June, 2019


June, 2019

Cover art: This month’s cover features the colorful Midsummer Sticker Set created by Aurora Flemming & Avalon Kisbey of AuroraandAvalon on Etsy. These beautiful stickers are perfect for any Pagan’s planners, books of shadows, bullet journals, scrapbooking projects, or crafts. They have a large assortment that can be seen at AuroraandAvalon. You can, also, visit them on their FB Group, Instagram: auroraavaloncreations, and on Pinterest.


We Welcome Summer In & You With A New Issue…Here is Some of What You Will Find Inside:

A Review of Woodland Wand Creation. Can you really get a gorgeous Wand & for a fair price? Our source says YES you can Witch!

Fresh from a workshop at Pantheacon, Annwyn Avalon had a wonderful talk with Mabh at PaganPagesOrg about her new book, Water Witchcraft, and other aspects of her work.

Come see why our reviewer calls this title a “…small, yet mighty book.”

I Don’t want to give it all away on the cover but we do have a great book excerpt, more amazing reviews, our trusty monthly columns, holiday correspondences, some things to learn, a little to remind us, oh yes, and some things to teach along the way. Enjoy, for we have enjoyed sharing this month as we always do! With love.



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Gael Song

June, 2019

House Cleansing, Connecting with the Spirits of a Place

I recently moved into a new home, so the issues of cleansing and connecting with the land are particularly important to me right now. People can get quite fanatical sometimes about walking sunwise several times around a home before they barely set foot inside. But anyone moving in is standing on the shoulders of the person who recently vacated. So, I think it’s good to take a short space of time to feel what that person left behind, for it’s imprinted in the walls and soil, along with all the owners and the native peoples before them in layers below the earth. I very much want to know what those are before I cleanse them away, past life memories always built into these renewals. For instance, the previous owner here was a bit irresponsible, leaving debris down by the lake shore, a submerged canoe, a rotten trellis thrown over the stones. There is a certain discourtesy both to the earth and the coming owner in this imprint, but nothing severe. There are numerous weeds in the lawn, thankfully, so chemicals have not been used here. This would have bothered me far more than bailing out an old canoe. That canoe speaks of past lives as a Native near this place, too, something I needed to be reminded of by the spirit world, something I need to heal. Plus, I personally think it’s far more important to take time to bring enough order out of the moving chaos to have most of the comforts of a home back in place before doing a thorough cleansing (unless there’s a really nasty energy hanging around that needs immediate attention, of course). I’ve been here a week now, so this would be the perfect morning to anchor my spirit in here.

The first thing I always do at a new home I’ve been called on to cleanse is walk the land to sense the energies in depth. If any areas are particularly dark, I do an immediate healing on those. Then I walk sunwise around the home, calling on the Creators, Goddess and God, to anchor in, to protect and lead the owners as long as they are living in that place. Entering the home itself, I like to sprinkle flower essences in all the rooms, moving sunwise again. There are many essences or herbs that can be used. Most people sage a home, but since I’m allergic to smoke, I find flower essences work best. Sage is the wise woman essence, a good one to use. But I adore sprinkling Herkimer diamond flower essence across the floors (made by steeping a Herkimer diamond crystal, a clear quartz stone with points at both ends, in water in the sun for 4-6 hours and asking the spirit of the crystal to be implanted into the water, then stored in 1/3rd brandy in a dark quiet place.). This stone brings a new and sparkling energy out of the deep heart into the forefront of the heart to be brought into life and action when used medicinally. In a new home, it brings a heart brilliance into the rooms, a shift into a fresh way of life that is both heart centered and carries a new focus for the owners, a new direction in life. Other essences I like to use are: White Eden Rose, the Goddess flower, or Red Eden rose, the God flower, scattered everywhere to anchor the Creators’ strong love and holding power into each room. I use Love in a Mist very often, too, or Forget-Me-Not, both essences of the divine children (Love-in-a-Mist for the girl, Forget-Me Not, the boy), asking for comfort and gentle growth for the inner divine children of the new owners. Then I sing a chant or short song, which sends the signal out to the spirit world to complete the shifts put into place during the ritual. That’s it, quite simple, but effective in bringing in the thrust of change.

Outside any new home of my own, though, I connect more deeply, slowly, over a moon or more. I like to put my hand on every tree, feeling each one’s nature, for these will be my new friends in very real way. I like to sit on the earth in a power spot, a private nook or corner that’s especially lovely, and feel the connection with the Goddess rise up to hold me within. Before I leave any old home, too, I walk it counter clockwise, releasing the old connections to make room for the new. Here in my new home, I have many old oaks along the lake, some black, some white. I haven’t taken time to sit beneath them all and meditate, but I will soon. I feel their ancient strength, though, in everything I do, far different from my last home with only a young Rose of Sharon beside the back door. Oak leaves have a spinal imprint in their veining, so I know I will likely be building backbone in this place. There are maples here as well, so I’ll be taking some kind of action, too, for they resonate with hands, as you can see in the shape of the leaves. There are many lessons and strengths to be drawn from the trees of a place, always very carefully prepared by the spirit world for every owner, trees bringing exactly what’s needed by each person during their moons or years of living in each place. If there are other special features of the land, such as the small lake behind my home here, it’s good to meditate with these as well. I like to feel what each may have to say about beginnings in any new place.

And lastly, I like to take some kind of real action to make the new house my own. The first thing I did outside, on my second day here, was plant a small Goddess garden down by the water. It will be my meditation place. Then, in another week or so, I’ll be planting 12 small English oak trees, creating a nemeton here, a sacred grove. I’ll take my place as a Celtic priestess in a real way that day, the perfect ending of my transition here. I’ve already put in wildflowers I brought with me to put between the oaks, such as the foam flower in the illustration.

May all who are going through the utter chaos of packing and traveling, be blessed in your transitions and find peace, great joy, and spirit growth in your new abodes.


