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Alison Shaffer
Alison Shaffer has been studying Druidry since college (she is a member of AODA and OBOD, as well as an avid fan of Emma Restall Orr's "mud and blood" approach to Druidry), and she's been writing in praise of nature since before she could hold a crayon. She meditates, hums to herself, wonders about theology and wanders the parks of Pittsburgh when she isn't waiting tables to pay her internet bill. Her work has appeared in Sky, Earth, Sea: A Druid Journal, Exterminating Angels Press, Stirring, The God Particle, and other small journals. Her chapbook, The Rosary Poems, is available through 2River Press (2river.org). She also writes regularly on Druid spirituality, philosophy and practice in her blog, Meadowsweet & Myrrh (http://meadowsweet-myrrh.blogspot.com/)

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