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Anne Baird Anne Baird is a self-taught artist who’s been drawing and writing since childhood. Her chosen media for her unique line of greeting cards is watercolor, with ink and colored pencil. Every card tells a story twice – once, in the images, and secondly in the story on back. As an adult, she spent 8 years as a teacher and school administrator while raising her family. She’s the author of 11 successful published children’s books (William Morrow and Simon & Schuster), and is a freelance artist and journalist who worked for three small newspapers and for private clients. She’s a regular contributor of illustrated pieces from the goddess perspective to an online Ezine, AmazeMagazine at http://www.amazemagazine.com Her GODDESS CARD line grew from a birthday card she created for her daughter, Amanda, who was disheartened at being Rubenesque in the Land of Thin. (Los Angeles.) That seminal card declaring “You’re a GODDESS, not a nymph!” evolved into a long line of love notes and affirmations for ALL women. At 96 cards, the line is steadily growing. We hope to get to 100 shortly. Anne is proud that the distinguished Renfrew Center of California, that treats self-esteem issues in women, has endorsed her as an artist whose paintings promote “healthy body images.” Her work has also been praised in a review in the New Age Retailer. Best of all, she loves the letters she gets from women who write to tell her that Goddess Cards are “inspirational and FUN!" Often, they offer suggestions for new cards. "Keep the ideas coming!" says Anne. "When a card idea fills a basic Goddess need, I may create it! Women and their lives are my constant inspiration. I truly believe that EVERY woman is a Goddess.” http://www.goddesscards.com/

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