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Angela Krout is a thrice published author, pagan festival organizer in the Kansas City Pagan Community and teaches classes on Pagan Studies at UMKC. Her path is best described as “American Eclectic”, drawing on roots in Native American spirituality, Santeria, Kitchen Witchery and “Phoenix Mysteries”. She has been involved in the local Pagan Community in KC for over 14 years and has been a practicing Pagan for over 25 gloriously magical years. She lives in Independence Missouri with her husband Neil, oldest son Dylan, and is house elf to three glorious felines: Artemis, Belisama and Gaston. Her passions are festival organization, leadership, teaching and community building. My Links: www.facebook.com/faerygirl2012 www.gatheringofpagansouls.com https://twitter.com/GPSFest2015

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