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Alice Langholt
Alice is a mom of four, wife, teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, and writer. Learning Reiki transformed her from a mere mortal to a spiritually connected person able to tap into her inner power for healing and bring it to others. It has become her purpose in life to show others the power that lies within them too. Over the past year she has taught over 150 people – including her own husband and kids – how to discover and channel Reiki energy for themselves and others, and use it to improve their lives. She has written a Reiki for Parents course, an ebook on distance healing, and teaches how Reiki can be an instant first aid kit for parents and kids, and empower them to share more love with themselves and their kids. She also regularly teaches and gives Reiki healings via distance, and helps others tap into this amazing experience. Alice started an Energy Healing Mentoring Program to help people reach their intuitive goals, working with students on meditation, energy healing, distance healing, connecting with their Guidance, angels, etc. Read more about Alice and her incredible journey on her blog, reikiawakening.blogspot.com, or visit her website at reikiawakening.com to learn more.

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