About the Author:

Jill Rose Frew, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, energy healer, workshop leader, and author. She will be opening a school teaching light healing and the Celtic path of enlightenment in 2019. For information, please see www.CelticHeaven.com

Guardians of the Celtic Way: The Path to hurian Fulfillment on Amazon

The Road to Runes

June, 2019

The Road to Runes: Back to Basics

The Elder Futhark runes are a Germanic alphabet, a writing system and a divination tool. For the past few months, I’ve focused on a different rune or reading every month. I thought it might be useful to list each of the runes and their meaning as a point of reference. This month, I’m focusing on the first ætt, or set of eight of the 24 runes. This ætt is known as Freyr’s, Frey’s or Freyja’s ætt. Each ætt is dedicated to a deity or deities, or overseen by them, to match that ætt to the aspects of those deities.

Frey and Freyja are Vanir twins. They feature heavily in the mythology surrounding the war between Aesir and Vanir. They represent various, complex aspects of humanity and divinity, but at their simplest are associated with fertility, re-birth, wealth and expansion or increase. They are also often linked to emotional and physical happiness and compassion.

Each of the runes I’ve gone into in a bit more detail in past posts has a link to the relevant article.


The sound “F” as in “Fulsome.” The rune meaning is most often given as “cattle.” Fehu is associated with the colours green and brown. The ownership of cattle has frequently indicated wealth, so the rune Fehu is often associated with material possessions and financial success. It can also be a warning against greed or becoming a “slave to the wage”. Just as cattle can either be passive and calm, or a chargin, raging herd, Fehu can represent either abundance or destruction. With this in mind, Fehu is also associated with fertility and the creation of life, as well as the natural cycles of death and rebirth.


The sound “oo” as in “loose.” The rune means Aurochs, a wild ox. This rune can be associated with both the colours orange and dark green. Like Fehu, there is a link to cattle, and therefore it’s easy to think this rune also means wealth and power. However, the Aurochs is wild and untameable, so this is power we cannot control; a primal force. Uruz may mean that success is just around the corner, waiting to manifest. Uruz is also linked to physical and mental wellbeing, and a deeper understanding of one’s self.


The sound “th” as in “Thorn,” which is this rune’s meaning, although it also means “Giant.” Thurisaz may be associated with the colour white. Thurisaz is a rune of defense and protection. It is about directing a destructive force at one’s enemies- or dealing with conflict in the most direct way possible. This may mean remaining completely passive and avoiding a conflict, or it may mean taking immediate action. Thurisaz warns of a storm on the horizon and allows time to prepare. It is the protective hedge of hawthorn, a boundary between the reader and harm. Thurisaz is also linked to regeneration and the replenishment of things. Expect new beginnings and a fresh start or renewed motivation.


The sound “aah” as in “heart”. This rune means breath or mouth, and is often associated with the divine breath or sound of creation. It may be associated with the colour purple, often used to represent spirit in Wiccan practices. This is Woden’s or Odin’s rune, and represents the links between thought, word, and creativity. Ansuz can indicate that even in times of chaos, order can prevail to find a way through. It encourages the reader to find patterns within the madness and trust in the natural flow of things. Take a leap of faith.


The sound “R” as in “Riding.” This rune means wheel, and is associated with traveling and journeys. It can be associated with the colours blue and black. Raidho reminds the reader of the dangers of remaining stationary and lapsing into stagnation. In order to be in the right place at the right time, it’s important to keep moving. This may mean physically, metaphorically, or metaphysically. Is there a need to move house, travel, attend a reunion? Or is there another job that calls? Or perhaps a spiritual journey has reached an obstacle and needs to change path- or does the reader need to power on through? Raidho is encouragement to trust the inner compass, and to avoid becoming trapped. This may mean breaking free of the imprisonment of existing beliefs, ideals, or self-image.


The sound “k” as in “Ken”. Kenaz means torch, and is associated with the colour yellow. Like the torch, Kenaz shines a light into the darkest corners. This rune brings illumination to puzzling situations, lending knowledge, understanding and learning to one’s life. Kenaz is a fire rune and represents creation, sacrifice, and the use of fire as a hearth or forge in order to make the will and intellect manifest. Kenaz is often seen as the rune of the craftsperson or artist, particularly when looking for inspiration or the training and increasing of creative skills. Kenaz may also be associated with love and lust, and the combining of opposites to create something positive.


The sound “g” as in “giving.” Gebo literally means gift and its meaning is closely linked to the honour and respect shown between people when they willingly exchange gifts. Gebo may be associated with the colours gold, silver or red. As well as being the rune of giving and generosity, Gebo represents the connection between humans and the gods, and the forces and honour which are exchanged through this connection. A human is bound to their deity through respect, sacrifice, offerings and love. The God or Goddess is bound to the human through the exchange of divine favour or knowledge. Because of this, Gebo is often linked to positive partnerships, contracts, and even love. Love between siblings is sometimes indicated, or Gebo may refer to the partnership and attraction/connection between two (or more!) lovers.


The sound “w” or “v” as in “well-being” or “vitality.” This rune’s literal meaning is joy or delight, and it can either be associated with the colours pink or blue. The importance of happiness is recognised in Norse mythology, as an intrinsic part of courage and hope- crucial for the potential hero or warrior. Wunjo indicates that good things are coming. This could be the end of a long-running argument or conflict. It could be an increase in self-confidence. Wunjo is a reminder that if people are pleasant and good to be around, other people will be more likely to be nice to them! A simple message, but one that is easy to forget when times, or hearts, are hard. Wunjo is also associated with physical healing, and the healing of the heart and mind after emotional difficulties.

Which of these runes would you like me to focus on next? Let me know on Twitter via @Mabherick or by emailing us. Until next time!


About the Author:

Mabh Savage is a Pagan author, poet and musician, as well as a freelance journalist.

She is the author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors & Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways.

A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors on Amazon

Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways on Amazon

By the Sea

June, 2019

(Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash)

Under windswept trees 

I close my eyes 

I am surrounded by the seas.

Sweeping over


Beyond me.

No beaches

But the waves are the same.
White horses gallop

Through my tired mind.
I am surrounded by the seas.
Rushing towards

Blinkered eyes

Illusion of sound

All around me.
I am surrounded by the seas.
Green and lush

Ever moving

Never still

Nor calm

Nor gentle…
Leaves for seaweed;

Cones for shells;

Birds for flying fish

Humans for sharks:

Like a rock

I wash up beneath my tree

Surrounded by the sea,

The sighing, crying sea.

