To answer this profound question we have to search the skies to find the Moon in its travels. Easter Sunday is based on the astronomy of the Moon’s cycles. It is always on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the first New Moon after the Spring Equinox. Look at your calendars. Find the Spring Equinox, find the first New Moon and then the next Full Moon thereafter and you will find Easter on the following Sunday. Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) followed by the period of Lent (starting on Ash Wednesday), Passover and Good Friday are also based on the Moon’s cycle.


The history of Easter stems from Pagan roots, of course. There are many Goddesses that are revered during the Spring Equinox, namely Eostre of Nordic Lore, Ostara of Germanic Myth and Ishtar of Akkadian/Babylonian legend. The Goddesses’ names are all correctly pronounced “Easter” apparently…


Jupiter goes Direct in Leo – 12 degrees

Tuesday, April 7, 20158:08 am EDT

The grandiose Planet of blowing things out of proportion can erupt ill feelings at home, if you’re not careful. Family matters most in your life, so take care to enjoy the time you have. Find time and energy to have fun.



Mercury Conjuncts Sun in Aries – 19 degrees

Thursday, April 9, 201511:33 pm EDT

Mercury has disappeared behind the lime-light of the solar glare. Communications can be quite boisterous about yourself, whether by the ego in you or by the boast of your family and friends. Always accept the gratitude you deserve with dignity and pride. Avoid the egotism that could prevail – be humble. You have the ability to charm others, but be honest with yourself and to those around you.



Venus enters Gemini

Saturday, April 11, 201511:15 am EDT

Venus takes on a chatty conversation about love and lust. Venus becomes a little more hedonistic in her approach to this point. She finds it easy to be as versatile as she’s used to being. Venus energy becomes more energized and alluring. Affections and devotions will be as forthcoming as normal and especially as she crosses through her ruling Sign of Taurus.



Tax Day

Wednesday, April 15, 201512:01 am EDT

8th House Events

Cusp in Libra – 6 degrees

The onset of the day is already in balance. Libra attempts to find balance in everything. However, it also has the ability to play the Devil’s Advocate and go to extremes in finding balance.


Pars Fortunae (Part of Fortune) in Libra – 26 degrees

The luckiest point in the chart’s moment finds itself in the House of Sex, Death and Transformation… go figure! Perhaps this will be a lucky day for you on Tax Day too.


North Node in Libra – 9 degrees

The North Node tells us where we need to hone our talents and skills. If you are about to do something that needs precision, practice before you indulge.



Mercury enters Taurus

Tuesday, April 14, 20156:39 pm EDT

Communications could come to a standstill. Be gentle and caring with your words otherwise, you may find yourself snorting in anger with the Bull! Although quick and friendly, Mercury finds itself tip-toeing thru the pasture of the bull. As long as you are cautious about what you say, you will find yourself in the comfort zone of a raging potential.



Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn – 15 degrees

Friday, April 17, 20157:47 am EDT

Pluto resonates with mystery and transformation. As it begins to station, those traits tend to exceed its boundaries and Pluto can be desecrating, annihilating and obsessive. After it goes Retrograde, the energies become more stagnating, unchanging and powerless. When Pluto is Retrograde, mysteries and secrets are difficult to keep and sometimes are leaked to the world.


New Moon in Aries – 28 degrees

Saturday, April 18, 20152:56 pm EDT

The New Moon in Aries brings about new changes to our personal mindset and how we approach things emotionally. There is new internal growth – the ability to “rise above”. When you are met with an emotional Challenge, you will have the ability to see it from a different aspect and deal with the situation better.



Sun enters Taurus – Happy Birthday, Taurus!!

Monday, April 20, 20155:30 am EDT

As the Sun enters Taurus, an overwhelming energy of comfort and tranquility surrounds us. Find your niche and settle in. Take time to smell the flowers. Find time to organize your thoughts and energy. Folks born under the Sign of Taurus tend to be gentle and mild mannered folk. However, they do like their routines. To take them out of their natural groove, could spell chaos and confusion for them or the person instigating the change.



