Review – Find Your Happy Daily Mantra Deck by Shannon Kaiser

February 1st, 2019


Find Your Happy

Daily Mantra Deck

by Shannon Kaiser

Healing, Wellness and Self-Empowerment are a few of the buzz words we seek in our ever-changing and highly challenging world. This neat little 56-card and 144pg. book is all that you need to begin a practice of bringing healing, change and positive direction into your life. Ms. Kaiser uses the modality of Mantras as a tool for creatively changing how you think, respond and react to whatever life throws your way.

What I particularly liked about this self-help tool is that the author has the necessary knowledge of psychology, personal experience and an Eastern Perspective which makes this set one that can be used and appreciated by a variety of philosophical and spiritual beliefs.

…”Ms. Kaiser has been named Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness by and is the founder of as one of the “Top 100 Self-Help Blogs”. Her work has been recognized across the globe by media giants such as HuffPost Live, Spirituality and Health Magazine, Australian Vogue and Entrepreneur Magazine.”…

So, when I say this is a well-respected voice that has established a presence in a market that is overrun by those who pull from the ether, this statement comes from one who has explored a plethora of self-help books, media and more. If you visit Ms. Kaiser’s website you’ll find this statement…..

..”.I spent years at war with myself and the world. I felt unworthy and unlovable. Life was an uphill battle”….

…which seems to be the pivotal point of creation of the Happy Deck, as well as her other books. The deck is meant to be used in an affirmative way and each of the 56-cards is highlighted in the accompanying book giving suggestions about use, possible interpretation and a question around the card’s message that leads to further contemplation and self-exploration.

A very nice integration of Mantra and divination (work to reveal answers through the use of a variety of tools laden with specific symbology) allows for the reader to be very mindful of the interpretation given and how the cards may be used beyond simply a daily or weekly activity. There are five ways of engaging the cards- Single Card draw-Relationship Draw-Three Card Draw-Weekly (Seven Card) Draw and for the more ambitious and committed a Year In Overview (Twelve Card) Reading.

Each card is numbered and has a specific Mantra written in beautiful script on a background of color and pattern. Mantras are an ancient Eastern practice of repetitive statement, much like a short prayer or affirmation, that in the repeating of them gather energy around the vibration of the words and a meaning that imprint on your psyche. The more the Mantra is used the deeper the inroads that are energetically created in how and what you out-picture of yourself. These Mantras may have any goal in mind, but the magick in their effectiveness lay in the intention you are forming around each statement, each repetition and the belief you are generating in hearing and uttering these words of power.

I chose a single card pick with the intention of how I could keep myself more present in the moment. The card chosen was:

Gratitude is the Life Force of Everything

I sat with this message for a bit and then turned to the appropriate page for the number of the Mantra I had selected. The meaning assigned reminded me that I may be turning my focus and attention towards things that are not productive (and not keeping me in the moment authentically. And, that …”by turning your focus to gratitude, you will open up to new opportunities.”. More to think about! There was another affirmation that could be used that expanded on the idea of gratitude and a final question: “In what area of my life can I be more thankful?” That final question is one I will carry with me every day.

Pretty simple stuff, yet in the simplicity I think we all could use an effective and enjoyable way to find our happiest and joy-filled self. And, I would say that this deck of beautifully crafted cards fills the bill quite nicely.

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