Copyright 12th August 2016


About the Author:

Mabh Savage is a Pagan author, poet and musician, as well as a freelance journalist.

She is the author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors & Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways.

A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors on Amazon

Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways on Amazon

Book Review – The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language by Briceida Ryan

June, 2019

Book Review
The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language
by Briceida Ryan

Brightest Blessings

This book contains a wealth of knowledge in an easy to use format. You will want to take your time reading the references especially to know what your dream means. It’s perfect to pair a cup of tea or hot cocoa with in the morning and go over. Each entry is well thought out.

Ms. Ryan gives detailed information on types of dreams. Some of my favorite types of dreams that she gives information on are: intuition, spiritual guides, deities, extraordinary figures & numerology. She also gives you information on the benefit of dream interpretation and teaches you how to use her book. This book may be big, but you’ll be grateful how detailed the information is on the many diverse topics. She has over 23,500 entries in this book alone!

Here is an example I can relate from a topic I had in my dream:

LOVE: For the next 3 days any love situation will be very lucky for you. This is a chance to make things work for you and to go for what you want. During this cycle, all relationships will renew themselves and friendships can become love relationships. Celebrate your love relationship on a grand scale and make the effort to love yourself by bringing things into your life that will bring you joy. You will also enjoy a love affair if this something you desire. This is the correct time to circulate and make yourself available. You will have many admirers to choose from. Any person you pick will be a good choice. Good luck is with you. You will also gain new assistant who will be very eager to support you with the work load. They will help you to complete your project and you will be very pleased with the results.

I’m excited about this! I’ve been writing down my nightly dreams for almost year now. I want to look back and see what other information I can gather from this book & keep checking on my nightly dreams.

This book would definitely be welcome addition to anyone who wants a deeper knowledge of the meaning of dreams and have them on hand. This book is a great buy & I highly recommend it for new or seasoned dream interpreters.

My thoughts:

Like with any thing new to learn about, with your dreams write out about them. Emotions, colors, images, numbers, especially anything that repeats, then you can look in Ms. Ryan’s book and find many of the meanings in there. Don’t be afraid to look beyond as well

The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language on Amazon


About the Author:

Norma Clark I’m Wiccan, My style follows my spiritual path and what comes to mind.. I live in a small rural town, Paris, Idaho. I share my life With my Wiccan husband, 2 hyper Children & gang of critters. I love to create new designs by looking at nature & cultural ideas for my Jewelry and create unique Metaphysical items. Shop, sit a spell or two & Come see the Magick of Forevrgoddessboutique Link to my shop: forevrgoddessboutique

Review of Morrigu’s Nest on Etsy & Interview with Owner Anne Corrigan

June, 2019

Review of Morrigu’s Nest Etsy Shop Products

Morrigu’s Nest is a wonderful shop on Etsy that sells a variety of products to cover your magickal demands. Owner, Anne Corrigan, hand makes all her items from talismans & jewelry to candles & oils, there is guaranteed to be something you need or can use! Her recipes are her own secrets and she carries, in Morrigu’s Nest, many ways for you to celebrate the holidays.

This past Spring Equinox we celebrated using item’s from Morrigu’s Nest. (We only took before pictures, as our rituals are private.)

Ostara/Spring Scented Equinox Candle

Packed to the brim with all you need for an Ostara/Spring Equinox ritual this easy to travel with tin held candle is very convenient. Either for the witch on the go, or the witch in the closet who needs to hide her magick in her bag till she can find a place to do it, this all in one kit is a go to all inclusive ritual package! It is filled with corresponding herbs like honeysuckle & orange daylilies; and crystals like amethyst and rose quartz to name a few. The candle itself smells like jasmine and spring blossoms. The pure freshness of it brings thoughts of spring.

Instructions come with the candle explaining that you are to remove the herbs and gems from the candle before lighting. Then giving ideas on what you can use your gemstones for. You are to imbue them with your energy, you can arrange them around the candle, you can use them in a spell, a bottle, a sachet, a poppet, there are so many ways. There is a generous amount of herbs and stones given with the candle. So you can use them in a few ways.

The candle is 4 oz hand poured into a tin with a cover. Smooth looking. It burns very well. Nice scent. Clean burn. We loved using it during our ritual. Plan to use the herbs in many ways. Plan to use the tin, too. Right now I’m saving the herbs in them.

Ostara Anoninting Oil

100% natural, essential oil, body potion. Loaded with herbs, flowers, oils & crystals. You can see them filling the bottle. The smell is of a sunny spring day in a meadow. The oil is light on your skin and blends in well without leaving any residue. The scent is nice and strong and will stay on you for a long period of time. It has calming scent. You can use this beautiful oil to anoint yourself for ritual and magick work, or just to wear on a beautiful spring day to remind yourself you are the magick.

Morrigu’s Nest, also, has ways to help you celebrate other sabbats, let’s take a look!

Yule Scented ritual candle

Their Yule Candle smells like Yule. The herbal & crystal topping is spectacular. You can see the juniper berries, orange peel, cloves, and so much more. The crystals shimmer. The aroma is warming and of spiced fruits and wood.

In the instructions Morrigu’s Nest is clear to state, many times, to remove the herbs and crystals before burning your candle. I wanted to show you how the candle looks without the herbs. Here is the herbs in a bowl. You can see there is a good amount of herbs and stones to work with in spells and a nice 4oz full candle in the tin. It is 100% natural wax.

Yule herb blend

Another wonderful product to help celebrate Yule is their Yule herbal blend. It is a potent blend of corresponding herbs, botanicals, spices, barks, & roots. Morrigu’s Nest has used over a dozen ingredients in her special Yule Winter Recipe. Some ingredients include: bay laurel, cinnamon bark, yew leaves, coriander, and much more.

This is intended for magickal use only, NOT culinary. You man NOT eat this. There are warnings that come with the package. The ingredients were chosen for their magickal correspondences only. It is suggested to burn it in small amounts as the scent may be over powering in large quantities and may not smell the same when burned.