Earth Day – Sun in Taurus – 1 degree

Tuesday, April 22, 201512:01 am EDT

Earth Day (aka International Mother Earth Day) is celebrated by a multitude of countries world-wide. It was initiated by John McConnell in 1969 for the first day of Spring. Its popularity encouraged a US Senator to host another Earth Day in Americaon April 22nd in 1970, where it has grown exponentially. The day was created to promote an environmental teach-in to expose people to the devastation of the oil spill in Santa Barbarain 1969. The day is meant to demonstrate political support for an environmental agenda. Earth Day will encourage us to be conservative and passive. The question, “What is your Carbon Footprint?” will sound very odd, but it means to gauge how much you do on a normal day and how does it affect the environment at large?

Lunar Magick: Part Two

A Little Astrology

This is the second of a series of articles that explores our connection to the Moon and how to use HER energy for magick and spiritual growth….




So What’s Astrology Got To Do With It?

One of the important considerations when doing lunar magick is maximizing the effects of the working through use of the most beneficial astrological sign that your Full or New Moon is transiting through. Each of the astrological signs is identified by two basic qualities: the element (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) to which it resonates and the quality of that particular element (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable) called the Modalities.

Below is a basic table that outlines the basic qualities of the astrological signs:




The Elements of the Astrological Signs

One way to approach deciding what the components of a working should include is to be sure to select something that aligns with each of the four basic elements. We work so closely with the elements in Wiccan practice that this is yet another way to integrate those energies into our magickal and mundane worlds.

Keywords: The Elements

Earth=Manifestation/Physical Plane




Keywords:   The Modalities 




As you can surmise…

It All Comes Together with Past Lessons and Teachings:

You can use these as a guideline for planning what workings would be supportive of the element of the astrological sign the moon is in.

EAST – Mind

Those practices that utilize your intelligence, that move to inspire and make use of air.

Reading and Breath Work

SOUTH – Will/Action

Those practices that fiery up your passions, make you move and stimulate you to take action  and make use of fire.

Exercise, Dancing and Creating

WEST – Emotional/Intuitive

Those practices that utilize your feeling nature, that open the intuitive nature and make use of water.

Journaling and divination

NORTH – Physical

Those practices that utilize your physical energy and/or make you move and make use of manifest reality.

Movement, Drumming and Hand crafts

The list is endless and the combinations of work are only limited by your own creativity. Review the lessons about the elements and their energies. Remain open to the many possibilities and allow your inner guidance to direct you towards a practice that will be reflective and in resonance with your magickal self.

The Modalities of the Astrological Signs

The Modalities of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable map closely in their dynamics to that of the waxing, peak and waning of the moon. The Cardinal qualities are those of initiating whatever they are exerting their energy upon. The Fixed signs are stable and the product of the initial burst of movement to a place of permanence and center point.  And, the Mutable signs are those that are flexible in nature. Their movement is that of having come from a stable center point to a place of stretching towards endings, completion and anticipation of the next phase of new catalytic action.

Below is a basic table that outlines the modalities of the astrological signs:




The Cardinal Signs

Aries – Cancer – Libra – Capricorn

The Cardinal signs of the Zodiac offer an energy that is initiating and growing in nature. This is the initial thrust of energy that moves  in accord with the bursting forth of the energies that surround. We see this in the inquisitive nature of Aries, the healing intuitive nature of Cancer, the equalizing balance of Libra and the solid expansive range of Capricorn. Cardinal signs are those best used when you want an added boost to kick-start your endeavor, a fresh perspective and energy to put into motion your hopes, desires and dreams.

The Fixed Signs

Taurus – Leo – Scorpio and Aquarius

The Fixed signs of the Zodiac offer an energy that is strong, reinforcing and consistent in nature. This energy forms the container that stabilizes the initial outpour of the Cardinal signs. It coalesces and brings this burst of energetic force into a state of form and cohesion. Permanence and resilience are native to this modality with the ability to transform and remake into something innovative and different. We see this in the steadfast nature of Taurus, the fierce protective nature of Leo, the transformative powers of Scorpio and the far reaching vision of Aquarius. Fixed signs are those best used when you want to strengthen and transform your workings seeing far into the future.

** It is worth noting that the Four Fixed Signs of the Zodiac are the astrological attributes of the Four Holy Creatures.

Taurus is the winged Bull- earth

Scorpio is the Eagle – Water

Leo is the Winged Lion – Fire

Aquarius is the Winged Man- Air

The addition of wings to these creatures represents the elements of nature and man in their highest form and the aspirations and achievement of spiritual purpose having transcended the lower planes.