You get 4oz in a resealable pouch, which is great. You can keep it fresh! It smells wonderful, woodsy. You pick up the cinnamon and juniper right away. It is good to use simply as a magickal Yule potpourri filled with your wishes & intent for everyone! Give a little sachet maybe to everyone with a gift? To keep in their homes. A little goes a long way with the scent & the blessing.

Samhain Set

This set comes in a Gold Gauze bag, a peek-a-boo presentation of witchie delights. All of it’s contents are addressed on explanation documents that arrive with your set. It’s a long bag & sticking my hand in I just grab for the firs thing I feel. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the bag…

An herbal Samhain blend

An herbal blend for Samhain, much like the one for Yule. It is meant to be used for magick or an incense. However, this one includes such herbs as rosemary, wormwood, mugwort, and others. You receive 1oz of 100% natural herbal blend. The smell is lovely, but I must admit, it is not as strong as the Yule blend. I like the Yule blend a bit more, but that is just MY taste.

Dressed Scented Samhain

Black Tin Candle & Orange Tin Candle

These two candles are beautiful. They shine with glitter and smell glorious! Each a different aroma & color. If I have to guess and say what they smell like I would say the orange one has a more fall smell to it. They typical fall smelling candle. The ones you just love to get when it’s that time of year! The black candle smells more, I can not explain why, but like night to me. Like a sweet night. On the breeze. Oh so dreamy! Plus you have all the Samhain corresponding herbs on top to work with.

Bottle of Witches Black Salt

Morrigu’s Nest has included an important tool in this Samhain kit…Black Salt. For those how have never used Black Salt before it is used in workings for protection, banishing, curses, hex breaking, uncrossings, etc… It is a great item witches should have in their cupboards for defending themselves.

Morrigu’s Nest recipe is NOT just colored salt. She uses all natural ingredients and NO DYES. She has her own recipe she has formulated of a powerful blend of protective and banishing herbs, roots, seeds, & combined them with ashes from her Samhain ritual fire and sea salt. Then using energy and intense visualization she imbued the intention of protection and fiery defense as she pulverized these ingredients into almost a powder. It is a very fine powder and not the usual chunks of black salt you will find at shops. I like this because a little goes a long way.

After explaining more of her method of making her Black Salt at Morrigu’s Nest, she goes on to explain safe ways to use it, including a spell. I found that very handy. I like knowing how it was made. Her secret recipe. Suggestions are always helpful.

4 Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar is an ingredient found in Hoodoo & folk magic spells. The recipe has evolved from Western Europe, around the fifteenth century. Their are many legends about it. The common string among them is that there was a horrible plague in a village, and the only people who survived were four thieves. Each of them contributed one ingredient to a jar of vinegar and garlic, they drank it, and somehow survived the plague uninjured. Since they were healthy and everyone else was dying, the four thieves went around the town and robbed the empty houses. Eventually they were caught, and sentenced to hanging, but they were able to escape the gallows by sharing their secret formula. Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess. Four Thieves Vinegar is a useful item to keep on hand because it can be used in a wide variety of spells, from healing to protection to banishing. I have never worked with this stuff before, but I look forward to it.

Morrigu’s Nest version is made with herbs that correspond to protection & banishing. It claims to be very potent. It warns you to NOT INGEST on the bottle boldly. The papers that come with it suggest how you are to use it and state it is toxic!

Samhain ritual oil

Samhain essential oil, 100% natural, body oil. Comes in a .33 oz glass roller ball applicator bottle. It’s a unisex scent of autumn mostly cinnamon & orange. Very fragrant. Lovely smell. Definitely unisex. Morrigu’s Nest says they oils were chosen based on folklore magickal correspondences as well as their aroma therapeutic traits. It also has notes of patchouli, cedarwood, and other scents. It lasts a long time on the skin and blends in well.

Samhain Gemstone Clip-On Charm

Genuine gemstones frame a pretty, bronze, large triquetra charm on a sturdy clip. I actually pulled on it, cause I can be a jerk like that, to see if it would fall apart easily. It didn’t! I thought it would. I am glad it didn’t because it is so lovely. The suggestion is to wear it on your backpack, bag, purse, handbag, planner, key ring or belt loop. You can use this in your ritual wear, or keep it as your everyday spiritual reminder. The paper it comes with tells you exactly what stones are on the keychain. It does not tell you what they mean, but it tells you they were selected intentionally to correspond with Samhain. It’s easy to look up stones, however, if you do not know the meanings off hand.

How about when it’s not a sabbat & you just need supplies?? Well Morrigu’s Nest has them for you!

Prosperity Candle spell kit

Just like all their sabbat candles, this tin is all you need for a wonderful spell. The prosperity candle spell kit comes with all you need to cast your spell. Filled to the top with all the herbs & crystals you will need to cast and a 4oz candle in a tin that you can travel with.

You can see from the picture you are given plenty of herbal & crystal supplies with your candle for your spell. Plus you get a sheet with your kit explaining exactly what is in your candle, what it’s scent it, how it was made, precautions, and ideas on how to use it! Burn time is approx 25 hours. The smell is springtime greenery, woodsy, & lightly floral. I love the sparkles on the candle. It adds some flare.

Rosemary Mint herbal bath soak

I would like to lick this it smells sooo good! You can see the herbs in the salt. The salt is unlike the usual bath salts you find, it is a fine texture and I love it!!! Instead of rocks in the tub its a fine grain that blends in and just rolls over your body and purifies you as the scent cleanses your mind. I can not recommend this soak more!!!! The relaxation is blissful!

Protect & Purify herbal ritual salt

For use during your sacred circle casting or for purification rituals. This herbal salt was ground with intention to form a powder-like blend & Morrigu’s Nest used traditional protective and cleansing herbs. She pulverized these ingredients into almost a powder.
Even though it is salt it is not edible and comes with a big DO NOT EAT warning. The salt is so fine and a little goes a long way. The container is packed to the tippy top so you have tons in the packed 4oz bottle.

Bring the Green

This bottle of green powder is for use in prosperity, abundance & money spells and rituals. You can burn it, keep it in your wallet, make poppets, and sooo much more with it. Morrigu’s Nest has so many suggestions for its use. It has ingredients like allspice, vervain, basil, marjoram, and so much more in it! Its 2oz and finely ground, so a little bit goes a long way. The bottle is filled to the top. No space for anything. The smell is minty to me. I can’t wait to use it! Maybe carry some in my pocket.

Faery Sight ritual Oil

A 2oz, 100% natural anointing oil, essential blend, inundated with beautiful herbs and flowers! Not so much that there is no oil, but you see them floating beautifully like a garden. Lovely lavender! Rose! To me it has a slight lemony scent to it. A freshness. It’s suggested you anoint your crystals, and thirdeye, & candles with it. Anything to attract fae to you. I can definitely see fae being attracted to this oils ingredients & scent. I would definitely invest in the larger bottles so you can see the herbs and flowers in the bottle. Worth it!

Love & Romance herbal blend

This powder is for use in love, romance, & lust magick. It was pulverized with intention and a blend of herbs & botanicals was used for love and romance magick. The bottle is 2oz and finely ground and filled to the top. A little with this goes a long way! It has ingredients like rose petals, hibiscus, dill, & so much more! The smell is so pretty.

She sends information with all her packages explaining the ingredients of the items, direction on how they are supposed to be used, and ideas on how to use them. I love the glitter, the flare to the candles. Everything has such gorgeous, strong smells, that are not overwhelming and blend nicely. The oils scents stay on your skin and do not fade quickly. Everything is made of great quality & care. The warnings are in bold and mentioned over and over for safety.

Vervain Protection Amulet

This is one of my favorite items in the Morrigu’s Nest catalog. It is gorgeous way to wear something we can all use a little something extra of everyday…protection. I think putting the half crescent moon, antique brass finish, moon charm on a simple silky, black cord allows the pendant to stand out more as the art piece it is. Giving the corked, spell bottle that square on the side eye-hook is just the perfect touch! The spell bottle is filled, packed tightly & permanently sealed with hand ground vervain that is imbued with intent of protection of wearer. The moon worn sideways & in this phase was chosen to represent The Crone, The Wise One, the Grandmother Moon. It is meant …”to represent the energy of the wise greandmother that loves and protects you and gives you her wisdom as she guides you on your path.”

Whatever you think it means to you it does. I kinda got an Egyptian vibe from it. Soon as I saw it, and Isis wings. May it be who it will for you & protect you always!

Another set of items I found to be wonderful and helpful at Morrigu’s Nest were their Intention Bottles…

Intuition & divination

You can see this is a really decent size bottle here. We are not talking tiny little bottle to wear. It is almost 2 inches long. So it really has room in there! It comes with a label that tells you all the ingredients like: mugwort, wormwood, flaxseeds, labradorite, amethyst, and more. You can see and make out many of the ingredients. It is securely sealed. It is filled enough to give you just a touch of room to shake it to revitalize it. It arrives in its own gauze baggie. It comes with an explanation note from Morrigu’s Nest stating that it is …”ritually crafted with the intention of evoking and aiding.”

I am about to take on learning tarot. Runes were my thing, or so I thought. The tarot is calling… So this is what I chose to be my aid in the process. I have felt protected by my other pendant, I believe this will aid me.


This bottle is the same size as the other Intention Bottle. Made, ritually, in the same way. However, its contents are different, for its purpose. Inside it holds ingredients, such as; dill, turmeric, citrine, fennel seeds, basil, & more. All for boosting your self-confidence.

It’s lively right? I found that interesting. Like a punch of color…a punch to your system, that boost you need. Well, I have been carrying this bottle on me all day. I would shake it now and then for extra bursts, hold on to it when I felt I was struggling a little more. Today was one of those days! It would help me focus. Remind myself to breathe. Everything inside is bonus to my self-confidence help. Plus the magic of the intention that was lent to it & mine because I pray over my things.

Courage & protection

Just like the previous bottles this, almost 2 inch glass, filled and securely sealed bottle is filled with its own goodies, like: thyme, black pepper, black tourmaline, red jasper, & more. All of which you can clearly read on a removable label that comes attached to its cord.

I used this bottle on my journey of change. I took it to battle really. We all have fears we need to overcome. I have plenty. We went on a hike. I do not like traveling into the forest for too long or too deeply. It is a personal fear. I know we are on a path. I know we can turn around. But I still have my fears. I decided to start making changes in life and facing some fears is one of them. This bottle and I hiked over 3.5 miles today in the forest. We weathered panic. We embraced joy. We overcame… with each other. Every bit helps.

My Overall Thoughts…

I am so amazed by the workmanship, quality, inspiration, detail, and love put into every item I have reviewed from Morrigu’s Nest. Not one item has disappointed me. Every bottle is packed to the brim with quality ingredients. You can smell the herbs. The candles, well, they are brilliant spell kits in themselves. They come with the herbs and gems you will need, and you get the tin after. The amount you get for your money is fantastic. I love that it is their own recipes & handmade, not something I am going to find in every witch shop. My favorite piece, that I have not taken off is the Vervain Protection Amulet. I may feel a little too protected by it, thinking I’m supergirl!

We were lucky enough to get a chance to speak with the proprietress of Morrigu’s Nest & creatrix of all things wonderful within, Anne Corrigan.

Jennifer Wright (JW): Hello Anne, It is such a pleasure to meet you!

 I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me and our readers about yourself, your company, and your process…speaking of your process, where do your ideas come from?  Like your gorgeous Protection Pendant!  I think its trendy enough to wear and get away with magick.  LOL!

Anne Corrigan (AC): Hi Jenn! Thank you so much for reaching out to me, I truly feel honored to have my shop reviewed by you. And thank you and your husband Benjamin for all the work you’ve done to birth PaganPages.org. Your site is a wonderful resource and nourishes the pagan community; thank you!