The Mutable Signs

Gemini – Virgo  – Sagittarius – Pisces

The Mutable signs of the Zodiac offer an energy that is fluid and adaptable in nature.  Unlike the initial thrust of the Cardinal signs and the solid stance of the Fixed signs, those of the mutable energy move in accord with the ebb and flow of the energies that surround. We see this in the quicksilver duality of Gemini, the analytical nature of Virgo, the exploratory sparks of Sagittarius and the fluid emotions of Pisces. Mutable signs are those best used when you wish a certain amount of flexibility in outcome, with room to rethink, remold and reinvent.

How does this apply in planning a Lunar working?


The Moon is New in Capricorn.  So how can you use the energy of this New Moon (New Moon= new beginnings- starting projects, goals, planting, seeding, etc…) in the Cardinal (becoming/initiating) Earthy (manifest/physical foundation) sign of Capricorn.

The New Moon in Capricorn is a good time to start that project which has been on your mind for sometime now, but procrastination has won out.  Diligence and hard work will bring the necessary steps towards scaling those high ambitions for manifest and material return.  Capricorn energy is the foundation of earthly delights having been attempted from all possible angles until just the right place of passage is found. Because it is a cardinal sign there is potential for tangible results, but the energy is often slow to start and sheer determination is what will win out.

So, with all this enhanced energy in earthy Capricorn- the sea goat- set your sights on the highest peak of the mountain, but first stabilize and anchor yourself in the foundation of digging deep into your watery, emotional roots and then set foot on the path, sure, steady and strong.

For more ways to use Astrological timing, look at the posts in The Temple of Cosmic Spheres Blog. (

Wheel of Year info

Lughnasadh (Lammas/Loaf-mass)

Friday, August 1, 2014 – 6:11 am EDT (sunrise)


Names: Lammas, Lughnasadh, Festival of Lugh, August Eve (July 31st), Loafmas, Festival of Bread, 1st Harvest, Bread Harvest, Festival of First Fruits, Gwyl Galan Awst (Welsh)

Date: Aug 1st (sometimes celebrated on the eve at sunset – July 31st)

Astro Correspondence: 15 degrees Leo
Color: tans, oranges, yellows and reds

Food: grains, cakes, breads, fresh fruits, mushrooms, lamb, berry pies, wine, ale, beer

Common Info: Story of Lugh, Handfasting/Handparting, 1st Harvest Fest (grains mostly), Story of John Barleycorn as the Corn King (corn is synonymous with grain),


Lughnasadh is the Sabbat that celebrates Lugh, the God of the Sun. The date is typically the 1st day of August although some folks begin to celebrate at sunset the day before, July 31st or when the Sun enters 15′ degrees Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. It is the first harvest festival. Foods sacred are typically grains of all sorts, vegetables off the bush or fruits off the vine. Breads and barley meads are custom as well. This Sabbat is also known as Lammas or the Mass of the Loaf (Loafmas). Sheaths of grain are usually hung on walls to represent prosperity. John Barleycorn is sacrificed and buried in the fields to promote a healthy growth for the following growing season.

The Tailtu Games are warrior games that honored Lugh’s mother. They are reminiscent of the Olympic Games, but from another time and culture.



Uranus still Retrograde in Aries – 16 degrees

Uranus is that Planet that hates to be confined. It is known as the “break out” Planet for that reason. When retrograde, Uranus can be responsible, more traditional and relaxed. As Uranus goes retrograde in Aries, there is a feeling of enthusiasm and courage to take responsibility. It is not a time to worry about what others think about you. Do your own thing at your own pace and life will be grand. Uranus goes direct Dec 21 in Aries – 12 degrees.



Neptune still Retrograde in Pisces – 6 degrees

Ah, the simple pleasures of seeing more clearly. The continued Retrograde of Neptune raises a few eyebrows. The realization of the clarity of futuristic vision and how we need to continue certain aspects will shine light on any subject as a higher echelon. Neptune usually likes to cloud issues, especially when love is in order, but that fades away during a Retrograde. Neptune goes direct on Nov 16 in Pisces – 4 degrees.