My inspiration comes from communing with my deities, spirit guides, scrying, shamanic journeying and trance, magickal folklore, connecting with nature, and hanging with my witchy friends. All these muses revisit me during my daydreams and thunderstorms in my head which I credit to my Attention Deficit Disorder, LOL! Sometimes it’s like popcorn popping in my brain. The downside to that is that it’s hard for me to focus on developing one product at a time and it’s a challenge to bring everything to fruition.

 I do make some products that could be considered staples of a magickal path that are similar to other companies’ products. The difference is that I really strive to make my offerings unique by putting my own twist on the traditional standbys. At the moment I am working on my own Florida Water recipe. I am also preparing DIY witchcraft project kits for witch ladders, spell bottles, and spirit dolls. I love crafting and making things with my hands. I also want to empower others to create their own sacred objects by providing the raw materials and instructions (coming soon). That way they can really imbue them with more of their magickal energy. I’m glad you like the Protection Pendant! Thank you for the compliment! I like the idea of magick incognito under the guise of fashion, LOL!

JW: Thank you so much for your kind words about PaganPagesOrg, it really touches our heart!

You mention that you use your own secret recipes, are they family recipes?  Will you be passing your recipes down?

AC: Well, my recipes are not completely secret, I do disclose the ingredients in my listings, especially anything that is applied to the skin, such as essential oil blends and ritual bath salts. As for other items, such as, herbal blends, ritual salts, potions, and vinegars, I don’t list every little detail. Even when using traditional recipes for inspiration, I always tweak them based on my intuition, research, and communicating with the spirits of the plants. My recipes are mine alone, I was raised Catholic, and I have no idea if there were any pagans or witches in my ancestral line. I am planning on passing a grimoire down to my daughter. I may also publish a spell recipe book in the future.

JW: I really love how your Black Salt is a finer grain then you usually find with black salts.  Why did you decide to go with this grain?

AC:  I wanted to create a versatile and energy packed black salt. It’s versatile because you can take a pinch in your hand and blow it at your target, discreetly sprinkle some around your workplace, home car, anywhere really. Also, the main reason that I pulverized my black salt is that the process of grinding it allows me to raise energy while I enchant it with my intent and I believe that when I use my mortar and pestle to grind and blend the herbs, salts, roots, seeds, and ashes (I use ashes from our Samhain fires), that the spirits of the plants are evoked and combine their energies with mine. We work together to create magick.

In order to attain such a fine grain, I grind the ingredients first by hand and then again with a motorized grinder. However, because the grain is like a powder, sometimes it clumps together and you have to stick a skewer in the bottle to break it up. Everything in the recipe is natural. I don’t add black dye; the color comes from the ashes. My black salt is also a little different because of its unique scent which I attribute to the ground fennel seeds and ginger root. Every year after Samhain, I create a new batch and change the recipe a little bit.

JW: When you are working/creating, do you have your own special sacred space?

AC: Wherever I am creating is sacred space, because I create sacred space by connecting with my spiritual allies and focusing my intentions. I imbue my products with my energy and intention for the highest good of the owner. I do have a working altar that I perform rituals and spells on and a devotional altar dedicated to The Morrigan where I pray and give offerings as well as charge products that are specifically dedicated to The Morrigan. Much of my product crafting takes place in my kitchen for practical reasons. I do have special magickal wooden spoons and wands that I have dedicated each one for specific tasks such as candle making, potion stirring, and mixing herbal blends and salts.

J): Are there other workers in your company or do you work alone?  Do you hand package & ship your products yourself?

AC: For the most part it is just me. I have a friend who is a Druid that creates some of the ritual bath products for my shop. Her brand is called Blue Moon Sundries. I make my own labels and hand package everything myself. I would like to hire a graphic designer in the future to create some nice labels for my products. For now, I do it myself because I rather invest money in quality raw materials. It’s more important to me to have what’s inside the packaging to be of the highest quality than looking pretty. I really admire other people’s labels though, some are so beautiful, and I get a bit envious, LOL! Morrigu’s Nest is a micro-business, but who knows, one day I might have a crew. I would love that!

(W: How did you start your company, what brought about the idea, did you feel the pagan community was missing something?

AC: In 2014 I opened my Etsy shop and named it Phoenix Serendipity. At that time I didn’t have a plan other than to have an outlet for my creativity and to make a little money to support my crafting habit. When I would make myself a witchcraft tool or altar decor item I would make one for my shop as well. In the beginning my shop was only a hobby.

When I was claimed by The Morrigan I renamed my shop
Morrigu’s Nest. I do feel the need to make it clear that my shop is for everyone regardless of their spiritual tradition and not only devotees of The Morrigan. By naming my shop after The Morrigan it is my public declaration of my devotion to her, a reminder to myself of my commitment. My motivation for my shop now is to empower others in their craft by offering a convenient way to access quality supplies, tools, and sacred objects.

The one aspect of my shop that has remained consistent is my commitment to serving my customers the best I can! I realize that there are many other shops to choose from, especially on Etsy, and I feel honored when people buy my creations.

I am in the process of developing new items and one of my goals is to create DIY kits such as witch ladders, spirit dolls, and spell bottles. These kits will contain all the parts needed along with instructions. I want to serve our community by giving people a way to craft their own tools/sacred objects. That way they have an opportunity to add more of their personal energy into them. I feel these new products can encourage personal sovereignty and self-empowerment.

JW: Do you mind if I ask, what type of path you follow?

AC: I am a daughter of The Morrigan. I also am dedicated to Cernunnos. My path is very eclectic though and I combine aspects of multiple pagan paths and practices that resonate with me. My spirituality is always evolving, growing, and I am continuously learning. I practice solitarily as well as with a group. I consider myself a neo-pagan witch.

JW: What are some of your other hobbies & interests?

AC: Anything creative! I just love experimenting with all types of craft supplies. My group of pagan friends get together about monthly to work on “witchy-crafts.” Just yesterday they came over and we each made a set of clay moon phases. I also love learning about herbs, both magickally and medicinally. I also have become interested in foraging and wild crafting. I feel nourished when I just sit among the trees, or visit the river, or stroll through the woods. I also like drumming, although I struggle with rhythm, I just love the energy of it. Chanting and raising energy with my friends around the fire pit brings me joy. I also enjoy shamanic journeying while listening to live drumming. I am drawn to all modes of divination, especially fire and black mirror scrying. I want to start studying tarot too. I also am interested in developing my ability to communicate with spirits, mediumship, and assisting those in need of crossing over.