Pluto still Retrograde in Capricorn – 11 degrees

Issues surrounding transformations are still an issue. It’s difficult to make changes when the time isn’t right. The summer is going to be one of sticking to your guns and doing what you know and do best. When the season changes, so will you. Pluto goes direct on Sept 22 in Capricorn – 10 degrees.



Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Leo – 16 degrees

Friday, Aug 8, 2014 – 11:57 am EDT

While Mercury catches up with the Sun, it would seem that they would collide. The energy of “personality” Sun and “communication” Mercury would make one think that talking about yourself would rule the day. Although this may be true to some degree, Mercury in Leo puts a spin on that action. You may find yourself boasting about your family instead of yourself. It’s probably better to be humble in the moment and say a gracious “thank you”, if you find yourself being complimented. It is a good time for boasting about your personal efforts within the family.



Full Moon in Aquarius – 18 degrees

Sunday, Aug 10, 2014 – 2:08 pm EDT

A Full Moon in Aquarius brings emotional independence. Where co-dependency used to thrive, it no longer does. It is a time for folks to take a stand and be firm in their beliefs and faiths. It will be difficult to budge opinions, when folks are emotionally set in their ways. People will think for themselves and make appropriate transitions for the Path they walk.



Native Lore

Native Americans named their Moons when they were Full. The season or time of year would help assign the name of the Full Moon. In August, the Natives of North America, specifically New England states, would call this Full Moon the Green Corn Moon, since the corn was ready to harvest. Or it was called the Grain Moon when the grain was ready for harvesting. Natives surrounding the Great Lakes would name this Full Moon the Sturgeon Moon, when sturgeons were mostly abundant. Occasionally, the Full Moon of August would be called the Full Red Moon, because of the amazing hue it would have while it rose above the horizon in the evening.



Super Moons

There are many questions regarding what a Supermoon is and how it affects folks here on the big blue marble. A Supermoon is loosely defined as a Moon that comes closest to the Earth during a New or Full Moon. The orbit of the Moon around the Earth is elliptical, so there are perigees when the Moon is closest and apogees when it is furthest away. Supermoons occur when the New Moon or Full Moon happens to be in its perigee to the Earth – technically called a perigee-syzygy. The opposite is called a Micromoon or an apogee-syzygy. The term syzygy is used when there is an Earth-Moon-Sun alignment, like during a New Moon or Full Moon event.


During a Supermoon (perigee-syzygy), the gravitational force upon the Earth is greater and has a reputation of causing more havoc and chaos than normal, although it has not been proven. However, it has been noted that the Moon’s gravitational forces are stronger during a syzygy than any other time of the elliptical orbit.



Venus enters Leo

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014 – 3:10 am EDT

Testing the waters of independence can be the energy of the moment. Venus enjoys her hedonistic charm, but she requires a partner to share that energy. When in Leo, she gets to spotlight herself and she will show off her talents.



Mercury enters Virgo

Friday, Aug 15, 2014 – 12:31 pm EDT

Mercury finally comes home again in its Rulership Sign of Virgo. Communications should become rather comfortable. Open discussions promote practical conversations. When speaking, make sure you say exactly what you need to say – short and sweet. Offer simple answers that avoid clouding issues. Stay on topic.



Sun enters Virgo – Happy Birthday, Virgo!!

Saturday, Aug 23, 2014 – 12:34 am EDT

Logical thinking and sound judgments come easily for you when the Sun enters its ride thru Virgo. Unfortunately, the whim of putting off until tomorrow what you could do today is overwhelming. It will be easy to analyze situations and come up with multiple solutions. It’ll be a better time to make the right choice that best fits your interests. Stress and nervous tensions could be tentative. Remember to take time out for you to reduce stress and tension. Find a quiet place and try to meditate over the past summer and see where you need to go forward into the Fall.



New Moon in Virgo – 2 degrees

Monday, Aug 25, 2014 – 10:11 am EDT

Emotional energy seems displaced and chaotic, but truthfully, it is always where you put it. And you know exactly where that is. The motherly instincts that you adhere to the most seem to be lost in confusion. However, when the clouds clear, you begin to shine in the magnificent glow of your truth. Nobody ever realizes the depths of your being until they watch and learn from you.



No Planets go Retrograde this month.


No Retrograde Planets go Direct.

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