When not doing these things, I’m hanging out with my hubby listening to him practice bass and guitar, watching movies, or hanging with family and friends.

Jennifer, thank you so much for interviewing me. This was my first interview ever, and I feel very honored and grateful. May your path be abundantly blessed!

JW: Anne, THANK YOU for taking the time to answer my questions for our readers & sharing about, not only your shop, but yourself. I loved learning about both!

If you are interested in any of the items I’ve reviewed you can find them on Morrigu’s Nest page, plus many other wonderful items. You can contact Morrigu’s Nest through any of the links below:

Etsy shop

Shop FB page

Anne Corrigan personal FB page



Anne Corrigan of Morrigu’s Nest is offering our readers only a special 30% off coupon, good through the month of May. Use Coupon Code: PAGANPAGES to receive 30% off your purchase!!!


About the Author:

Jennifer Wright is a witch on a path of change that is always winding. She founded PaganPagesOrg in the hopes of giving Pagans a platform to share and learn without judgment.

She loves to create in her spare time and you can find her Creations, Jewelry, & Magickal Witch Bottles at: www.facebook.com/TwistedWitchesShoppe/

When not creating she can be found strolling around FB, Twitter, & Instagram looking for an interesting conversation. She’s the moderator of a FB Group called Cyber Moon Coven Of Changes and enjoys spending time with it’s members.

Book Review – The Hidden Worlds by Sandra Ingerman & Katherine Wood

June, 2019

Book Review
The Hidden Worlds
by Sandra Ingerman and Katherine Wood

The Hidden Worlds is a gift to “juvenile fiction”. The authors, Sandra Ingerman and Katherine Wood bring the wealth of their experience as Shamans and in the case of Katherine, as an educator, and present a story of fiction that holds a wealth of keys and nuances to be used for any young practitioner.

Sandra Ingerman, a world renowned Shaman, shares that The Hidden Worlds is based upon her own spiritual experiences as she entered the world of study and understanding the principles of Shamanic practice. Katherine, Sandra’s student, became the collaborator for a story that brings to life the natural wisdom of our youth and the power that they hold in affecting change for their future and the future of our plant.

The main character, Isaiah, is a dreamer. And, in those dreams he finds those companions that will become the cohort that takes down a power plant that is polluting and dumping waste into the local stream. All are connected by shared dreams and are drawn together as they meet at the pond in their dreams and find that the dead fish and birds, each saw in their dreams are more than portents of upcoming disaster from toxic waste.

The chapters are short, appropriately paced for many of today’s youth taste for getting directly to the point and quickly. Each building upon the foundations of basic shamanic practice and learning to engage power animals and journeying to the three worlds.

All in all I enjoyed reading The Hidden Worlds, especially as a departure from the traditional works of Ms. Ingerman that instruct and inform the Shamanic practice from the direction of theory and experience. That being said, this is an excellent introduction to be accessed by young adults. Environmental issues, spiritual growth and the power of community and collaboration are themes throughout, with the addition of a bit of romance as well. It s a reminder that we coexist with these “Hidden Worlds” and as humans we are not powerless when faced with the future of our planet, its eco system and those with whom we share this home.

The Hidden Worlds on Amazon


About the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

She is the author of (click on book titles for more information):

The Inner Chamber Volume One on Amazon

It’s Written in the Stars


The Inner Chamber, Vol. Two

poetry of the Spheres (Volume 2) on Amazon


The Inner Chamber, Vol. Three

Awakening the Paths on Amazon


A Year With Gaia on Amazon

The Eternal Cord

Temple of the Sun and Moon on Amazon

Luminous Devotions

The Magickal Pen Volume One (Volume 1) on Amazon

A Collection of Esoteric Writings

The Elemental Year on Amazon

Aligning the Parts of SELF

The Enchanted Gate on Amazon

Musings on the Magick of the Natural World

Sleeping with the Goddess on Amazon

Nights of Devotion

A Weekly Reflection on Amazon

Musings for the Year

Her books are available on Amazon or on this website and her Blogs can be found atRobin Fennelly 

Follow Robin on Instagram & Facebook.

Book Review – The Practice of Nada Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound by Baird Hersey

June, 2019

Book Review
The Practice of Nada Yoga
Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound
by Baird Hersey

Mr. Hersey has written a clear, concise explanation of the yoga of *listening*. The basics are all here. He begins at the beginning – what is Nada Yoga?

There is a section on each of the four levels of sound: how to find inner sounds, how to quiet surrounding sounds, quieting the mind and adding visual focus, i.e. sights and colors.

Each section includes guidelines and simple meditations to get started.

Moving on to the *basic* nada meditation, he includes both simple, and more complex instructions.

The author then goes to a section on *additives*, other practices that can be combined with the nada meditation, such as the “bhandas” (physical locking of the body), mantra (chanting), pranayama (breath), visual focus and grounding.

The book comes to an end with chapters introducing the reader to asana (posture), complete with illustrations, pranayama, the 8 limbs of yoga and the chakras.

Each chapter is prefaced by beautiful and insightful quotes from various sources.

If anyone is looking for a beautiful meditative daily practice, this book could be your companion on that journey.

The Practice of Nada Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound on Amazon


About the Author:

Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Writer, Teacher, Healer, and Yogini. She is a monthly columnist with PaganPages.org Her writings can be found in The Girl God Anthologies, “Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak” and “Jesus, Mohammed and the Goddess”, as well as Mago Publications “She Rises, Volume 2, and “Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess”. She has also been published in Jareeda and SageWoman magazines. She is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through She is the author of “My Name is Isis”, one in the series of the “My Name Is………” children’s books published by The Girl God Publications. A Woman International, founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly. She has long been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching classes and workshops, including Priestessing Red Tents within MA and RI. She is entering her 20th year teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, being a Certified instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute, as well as being a Reiki Master. She is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She can be found at https://mysticalshores.wordpress.com/ and her email is MysticalShores@gmail.com

My Name is Isis: The Egyptian Goddess on Amazon

Children’s Book Review – A Runtamuffin Tale by Melissa Taylor & Illustrated by Marc Beauregard

June, 2019

Book Review
A Runtamuffin Tale
by Melissa Taylor & Illustrated by Marc Beauregard

A Runtamuffin Tale is a beautifully written story that takes place on a farm. The pictures in this story are amazing. They truly tell a story on their own. This book is perfect for all ages, and all reading levels. Even a child that cannot read, will enjoy the story told through the pictures.

We join the story as the farm girls are bringing home some new chicks. We are soon introduced to Runtamuffin who is a brown and white chicken with red heart feathers on her chest. We also meet Nessie, Phatty, Patty, Sally, Scrambled, and Benedict. While this story centers on the farm and everyday living, I quickly found myself falling in love with Runtamuffin.

Runtamuffin is a small but outspoken chicken. She loves the farm girls, the other hens, and the farm animals in the story. At one point, we see her fearlessly march up to a horse stall and demand to know who lives there.

This is a story of love, courage, and being yourself. It is also a story about change (when new animals are introduced to the farm), trust (Runtamuffin and the hens learn to trust the farm dog), and family.

While Runtamuffin is fun to say, it is even funnier to hear a child pronounce it. This book is a favorite of my five-year-old. This book is a bit longer than most children’s books but has enough action in it that it keeps my very active rambunctious child hooked the entire story.

One of my favorite things about this book is how true to life it is. As a child, my family raised chickens. The things talked about in this book are real life things. You have to build a coop to keep out predators. Letting chickens free range can be dangerous, and the book shed light on this by using the farm dog, Bodo.

This book will make you fall in love, no matter your age. Runtamuffin is a chicken that will continue to steal hearts for years to come.

A Runtamuffin Tale on Amazon

Book Review – Paganism in Depth: A Polytheistic Approach by John Beckett

June, 2019

Book Review
Paganism in Depth
A Polytheistic Approach
by John Beckett

Let me begin this review by saying that John Beckett is a down-to-earth and genuinely unassuming and likable man. And, he also is committed to his path of Druidry, but not at the expense of also being very thoughtful and receptive to many of the other paths that fall under the umbrella of polytheism. These statements alone, in my opinion, make his writing all that more interesting because you can distinguish the underpinnings of a sound personal practice that allows for exploration of “what could be”.

Paganism in Depth is separated into three Parts: Part 1-Foundations; Part 2-Practice; and Part 3-Challenges. Each offers a very thorough and as the title suggests comprehensive discourse on the nature of paganism in its multitude of expressions. The Introduction contained as a section of Part 1 provides the reader with John’s experiences as he moved through the hunger that many new pagans feel upon finding out that there is a different type of spirituality that asks much of its seekers and integrates the natural, mundane and spiritual worlds. We are reminded from the beginning that going deeper into the path we are exploring or have committed to requires much from us, but that the rewards are well worth the efforts.

Reading through Paganism In Depth is much like having a conversation with an old friend. You may think you know lots about the individual and then they surprise you with something new and unexpected. This alone changes the dynamics between you and the dialogue opens, your mind begins to process and questions arise that set you on a path of wanting to know more. And, all the while this interaction is being done in a very gentle way that feels neither threatening nor invasive of what you already believe to be true.

By and far my reading was Chapter 5: I like It Here-Why Do I Have to Leave? This chapter spoke to the nature of settling in and at times simply “just settling” when the experience could be so much more had we just reached a little further beyond our comfort zone. John asks the reader to learn to trust their experiences, and use this as an opening for deeper connection to Deity, the magick and all that comprises your chosen path…

…. Learning to trust your senses is an act of will. And like so many other parts of ourselves, the will is strengthened by exercise.”….

Supporting this concept of will as needing exercise, Chapter 6: Devotional Practice is the first statement of devotional practice beginning with a choice (will): a Deity to worship. How we proceed from that choice is integral to how deeply we will ultimately connect with deity at all levels. Choice of which deity (ies) we select to offer our practice to is another step that although it may feel or seem very simple, the angst that surrounds this often holds us back from simply making the choice to “experience”.

Meditation, magick, leadership and all of those pieces that construct a whole in what we choose to call our spiritual practice are given the care of first hand experience and suggestion of how to improve upon and make it your own. This style is prominent throughout the book with each topic being made that much more relevant through the sharing of John’s personal experiences. This creates a space of community through common ground and even if the reader disagrees with or has never had any similar experience, it makes the book readable and engaging.

This closing statement in the Epilogue: An Invitation to a Journey, beautifully sums up the entirety of the book and in this case, perfectly aligns with what John Beckett has accomplished in its writing…

…. the mission of Paganism in Depth. It’s a guidebook to going deeper into the forest, higher up the mountain, and further out to sea. It’s an invitation to join this sacred work, to go where there are no maps and find your way through careful practice and intuition,,, and then draw a map for those who come after you.”

Visit the author’s blog: Under the Ancient Oaks

Paganism In Depth: A Polytheist Approach on Amazon


About the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

She is the author of (click on book titles for more information):

The Inner Chamber Volume One on Amazon

It’s Written in the Stars


The Inner Chamber, Vol. Two

poetry of the Spheres (Volume 2) on Amazon


The Inner Chamber, Vol. Three

Awakening the Paths on Amazon


A Year With Gaia on Amazon

The Eternal Cord

Temple of the Sun and Moon on Amazon

Luminous Devotions

The Magickal Pen Volume One (Volume 1) on Amazon

A Collection of Esoteric Writings

The Elemental Year on Amazon

Aligning the Parts of SELF

The Enchanted Gate on Amazon

Musings on the Magick of the Natural World

Sleeping with the Goddess on Amazon

Nights of Devotion

A Weekly Reflection on Amazon

Musings for the Year

Her books are available on Amazon or on this website and her Blogs can be found atRobin Fennelly 

Follow Robin on Instagram & Facebook.

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